Thursday, 13 November 2014

I made myself a Watchlet.

A What?

A watchlet,
which is a watch and a bracelet joined together
that's what!!

I had a bracelet that needed to be re threaded, and the watch I normal wear went and had a malfunction - the strap has broken.  So I pulled the face off another watch I had and joined it into my bracelet. PERFECT!!  I hate not wearing a watch, call me old fashioned but I like knowing what the time is, and in analogue too.

Today I wore BLUE!
With black underneath and patterned pants.

I didn't work today as I am going in tomorrow.  I love the flexibility I have with this job.  There are lots of things I love about it, and I am so going to miss being there, as it is looking pretty certain that the other bird is coming back.  Never mind, it has been fun while it lasted and I am quite confident I will find something else to do.

I will miss my weekly drive out to the airport, but not the van I used yesterday.  OMG it was noisy, rattled all the way there and back, such a man car, I mean look at the wheels.  Last week I drove my bosses brand new VW Amorok Ute, super nice but big.  The car I used to drive has been sold, so that is why I have been using Man Cars instead.  Just about needed a wee step ladder to get into the man cars tho' I am a short arse!!

Just look at my hanging basket of Petunias, it is going to be wicked when it grows.  Oh and that is the selection of plants that still need to be potted or planted in the garden.  I have been buying plants of a lady who sells them on Trade Me, reasonably priced and great selection.

I finished my book today and found that this one was on sale at our local shopping centre.  Jak and I had to venture out that way today so I thought WHY NOT and purchased Graham Norton's book.  I find him hilarious and more than likely his book will be too.  I will let you know.

I am off out for drinks and nibbles at a friends place tomorrow night, and have a 21st birthday to take photos at on Saturday night.  I am getting pretty good at this socialising gig. Mind you the 21st is the older brother of one of Jaks friends and Jak has informed me that I have to behave myself.  I think that sounds like a challenge!!!!


Goody said...

Your watchlet is a very good idea. You should trademark that. I hear you on the watch thing-who wants to go searching for their phone just to know what time it is?

The paint job on that van is...interesting? Maybe the next job will be close to a number of shops you've yet to explore? That would be a silver lining.

Goody said...


Beth Waltz said...

I empathize with your van challenge, Sue. Once upon a time I was the designated (by the powers) driver of the official 15-passenger van. When the young male passengers realized I wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't see squat, a collective silence ensued...followed by meekly voiced traffic advisories.

Angels have Red Hair said...

That definitely sounds like a challenge to me ... I find it super hilarious just how mortified I can make my children.

Leeanne said...

Love the watchbracelet! Sounds like a fun challenge tomorrow night.

Vix said...

Love the blue number and the me-made watchlet. You should patent that name! xxx

Curtise said...

The watchlet is a great idea! I always wear a watch too, I feel naked without it.
Looking lovely in blue; and I would accept that challenge if I were you! xxx

Helga said...

Sweetie, your watchlet is just SO pretty! Clever sausage!!! I love you in blue, too.
I can't say that I am a big fan of graham Norton. I really want to like him, as I adore cam, but he just leaves me cold! I would still like to read the book, as I am a nosey parker!!!

peaches mcginty said...

Blooming Nora! that's clever! your watchlet is lovely! I love your outfit (the Sue Outfit Fan-Club like the pants addition and shoes as well!!) and I love the van, my perfect car is an anti-riot vehicle, I saw it on Top Gear (I think!) it had a toilet on board and a water cannon on the roof, perfect to embarrass the kids with too ha! how cool are these photography gigs! you definitely have a gift for taking pics x x x