Wednesday, 12 November 2014

So where has the sunshine gone???

The weekend was glorious and so was Monday, but so far the rest of the week has been far from lovely and not looking like it will improve anytime soon.

So lets go back to Monday when it was still beautiful.

My dilemma on the day was to do all the things on my list or bury my nose in my book.  It was so nice outside that I decided I should at least attempt to cross a few things of that list, which I did.  Then while outside I came across the tiniest little baby Wax Eye bird that was on the ground by the chicken coup.

So teeny weeny.

As tempting as it was to adopt it and become it's mother I took it back into the garden and placed it on the roof of the coup so it could hopefully find it's real mum.

It managed to jump and had a crack at flying, so it moved about the garden quite alot and all the time it's mum was chatting to it.  I moved it up high in the Jasmine where it finally was reunited with it's mum.

So cute.

It felt good to get these two back together and I do hope the little baby survived as I haven't seen either of them since.

Of course there were other birds hanging out in the garden.

 Peaches, Plums and Apples!!

I wore a Kimono type top and a headband, yes, a headband.  Don't think I have rocked out a headband since I was young.  Love the floaty sleeves on this top, but they do get tangled up and in the way an awful lot.  Great for faffing in tho'.

Splashes of Pink everywhere.

Colourful accessories.

 And selfies with my pets!!
The best accessory you can have.


I only got half way through my list, and managed a couple of page in my book because I got distracted by flowers.  

A while back I got a parcel of goodies
from the one and only Goody 
and there were flowers.

 A single Pink Bloom?

Wearing both in a Princess Leah style?

But settled on the Green one in a pony tail.
Do you know how hard it is to take photos in a mirror,
and ones of the back of your head?

I finished the day off by buying potting mix and planting a hanging basket with the Petunias I got at the school gala on the weekend.  I have lots of pots to plant up so hopefully that will happen in the next few days.  But it has been wet and rather cold the last two days, so skulking about indoors when I get home from work has been much more fun.

Tuesday I went to see my Physiotherapist.

I have had an insanely sore heel for a while and finally after seeing my doctor, I have gone to get it sorted out.  It has been massaged, tweaked, and  strapped.

Plantar Fasciitis or Joggers heel.  The thing is, I NEVER JOG!!  Apparently it is quite common in people in my age group, excellent.  Pleased to report that it is already feeling a lot better.

The last word goes to The Tex.

The absolute master or Cruise.


Poppy Q said...

Sue you make me smile with flowers in your hair, you go girl.

Julie Q

Leeanne said...

Love the Princess Leah look!I saved a kingfisher from our cat the other day.

Vix said...

That little bird! He's the cutest thing ever. Thank goodness you spotted him and were able to rescue him.
Love the double flowers and the floral kimono top, you look wonderfully Frida Kahlo-esque. xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

You've invented a new clothing category, Sue -- The Faffing Frock! The floating sleeves are clearly designed for nothing more or less, as are the floral hair ornaments (which must be color coordinated).

It's so good to see the baby waxwing perched alongside his mum! Be sure she relocated him in a new nursery away from The Tex. Not that ol' Tex would stress himself to catch a little snacklet like that.

Raewyn said...

Yes, the weather up here has turned yuck too. So happy you were able to save the little wax-eye, such sweet photos. You pull off the flower in the hair look very well :-)