Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It is only madness and mayhem if you subscribe to it.

This time of the year can bring out the worst in some people.  Just go for a drive and see how many times you nearly get cut off and/or hit!!  Unfortunately Christmas isn't always about giving and being kind to those around you.  A few years back this household opted out of the 'family' get together where you all get together and exchange gifts that you pretend you like from people you pretend to enjoy being with.  I am glad our Christmas is simple, with no expectations, hassles or pressures.  We chill out before, during and after Christmas, we just revel in being on holiday.

Today was TOFs birthday so after giving him his birthday parcel I cooked him Bacon and Eggs.  We faffed about most of the day at home in the garden.  The lads were here with dad when I went for my last Physio.  Yes I have been given the all clear and good to go, just keep up with my foot exercises and basically I am tickety boo and jogger foot free.

Down the back in our plum tree is a nest high up in the branches.  One baby was in the nest while the other was being ever so brave and sitting in a branch near the nest.

Mum bird was hovering about with food for her babies,
making noises to let them know she was near.

I keep finding new places the girls lay their eggs.  Yesterdays surprise was the tiny egg that had been laid.  I bet who ever laid it put as much effort into it as any other egg.  Does size really matter?  I still appreciated this tiny egg.

I called in on Dawn this morning as I was out her way.  The paddock next to their house was full of cows and two bulls.  They had a job to do, that is all I will say.

Such beautiful girls.

There is a pair of Swallows that have nested under the eaves but trying to get a good photo of them is difficult, they move about constantly.  Aggies are out in full bloom adding colour to the countryside.

Tonight TOF and I went for a drive in a neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas lights each year.  We parked the truck and went for a wander with every other Hamiltonian.

Some people go all out, some have smaller displays and then others do nothing.  We were laughing at the amount of houses up for sale, and decided they probably had to sell as they hadn't 'subscribed to the madness'.  Light up your house or leave!!

Fairy lights in their trillions all glittering away.

Inflatables seem to be all the rage.

It was lovely walking in the cool evening air.
Pimped up our selfie as we had no lights behind us.

Good advice!!


Goody said...

Happy Birthday TOF!

I have to agree, small family celebrations without the extendeds has made our holidays so much more relaxing. I rarely stress out anymore, and just enjoy myself baking, and listening to music. The mini-holiday in the week before helps too-I recommend it!

Vix said...

Happy Birthday, TOF!
You're dead right. Why do so many get brainwashed into getting so stressed out about what is just 24 hours of a religion the majority of people don't believe in?
Your plans sound perfect. Have a good 'un! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Glad you got to out and see the lights :D I tried to persuade Joe last night too, but he reckons we'll go and look on Boxing day night :D What is it with people with birthdays at Christmas lol, hope he had a good'un x

Raewyn said...

Lovely post and sentiments. So glad we have the chance to spend time with our family - that is the greatest gift. Sending you all the best for a wonderful holiday Christmas. I've loved getting to know you this year :-)

peaches mcginty said...

Happy Birthday TOF!!!!
I'm totally into your Christmas! I am! I fancy this when all of my kids are bigger, I confess it's all been a bit hectic here (I'm drinking wine now tho' and the internet's working for a bit) Glad your foots better! All the best to you and yours!!! Merry Christmas!! x x x

Connie said...

So true. Sometimes it's just best to hunker in. Beautiful photos. Wishing you merry merriness!

Leeanne said...

It sure seems crazy out there...........what I never understand is the big spending people do, then spend the next year paying off all the debit? Such a burden.
Love the photo's of the baby bird in your garden, little tufts of feathers.
Merry Cheery Christmas Sue, see you in the New Year for sure!!

Curtise said...

Happy birthday to TOF!
Christmas should be exactly what you want it to be - spent with who you like, doing what you like, and spending money on those you choose. There - that's settled! Have a good one, Sue! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Happy birthday to TOF: time spent 'faffing' sounds a delightful present.

Thanks, Sue, for the charming pix of the birdie babes. Small birds and small eggs, they are indeed worth appreciation -- as is your 'camera eye.'