Sunday, 23 November 2014

The weekend came, it saw, and it has now left!

Sometimes the weekend feels long
and other times it feels short, 
but this one wasn't either. 

Well yesterday dragged on as it was wet.  
That didn't stop  me from doing stuff!

I potted up the plants that had been gathering on the deck waiting for me to contain them.  I had a swag of pots that I had collected so armed with them, the plants and some bags of potting mix there was no stopping me.

I ended up potting up way more than I intended on, but that is what happens when I get on a roll.  Same thing happens when I dye clothes, I find other things that end up whether they want to or not in the dye bath.  Anyway the tall aqua pots I scored with two big blue ones and a bunch of smaller ones in an auction I won on trade me, all for $40.  I am pretty happy with how they have turned out.

 My Ivy Geraniums are cranking,
love the colour of this one.

 This one managed to get hung in a tree.

The deepest plum colour.

TOF bird proofed his Strawberry patch!

Hamilton, my city, was celebrating  it's 150th birthday and all sorts of stuff was going on in town.  Try as hard as I could I just couldn't convince TOF to take me into town.  There were bands, a mass Time Warp at the Rif Raf statue, and many other things like fireworks.  He compromised with parking in a street on a hill to watch the Firework display in the rain, woo hoo!!

Loud as hell and oh so colourful!!

And as soon as the display was over we left, because he is such a social animal that man of mine.

I ended up back in town at 1:45am to collect a rather boozed up son.  Town was 'going off' but alas me being in my jim jams and dressing gown, I was not suitably attired to join in.  But at least I saw gazillions of people having a grand old time while TOF was snoring away tucked up in bed.

Sunday arrived a lot faster than I expected, which is what happens when you get to bed at 2am!  The sun was shining and I had a photography job at Hamilton Gardens.  So beautiful there, and plenty of locals and tourists were making the most of the weather and the great outdoors.

Three little darling all under five!!
So much fun, and so cute.

Cannot show any others of these cuties as they are Xmas pressies for family.  But what I can tell you is plenty of gorgeous photos were taken.  I discovered a couple of new gardens have  been opened since my last visit.  I now need to go back to have a good wandered about with my camera.

On my way home I parked and walked to one of the bridges that crosses the Waikato River, this one is know as Bridge St bridge.  Every bridge gives you a view of another bridge, best I take photos on the others now to prove that.

Looking south you get glimpses  of homes, the boat ramp, and looking north you see town, rowing club and the next bridge.  The river runs through the middle of the city and you can follow walkways the entire length, on foot or on your bike.

Close up of a gorgeous old home that I think is of historical consequence.  I love it and have heard it is haunted, how exciting!!  Then I spotted this amazing tree hut, I do love a good tree hut and this one looks like it has been built on a large tree trunk.

I was parked beside this park, an all time favourite place of mine, huge old trees, lovely gardens and park benches to rest on and contemplate the meaning of life or such things.

I spent the afternoon planting more lettuces, gardening, and chilling outside in the sunshine.  I sure hope you have had a nice weekend too and got to do all the things you wanted to do.


Beth Waltz said...

First! Because the weather is iffy here in the Midwest and I'm sharing my morning cup of coffee with you, hoping for a dose of colorful energy. And I'm not disappointed: the pix of the fireworks are flowers blossoming in the night sky. (Helga would write a song, and G would add percussion...)

One can hear the patter of little feet and the giggle of happy voices as the three explorers scamper into the land of magic. NZ's park people ARE magicians. Here, we do some great parking lots for SUVs. Pfui.

One imagines The Girls will be studying that basket net over TOF's strawberries with interest. Don't tell your man, Sue, but my dollar is on The Girls. They'll wait for ripe berries, of course!

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
I snorted my coffee out the nose at "Parking lots for SUV's." I'm looking out the window at one such lot as I type.

Sue, you're a good mum to collect your son-he'd better appreciate you!

The bird-proofing is no joke-every year the pheasants would get my strawberry patch no matter what I did. Finally gave up and let them have it. TOF built you a nice fortress there, it looks like it should work well.

Have a good week.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I think I need to live in that house of historical consequence ... ghosts and all ... she's a beauty.
You are a very good mum to pick up sozzled son ... he better get you something extra, extra fabulous for Christmas ... and breakfast in bed ... for the rest of your life ;0)

Leeanne said...

All looking good! Love the pots, I can see them is red!!