Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh Mrs Potts you really are too funny for your own good!!

Joan must be the funniest chicken ever.

Apart from having a peck at both the dogs, she had a standoff with old Tex the other day inside the house, yes she is still coming in.  I had to get in between them as rumbles are for outside not inside and I am not quite sure who would have won that battle.  After all Tex does have his own warning sign and rather well know in the hood for his beatings of any random cat that dares to set a furry paw on our property.

To the untrained eye he is resting!

Today was a glori-arse day and one that had to be spent outdoors in the sunshine, we are predicted to loose her again soon for her ugly sister called Rain.  Personally Rain has been visiting far to often of late and should take a hike to a part of the world that would welcome her with open arms!!

 The flowers and the girls totally love a sun day in the garden.

Oscar was chillin' inside with TOF while these two hung outside with me and my friend Louise.  The lads were indoors chatting and us girls were making the most of the garden swing.

For some reason Joan took a liking for Louise, but got too stalkish which scared the crap out of Louise and ended up with Joan chasing Louise around the garden screaming.  I haven't laughed so much, in fact I was crying.  Sorry Louise!!!!  True, I am.  Just wish my camera was outside and on video.

 As we picked lemons there was mention of chicken for dinner!!

  Tex was on cruise control.

Louise gave me SPOTTY gifts.
(I think I need to give her counseling after her chicken encounter)
My friends all know how I love anything with

Was a great day for relaxing with friends and cruising at home.  There was a lot of doing nothing, which is what Sunday is for in this house, recovery day, the day before going back to work, what ever, it is a chilled out to the max kinda day at our place.

And he would so kill me if he knew  I had posted this photo of him, he thinks I am worse than the paparazzi.  He should be happy I love him enough to want to share his photo!!!

Joan still has issues on where she should live!

I finally listed TOFs old car on Trade Me.


Beth Waltz said...

Oh, dear, this may end in tears and feathers...Shush, Joan and Tex, think of that poor lad's head!

Have no idea what's up with Joan and Louise, Sue. This will be an interesting summer in The Garden.

darkelady said...

I am getting a kick out of Joan thinking when she is a house chicken. When I was very little, my parents had chickens. I "adopted" one and used to bring it into the house. One day my mom found it in the high chair pecking at an entire loaf of bread that I had broken up for it.

Curtise said...

Joan is clearly a star, and intending to Rule the Roost! But my heart will always belong to Tex, he's such a handsome boy. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ok ... I'm going to ask the question that I'm sure everyone is really dying to know ... is Joan house trained??

Goody said...

If you have a dishwasher, be sure to keep the door closed as chickens can get into some strange places once they're indoors.

Raewyn said...

It looked like a quiet Sunday but really, a quiet Sunday it was not! Glad you enjoyed the sunshine---from here on in, us farmers enjoy every bit of rain that comes our way!! :-)