Saturday, 25 October 2014

Keep good company, it is good for the soul

I have had such a lovely time the last few days.  I have been blessed to have been in the company of people I enjoy being around, and making the most of having them about even if only for a short visit.  This weekend we get a long weekend, I have mentioned this before I know, but it is a long weekend after all and worth mentioning again!!  TOF and Max are off on a fishing charter tomorrow and Jak has gone away for the night up to Auckland with mates, so I shall have the house to myself tomorrow.

What will I do??

Pretty much whatever the hell I want to!!

On Thursday I threw this outfit together to head out for a day out and about with a good friend.  I confess to not wearing the under skirt as the temperature improved and I didn't want to cook myself.  I also wore necklace number two and got so many compliments on it and the colourful jacket I wore.

OMG I even wore lippy!!
The palest pink ever, but lippy all the same.
I was incredibly happy on Thursday.

I went to a mixture of second hand shops and retail shops, where I found this little lot.  The dress top left is only a size 10, in my dreams I am that small, anyway I am thinking of possibly just using the skirt part as it is full circle and making it into just a skirt.  Or I on sell, not decided yet, only $2.50 from Hospice.  The short Daisy dress came from K Mart and actually looks pretty cute on, well that is what the mirror in the changing room told me!!  The vintage Hawaiian kaftan I didn't try on but my friend did and talked me into having it, Salvation army $6.  It is pretty cool and if I don't wear it I can move it on to some one else.  The last thing is a skirt in the softest cotton with a shirred top to it (retail shop that sells wickedly cool shit at affordable prices).  It can be worn as a dress but with boobs the size of mine it is not a recommended look.  So a skirt it will be, good for twirling in!!

Basic black vintage handbag that I have been watching in the salvo for weeks, and it was still there on Thursday which I took as a sign that it was meant to be mine.  In fact I ended up using it for the day, $6.

Today was all about COMFORT!!!
Colour and comfort, with the last of my new necklaces I made.

Check out my shoes!!!

These are brand new El Naturalista shoes that I bought off trade me for $30.  These retail in the hundreds which is mad, but not mad at $30, and how gorgeous is the colour.  So comfortable to wear which went with todays theme of comfort and colour perfectly.

I asked TOF if I could use his Man Car today as I was going out to visit Sue, and I wanted to blend in with the country folk in my four wheel drive truck!!  My sister calls it the Ponsonby Tractor (posh area in Auckland).  I love the drive out to Sues lifestyle block and it was wicked sitting up high in the Man Car.

Us Sues had a good wander around her garden as we always do when I visit.  Normally we get followed by her two dogs, but unfortunately darling old Clyde who hasn't been well lately was put to sleep the other day.  That is one of the hardest decisions to make when you own pets, but it was the best decision to make for dear Clyde.  I will miss him running to meet me when I arrive and following me around with a toy to be thrown for him to fetch.  RIP old man, you will be missed.

Sue has been growing plants from seeds and her greenhouse and box gardens are thriving.  So much that I was sent home with this box of goodies for our garden.  Tomatoes, Sunflowers, and a courgette she thinks.  I know what I will be doing tomorrow while I am on my own, and the weather is supposed to be lovely.

Ages ago my sister gave me a necklace that I remade tonight using the big chunky colourful beads and added in the small colourful flower shaped beads.  I like it, I like it alot!!

Could wear this while gardening!!
I definitely will if I venture out.

So true......

....and just for all of you out there


Vix said...

Looking gorgeous!
There's a couple of those pleated Hawaiian kaftans in Second To None, they're fab! Can't wait to see you rocking yours!
Have a fab time home alone. xxx

Curtise said...

Love the wavy hair, you are such a beach babe, Sue!
Great frocks, fab necklaces, a gorgeous handbag - you've done well! And time spent in the company of our favourite people is always a joy. xxxx

Leeanne said...

Fabulously cheery post both in what you wear! And your words. I hope the other Sue is doing OK with out lovely old Clyde. Happy Weekend to you!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ya made me all teary eyed :( But bloody good to see you I'm going a tad stir crazy here, but at least the garden is doing good :D

peaches mcginty said...

Jaw drop! the pleated caftan!!! it's GORGEOUS! all your finds are very special, you are going to rock them! love your outfits too, funny enough I'm watching Abba, you are our Agnetha, you beautiful woman! as always I love your quotes, have a fab time off! x x x

Goody said...

Ooooh, a Liz Taylor-esque caftan! I do hope you do the full Liz bit with kohl around your eyes, and a turban for your head. The colour, the pleats-just so perfect.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm with everyone else … that pleated kaftan is AMAZING … I LOVE IT!!!!!