Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Me and the spare went coastal

Heading home from work today I thought it would be super duper to go out to Raglan for the afternoon and take the dogs for a run on the beach.  But before I even got home I detoured to the Hospice in town.  My favourite at the moment as the clothing is all $2.50 per piece and always worth poking your nose in the racks every so often.

Who can pass up 3 religious statues for $5?
Even though I don't have a traditional religious bone in my body
I do like holy statues.

Of course there were clothes!
Like Hello??

Back on track I made it home, had a hot drink and a light lunch, got the dogs in the car, and Jak (the spare) and off we went to the beach.  Jak is off work at the moment for a reason that will become obvious in photos to follow and he is not happy, and we are only on day two!!

First port of call was Manu Bay to check out the surf, and yeah there wasn't any.  Perfect for boaties as it was reasonably calm, but a handful of surfers were enjoying themselves.

The dogs were beyond excited, and we had it all pretty much to ourselves.

 Just how I like it.

Yes, he has another cast on 'that arm'!  This is just a precaution as he can't get to see the hand specialist until 5th September, so hopefully it isn't broken again.  Long story but the result of more SPORTS!! At this stage he is off work until the 5th, and already suffering from cabin fever.

 Oscar just follow me into the water........then I will shake all over you!!!

Happy dogs.
So easily pleased.

 Just a little bit of fancy football.

 Hey Sheba, I'll look after your ball while you go swimming again!

 Oh nah Oscar, I'll take it with me!

Sheba could have done this for hours!!

Absolutely nothing beats a walk on the beach breathing in all that fresh sea air!


Beth Waltz said...

Ah, a day at the beach! What a very enjoyable antidote to cabin fever! * And as a boy bonus, the little white dog managed to get himself nice and non-white again.

I understand your appreciation of religious figures, Sue. Perhaps because so many of them were Made in Japan, they possess a sweet stillness of expression like that of people listening to Hayden.

Vix said...

How lovely to have a beach on your doorstep, I'd have to travel to Wales to be near the sea.
Love the religious tat - its going for a fortune here now, you could make a killing on Trade Me! xxx

Goody said...

Poor Jak. Hope it isn't broken. I broke my left arm twice, and it definitely wasn't fun.

I see you're being optimistic and buying summer clothes now. It will be nice to cast off the woolens, and such beautiful finds you'll have to wear when the sun decides to come out. I'm going to sit here and enjoy your beach photos. I'm hopelessly land-locked with nothing but a river for a large body of water.

Helga said...

LOVE a good bit of religious tat! Don't need to be religious to enjoy it. My faves are Catholic and Hindu!
Jaysus, hope Jak hasn't bloody fecked himself up again!
I adore watching dogs on the beach, they have so much joy!

Leeanne said...

great doggie day at the beach! Loved seeing the dogs faces!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I can smell the fresh air from here :0)