Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday frolics!!

I love Friday!
I don't work on Friday!
I play on Friday!

A humble Bumble Bee
was being very

 I wore BLUE.

 The garden is filling up
with glorious colour.

 Prettiness galore!!

My Cascading Lobelia is
trying to cascade.

Tex performed his own version
The Time Warp
on the deck in the

Another Physio session
and more strapping.
My foot still hurts like a bitch!!

 I spent the day out with
my gorgeous friend
She bought lunch!!

 We went op shopping!!

 Rose got this beautiful
Monsoon Silk top
this fabulous black and grey dress.
Plus some other bits and pieces.
Isn't Buddy beautiful
but I think he is a
That will make her

 I bought GREEN things.
How huge is the cup and saucer?
Tis a planter and has now
been planted!!

 Patterns and a Xmas Troll!!

Yesterdays bounty from the
SPCA shop
that I forgot to share. 

 This afternoon
TOF and I went out to the Webbers
and the dogs
had a play date!!

TOF inspected Sues greenhouse,
the cows tried to stare us down
we had a cuppa on the deck,
just look at the lovely
view of the rose garden.

Good bye Sue
have a fabulous holiday in

Time to drive home on those
delightful country  roads.

 Plants got potted.

has engulfed the garden.
Time to call it
a night! 

 And it looks like the final
for Friday belongs to 

***Good night***


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

lol :D Those things Rose bought are lovely, good to see ya both today, see ya when we get back. xx

Curtise said...

Flowers, bees, friends, food, pets, and op shopped treasures - perfect! Oh and beautiful views, and not working - they're pretty good too!
Have a lovely weekend, Sue. xxx

Vix said...

Bargains and great company! Here's to a fab weekend! xxx

Goody said...

If I were a bee, I'd head straight for your garden. No wonder he looks so happy.

Good friends, good shopping, -the best life has to offer. The giant cup and saucer planter is wonderful-I've never seen anything like it.

For a moment, just a moment when I first saw it, the Queen's raised hand looked like she was flipping us off. Sadly no, but wouldn't that be the best sort of royal wave? She should do it, just once before she dies.

Raewyn said...

What a fabulous Friday you had! I always love seeing your photos :-) Hope you Saturday is just as scrumptious!

Julie said...

Fabulous Friday Frolics indeed Sue. Love that green polka dot bowl ... certainly makes a better planter than a hat I think!!! Love Tex ... wish I had his life. Have a great weekend :-)

Leeanne said...

Fabulous Friday Loot! No point me heading to the Opshops in the Waikato you and your sweet mates have cleaned them out! Love your friend Roses' glasses!

SAM said...

I'd have probably kept the polka dot cup for my coffee! Thanks for a dose of Friday cheer.

Beth Waltz said...

I, too, would like to second the hearty approval of Rose's glasses and the big green coffee cup -- which I would fill with coffee, aka, the elixir of life.

Your garden is also a source of visual energy, a magical place!

A skritch on the head to ol' Tex...please don't touch the bees.

Helga said...

Yeah, Queenie has to have the last word!
Gah, your poor foot. Feet are a traumatic experience generally.
Isn't it odd how sometimes you have a day, or even week, of opshopping a particular colour?! I always figure I need more of that colour. Green rocks. I suspect Rse bought you some green luck with those funky glasses!