Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Baking and sheltering from the rain.

I spent nearly the entire weekend indoors because it rained both days. It is November and normally we wouldn't be getting quite this much rain, oh and did I mention the wind??  It has been blowing like a bugger as well.  So yes, it was one of those indoor type of weekends for me, as the garden was being watered by nature and I had a book to read, recorded programs to view, and some general indoors faffing to be done.  

I can faff indoors or outdoors,
I am flexible like that.

Yesterday was still wet and miserable so after attending another session of physio for my 'Joggers' heel, I behaved like a domesticated wife and went home and baked.  On the left are Chocolate chip biscuits that I added cranberries to making them Chocolate chip and Cranberry biscuits.  On the right are what I call Ma Rennie's Sultana buns.  Named after my friend Leonie's darling grandmother who we called Ma.  She was a super good cook, like Leonie mum, and I loved watching her bake as she didn't use measuring cups and spoons, she used fingers and hands.  My baking looks quite yellow, thanks to my lovely free range eggs from the girls.  Trust me, everything tasted divine, and now is all gone, as my lot feasted and I took some into my boys at work today.

I have missed being outside in my garden
so I made use of it this afternoon
when it stopped raining.

Even Tex was enjoying a private moment in the garden.
He was giving me the 'Excuse me I am busy' look
and carried on with the job at hand.

The weather has been making it difficult to dress, because it looks cold outside with the rain and wind, but when that all stops and the sun manages to peep out for a moment it gets warm.  So a sleeveless frock with tights and a light weight jacket were the order of the day.  I have been wearing the same grey shoes for days, because they have good support for my knackered foot according to my physio.  They are gorgeous shoes for a slightly orthopedic sort of shoe; Riekers. I am glad she said they were perfect because she mentioned 'trainers' and I was gagging at the thought of having to wear something like that with my sort of normal clothes.  

Trainers go with exercise clothes,
I don't appear to own.

Anyway, heading home from work I stopped off to check out the Hospice shop.  I found a lovely table runner and some braid, and a nice merino top that is in the wash in a chartreuse green which will be lovely for next winter.  The bells I found at Habitat today and haven't quite figured where I shall hanging them for maximum ringing to annoy the crap out of everyone except me. 

I love bells!!

I also found these chickens at Habitat, only $2 each, so cute, so chickeny, so ...... handy?  Well hand painted and wooden, and I am sure I will find a use for them, I mean, look at them.

I kept forgetting to share this lovely set of bone china with you all.  There are actually 3 cup, saucer and plate sets plus the cake plate, the entire lot cost $12.  I got this last week at Habitat and it has been safely wrapped and boxed up traveling around in the back of my car since buying it. 

I love the Summery colours.

And Sweet Peas!!
They just keep on flowering
I keep on picking them.

Todays words of wisdom:


PS: The 21st Party was fun, I didn't embarrass Jak, he told me not to hang around him, but once he had a skin full of booze he hung around me!  Photos turned out good and all were pleased.

Jak and his mates at the 21st, he has the check shirt on in case you don't know which one is mine.  These lads are all only 19!


Beth Waltz said...

What lovely baked goods to put on that summery cake plate set! I have fond memories of my mum's yellow cake -- as you have noted, eggs from hens that live proper chicken lives give an especially rich color to baking projects. (But for some cakes, we kids had to scrounge for duck eggs because mum believed they were more moist. ?!)

Vix said...

At least you used your imprisonment wisely, the baking looks ace, I love how yellow it is.
Great Summery colours, too. Its bitterly cold here today but at least its stopped raining! xxx

Helga said...

I'm so farking sick of wind....it's the most topsy turvy Spring I can remember!
And yes, dressing is difficult, but you looked marvellarse, darling! Don't talk about orthapedic shoes, though......my poor old feet are demanding I search out Kumfs on Trade Me. Ssssssshhhhhhhh.....

Curtise said...

Well, if you're confined to quarters, you might as well be productive - your baking looks delicious! Hope you ate your biscuits and drank your tea out of that pretty bone china. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Boys are funny like that ... it's all "stop asking me questions" but when you do they seek you out to tell you things.
Your baking looks great ... decidedly delicious :0)

Leeanne said...

gotta love our sons! And your baking, I had the jug hot for that cuppa we are meant to share! The people at the OpShops must know you so well by now, more lovely treasures I see! I picked up some more doileys to add to my massive stash!

Julie said...

Wish I could just reach into the screen & grab some of that yummy looking baking Sue ... & while I was there I would also grab that doiley & that vintage china. Great score there my friend. Love the pic of the boys at the end.

Goody said...

Your baking looks scrumptious-we're in peak cranberry season now, so thanks for the reminder to go dry some for later in the year. I'd have bought those chickens too.

It sounds like you guys are having a rather terrible spring this year. Her's hoping it improves soon.