Sunday, 5 October 2014

We came bearing gifts!

Today TOF and I went for a drive over to Whangamata as I had a boot full of stuff for my sister.  After yesterdays foul weather it was nice to go coastal and have some sunshine.  As it all turned out 'Brits at the beach' was still on at Whangamata.  We went over for it last year but TOF isn't much of a car dude so we didn't plan on going back.  But me, I was happy to see that some of the old cars were still driving around.

Old cars that remind me of my childhood.
Helen dressed the shop window in a British theme for the event.

Cheeky seagull and my lovely sister,
and no you cannot have her for $10 as she is priceless!

She was busy working so it was a quick stop in to say "hi" and give her stock for the shop from her boss that lives in my town.  I love her English Bulldog in the window, this normally sits just inside her front door.  We left the shop and went up to see our brother in law, where we had a cuppa and a good old chat.  Pretty stoked to see my sisters Pohutukawa flowering, this is traditionally a sign of a long hot summer on it's way. My sisters birthday is on Tuesday so I left her present lying on her bed to find when she had finished work.  Part of it was a set of Wind Wops like mine!!

From there, we headed back into town and down to the wharf.  With such lovely weather the wharf had plenty of kids fishing, and some were even in swimming.


Driving from the wharf into the town centre the sky was looking decidedly grotty.  We grabbed some lunch and I ran across the road to say "bye" to Helen.  We parked the car up the Bar road, not really it's name but the road that leads to the bar where dudes surf.  Alas, no surf today, but plenty of school holidaying people making the most of what the beach has to offer.

 So hard to say goodbye to this!!

The drive home is lovely, mostly in lush countryside with farmers busy being farmers. One of the many great things about living in Hamilton is that we are close to so many things.  Head north and with in an hour and a half you get to Auckland a big busy city.  Head south and you are at the snow capped Mountains within a few hours.  West takes you to the very beautiful Raglan, an easy forty minute drive.  A drive East takes you to glorious beaches like Whangamata, all in only an hour and a half.  I love living in my City.

When we got home I opened a bag of goodies from Helen to find this lot of loveliness.  It is so great having a sister that loves to op shop and knows my tastes so well.  Thanks Helen!!


Beth Waltz said...

Sue, please do show us what that psychedelic dress does for you when worn with that chic black-and-zebra coat! And you with that new to you Helgaesque black bag, begging for an outing to someplace nice!

Fiona said...

Gotta love an old banger, especially the Moggie Minors. Your sister's British Bulldog looks a tad pissed orf!

Shawna McComber said...

Your sister sure does know your taste! I can absolutely see you in those items though I am still looking forward to the actual photos when you do wear them. You live in such a beautiful place that I am certain if I could not live where I do I would chose to live where you do. Assuming I actually had such a choice.

Your photos are gorgeous as always so at least I get to live vicariously!

Leeanne said...

A nice flying visit to your sister. I thought it was you in the window for sale! Gosh you to gals look alike!
You forgot to mention Whangarei is not far from Hamilton too!

Helga said...

Whangamata looks lovely, and I'm stoked you got to see those lovely old cars cruising about! I love them too, so much character. they have happy faces, unlike modern cars! XXX

Curtise said...

Oh you do live in a wonderful part of the world - lucky you! And yes, show us the black and white dress worn with the zebra print jacket - gorgeous! xxx

Vix said...

Is it really a year since you last visited? Doesn't time fly! I adore old cards, such sweet faces! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I thought it was you priced up at $10 for a second ... you and your sister are clearly very alike :0)

Goody said...

A sister that knows how to shop for you is a great thing. I love the socks in particular. I know we'll get to see them peeking out from some wonderful shoes.

I love seeing all your flora and fauna. Such a beautiful place.

Raewyn said...

Haven't been to Whangamata since I was a teenager!!! Thanks for the tour :-)