Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A leave pass is a leave pass even if only for a couple of hours!

Sue W text me today announcing she would be in town
and did I want to have a play date.

Does a Bear shit in the forest?
Is the Pope a Catholic?

Ummm yeah,

It has been FOREVER since she has been able to come into town to play.  She must have been really good this week and allowed out for a mini SuesDay.  I was almost going to frisk her for her home detention device it has been that long.  The truth is her hubby has been home recuperating from knee surgery and she has been housebound and employed as  head care giver.  A Statue should be built in her garden or a medal hung around her neck at the very least for being so saintly and wifey!!!

Her parole was only for a couple of hours so we decided we would have a cuppa and a chat before heading out to a couple of the local op shops near by.  Of course garden antics were a MUST!

The girls were having a meeting
about having us both Sectioned from the section!!

One of the things I love about Sue is she is always up for a laugh and will follow my suggestions for photo ops!!  I found this lovely Desigual Dress in this shop for $6.

In this place I found the colourful jacket, the photo is not doing it justice because the colours are so much more vibrant, and the collar is ruffled.  We always laugh at the amount of redundant exercise machines in second hand shops.  Apparently they make excellent clothes horses in your bedroom.

Twas a brief little outing hence being called a Mini SuesDay.  But we take what we can get and she if jetting off to Fiji this weekend for a wee holiday, so we won't get out together again for a little while.  A leave pass is a leave pass no matter how small and it was the FIX required.


Serenata said...

Great you got some time together! Looks like you had your usual fun times.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We'd be expelled from the mental hospital! Toooo mental mental chicken oriental! It might only have been a couple of hours but I'll take it! Soon be back to normal! Well not normal but ya knows what I means!

Beth Waltz said...

A Suesday! One can imagine the old girls explaining this event to the new girl, Joan...cackle, cackle!

Well scored in the shoppes, Sue! The dress appears to present all the basics: black, white, red and polka flowers!

Vix said...

Girls just wanna have fun! What a fab impromptu day out. Lets see the new flouncy dress on soon! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yep ... Gotta grab a Suesday where you can get them ... Even if it's a mini one.

Goody said...

What great fun, with a great friend. I love these posts, you two always bring a smile to my face.

Leeanne said...

Awesome miniSuesday! Glad Sue was out on parole for you two to wreck havock! Love the last saying I reckon that saying could work for Julie and I.....:-)