Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I think I passed my WOF!

WOF being my warrant of fitness.

Yesterday I threw $180 at a tooth that I had extracted as it was the cheaper option offered to me for my old decaying tooth.  I asked if I could have it as I intended to leave it out for the Tooth Fairy to come collect and leave me a huge wad of cash as it is an Antique after all, low mileage, as in one not so careful lady owner.  I guess if I had been more careful I would still have it.

Want to see it??
If not scroll down fast NOW!

That is my tooths best side.
You always take the best side of anything!!

I cannot find our Fairy Tooth Keeper so I guess the deal is off and it shall makes it merry way into the garbage bin.  Demure looking tooth, look it has it's roots crossed.

Today I went to the Doctor.

Mr Doc is the very coolest Sri Lankan lady with the best sense of humor.  She only wanted me to take my top dress off because she liked it!! Yeah, nah!! Anyway, I had a few questions today, I don't visit her much (once a year if I must) but felt I may as well make use of my fifteen minute allocated appointment.  With my questions all dealt with she got onto the listening to my heart, breathing, blood pressure (getting up there, apparently I should do some exercise) then she suggested I get on her scales.  I said I would rather not, but did as I was told.  She asked what they said so I told her 59kg, which she replied "I don't think that is right, what do they really say", to which I said "I'm not telling you".  I did and she didn't faint, but again, apparently I need to do some exercise.  Yeah yeah!!!  Next I had blood tests, then I was on my way out the door with another pile of money being extracted from me.

Between the Dentist, the Doctor and the Chemist
my tiny little part time pay packet has been all but emptied!!

Lucky I visited some op shops yesterday then!!

Summer is coming and one must be prepared and have frocks!!

After lunch I went.....
well you will know when you see the photos.

 Three more Phat Boyz.

 Two more Bird Baths.

The detail and her imagination is amazing.

These Phat Boyz have a flat back so they hang on a wall with their balloon above on the wall, which is attached with copper wire.

Dawns very latest creations are huge bird heads that are actually  bird houses - a bird could nest inside the mouth.  Seriously cool and cannot wait to see these finished in a blaze of colour. As for the Horse, well, so simply and so seriously cool.

This Totem is taller than me, not that tall considering I am 5' fark all, but tall for a pottery Totem.  On the right is a new creation she is working on, abstract flowers with copper wire stamen.

Dawn has been making trees  for a while now, her new spin on them is the cut out with something hanging in it.  These hang on a wall.

I loved the colour in this view today and there is Wisteria growing all over the verandah of this farm house.  This is over the back fence where Dawn and her man are renting while building their new place.  Not far from her last place so still rural, I love it out there, fabulous views and so peaceful and quiet.

 Rural beauty.

I want that little bridge.

Big old Lichen covered trees.

A pair of Bluebirds were busy building their nest above a window, so wish I had packed my zoom.  Very pretty little birds that darted about busily collecting nest building material.  Next time I shall take it and stalk watch them.

Heading home the sky was brewing, but nothing too much eventuated which was a relief as tonight is/was Guy Fawkes!!  Woohoo!!!

Finally it was DARK enough!!!

 The Pyrotechnics setting up.

What lad doesn't want to hold a Ten shot??

 I like the pretty colourful ones.
I am such a girl!!

 These happen in between the shoot up into the sky noisy ones.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with fireworks in my mind, it is the wrong people doing dumb arse things with them that is wrong.  As usual the minority ruin it for the majority. Our pets were all safely tucked up indoors while we played outside. The time will come over here when you can no longer purchase fireworks and will only see them at a public display.  Crazy!  Do we stop selling Chocolate Easter Eggs because the minority eat so much that they get fat or sick? 

I got distracted by how stunning
my Bird of Paradise looks at night.

Thanks to all of you that appreciated my little dabble in videoing, hopefully you got a good laugh from it.  I say "If you cannot laugh at yourself, you cannot laugh at anyone else".


Serenata said...

I love your posts, they are always such fun and bring a smile to my face! Not many medical people have a sense of humour I have discovered so you are lucky you have found two that do!

I remember telling one doctor I had borrowed Bridget Jones' underwear and please excuse them....I don't think he got the joke!

Goody said... the US we HAVE stopped selling chocolate Kinder Eggs because of fears a child might injure themselves on the toy inside (absolutely true). People get asked about them as they are now contraband if you try to bring them back from a trip to Canada.

Glad you're healing up, and had a good Guy Fawkes.

Raewyn said...

Glad you passed your wof! Dawn's work is amazing and great you had a clear night for fireworks. We were watching the lights on the hill out the farm but it was just the bee-man delivering the beehives!

Curtise said...

Thank goodness for our NHS - we do pay a fee for dental treatment, but medical consultations, tests and treatment are free. It scares the life out of me to think that the NHS might be dismantled, already there are certain conditions which are not treated for free, and I worry that those restrictions will be extended over time.
Good to know you are fighting fit, even if you are minus a tooth!
Your local countryside is so beautiful. xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

I want the little bridge, too -- and the lichen-covered tree, and the blue birds, and the view from Dawn's studio. Did I forget to mention I also want the serene horsey for my Chinese corner?

My tired eyes are soothed by your photos of flora and fauna, Sue. But my tired nerves rejoice in your action shots of pets and people -- "remember, remember the 5th of November...etc." Forget gunpowder plots, indeed! Hurrah for the pyrotechnics!

Vix said...

You don't half live in a lovely part of the world!
Dawn's pottery gets better and better. I adore that tree.
Hope your poor mouth feels better soon. xxx

Fiona said...

Didn't know you celebrated Guy Fawkes night down in the Antipodes, good on yer though, much better than all that Halloween crap in my opinion. Fireworks MUST be accompanied by hotdogs and jacket potatoes... preferably cooked in the bonfire.
LOVE Dawn's trees...they are fabulous. x

Julie said...

Hi Sue, so glad to read you got your health w.o.f. okay. Your Dr sounds like she understands your sense of humour :-) I just adore all of Dawns work, she is one clever lady. I will get to treat myself to one of her creations one of these days. Yes I used to love fireworks too until these two little kittens came into my world & seem to be absolutely petrified of them. I shall have to get them some "petcalm".

Julie said...

Forgot to mention ... just loved the video you posted the other day, especially the first one with the dog !!!! Made me laugh so much, just gorgeous.

Sierra Sue said...

I dropped $180 today at our dentist for cleaning and a pop in visit by the actual dentist. This was what was due AFTER our insurance paid--
Here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, we aren't allowed fireworks anytime and Halloween is confined to schools--the local bears like candy too !!
Hope you heal quickly, will check in with you tomorrow!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yep the fun police have done their dirty work over here … not a firework to be found … and cracker night is a thing of the long forgotten past.

peaches mcginty said...

That's a cracker of a tooth! I am most impressed! not with the bill though, painful stuff - good to hear your in tip-top health too (last time I was weighed at the Doc's I wouldn't look haha!) you got gorgeous stuff at the op-shops though, I LOVE the clothes! and Dawn's work, the bird heads are flaming amazing - I love fireworks too, they are still readily available here all year round, thank goodness x x x