Sunday, 9 November 2014

Weekends are for.....................

...getting dressed early
to make the most of the two days on offer!!

Black and White. Sandals, sleeveless and summery because the weather was super pleasant!!  Oh yeah, we had Sunshine!!!!!
...visiting a friend to pick up Tomato Plants
her hubby had grown

Did not expect to get given an entire tray!! Some have made their way to Raglan to go in our friends vegetable garden the rest will be spread about our garden.

...Checking out the school gala
happening down the road.

I haven't gone to one of these at this school since my lads finished going there. Back in those days I was on the PTA and believe me our Galas rocked!!  We had the best team of mums and we raised some serious coin for the school.

It is still pretty much the same as when the boys attended, especially the adventure playground and small school pool.  I purchased some Petunias from one of the stalls manned by a couple of the old teachers that are still there, it was lovely to catch up with them all.

...hanging out in my garden
admiring the Lobellia
that is cascading and looking pretty.

And of course some selfies were in order!!  Washing was done, put out, bought in, put away, and my book had a fare few pages read!!

...heading out to Raglan
as the sun went down
to stay with friends for the night.

We drove out after dinner as TOF had been to work for the day.  We also had to pack the hunting equipment, ie the fishing gear as he was going out fishing the next morning.  I wasn't sure I could go around the corner as the sign said 55 and I am only 52, but I guess because TOF is older I was able to go with him!

The sun had well and truly left by the time we arrived but the glow was still happening on the horizon.  People were out walking, dining in the many eateries in Raglan, and life was good!!

...watching the Moon arrive

From our friends deck we watched a beautiful full moon slowly rise through the darkness and clouds.  Occasionally interrupted by the odd firework that was still being lit.


...for waking up
to an amazing view
from the guest bedroom window.

And this is downstairs!!  The views up stairs are nothing short of stunning. The weather was perfect, sunny, beautiful blue skies with the gentlest cool breeze. 

Our fishermen had left at sparrows fart, and we watched many a boat head out to join them.  I wondered if there were indeed enough fish for everyone.

...enjoying a lazy breakfast
before deciding
how to spend Sunday at the beach.

We watched boat after boat drift down the harbor out to the ocean.  They just kept on coming.  Isn't the view divine?  

Small planes flew over head and landed at what we call the Raglan International Airport, a paddock know as Raglan Air strip I think.  We came to the conclusion these must have been learner pilots as they would land and take off over and over.

...checking out the local Market

We wandered through town to the Raglan Market held in the original old school buildings.  Cool market and the school building is so quaint.  I reckon my elderly Aunt that lives in Raglan probably attended this school back in the day, pretty sure she is knocking on the door of 90 if not already there. I bought a loaf of Ruapuke Sour Dough bread and some Tahitian perfume.  Definitely going back to visit this Market, but I will take more cash with me. Tad low on the readies today, after my expensive week of health maintenance.

We checked out a few of the quirky shops that Raglan has then rested in the main street in the middle of the street on a bench seat, and took in the ambiance of Raglan on a sunny Sunday.  We toyed with the idea of having a pub lunch in the garden bar but ended up buying filled rolls and heading back to Dianes to have them on the deck with an icy cold beer. 

...welcoming home the fishermen
with there catch of the day.

Needless to say, we dined on fresh fish for a snack while still in Raglan, and for our dinner tonight at home.  More is on offer tomorrow night, as we all know, Fresh Is Best!!  Oh and said all the correct things you say when your husbands have been out fishing and they tell you it was hunting and gathering for the survival of their families.  No pleasure, all hard graft of course!!

As always the drive home was enjoyable, if not a little slow as there were a few cars towing boats that we got stuck behind.  The farm land is looking lush after the rain, and hay/feed has been bailed, while rows of crops have been planted.

I love how the plowed and planted paddocks look even if difficult to photograph in a moving vehicle.  What an enjoyable time we had out at Raglan.  Warning to Diane and Grant, WE WILL BE BACK!!

...making money!!

Oh yeah!!!  I sold TOFs little old car.  Just look at all that lovely CASH!!  Shame it has been ear marked to go on some bills. Dam those Bills!!

...sharing some funnies on my blog



Curtise said...

Now that looks like a great weekend! You always seem to have such wonderful big skies and views to show us. Not to mention some glorious sunshine!
Looking fab in black and white, Sue, Xxx

Julie said...

Great post Sue, yes wasnt the weather wonderful this weekend :-) Love the visit to Raglan you had, have heard great things about the Raglan market & have it on my "to do list" also. Love the little verse at the end YES I have wondered that before!!!!!

Goody said...

That last quote? EVERY TIME I LEAVE THE HOUSE. Sigh.

So can I tell you how much I love that black and white top with the swirls on it? I really do. And all those tomatoes-now it is really summer once you put the tomatoes in.

"Sparrow's fart" is the best expression. I'm adding that to my list. People here will say, "Crack of dawn" unless of course you're talking to someone named Dawn, because that would be awkward ;)

Leeanne said...

Glad you made it round the 55 corner ok. Looks like a an amazing weekend! Darn bills......think what you could buy at the OP shops with all that!

Beth Waltz said...

Aha, that black topper is actually dress length! It did look shorter on the hanger. Black and white combinations suit your hair and complexion!

What glorious weatherscapes you've captured with your camera! Yet I'd be equally as happy with a cup of tea, admiring the intense color of the lobelia.

I do empathize with the remark about the blessed bills for this was the year I'd planned to acquire xxxx. Instead, my ancient tuxedo cat underwent the full $$$$ Radio-Cat treatment for hyperthyroidism. She's worth it, of course, BUT...

Angels have Red Hair said...

Wow ... love that sunset photo ... It's stunning!

Raewyn said...

Oh Fantastic Weekend Sue! As always gorgeous photos, and sounds like a lovely time with plenty of R and R. Yummy kaimoana too - well done the hunter and gatherer!

Vix said...

You don't half live in a gorgeous part of the world! Love the monochrome outfit! x

freckleface said...

Raglan looks like a wonderful place to spend a weekend. Looking lovely in black and white. Xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sue - the Travelling Yellow Skirt is in your town, and if you're still interested in having a turn with it, please email me ( to let me know, and I will have it sent your way. The Forest City Fashionista

peaches mcginty said...

I totally lolled over the 'the sheepdog' bra!!! my sheepdogs work blooming hard haha! loved the last one too, I thought that over the senior (?) engineer who came round to fix the internet, long story - your weekends are the best, of course you are totally gorgeous as ever and isn't it a pain when the spare cash goes on bills, bah x x x

Helga said...

Bloody hell, you packed a lot into that weekend, darling! I'm getting so terribly lazy these days, and try to keep them as quiet as possible! Think I'm worn out looking at your gloriarse weekend, but how very WONDERFUL a worn out you must have been.
Long weekend for us Cantabrians this weekend! I'm SO excited! Lots of sleeping, and sewing, and eating to be done!

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