Thursday, 29 January 2015

Make a wish, or two.

Yesterday I got a parcel in the post, exciting stuff getting parcels, even if it something I have bought off trade me.  But the excitement is still the same.

The most gorgeous aqua coloured coat with the most amazing detailing.

I have one in black as well.  The first time I saw one of these fabulous coats was in a shop at Waihi Beach called Lotus Lane that was full of imported things from Bali.  These were retailing in the hundreds of dollars, no where near my price bracket.  The shop is long gone and I have never seen these for sale anywhere else, so when I found the black one on Trade Me last year I knew it was mine.  Then this one appeared!!  I think two will be enough, unless the most divine colour tempts me.  You all know I am weak!

TOF arrived home on Tuesday night and he produced what he likes to call 'Gifts' from the motel he was staying in. I know he spoils me madly with soaps and shampoos!!  Changed the Duvet cover in our room, which Oscar gave the thumbs up to.

If you had one tiny little wish
what would it be?

Or a handful, would you share?

All my wishes landed on darling Tex!!
I wish he could live forever.

 Today tho' I would wish for Rain.
The entire Waikato and most of our little Country
is in dire need of some.

Oscar is probably wishing I would put him down.

I got some very cool solar lights for out the front, they change colours and let of a lovely soft glow on the path to our front door.  I am very tempted to go back and get some more.

Today I frocked up as we were destined for 29* so I had to be cool.  I love this frock as the skirt is full and the fabric is cotton.

I even put my hair up and wore a bit of make up.  All this for supermarket shopping!!

My bracelet I got from Glamour in Whangamata, today I had the Clark Island photo, so the beach was with me all day!!

The girls gathered by the gate this morning getting impatient waiting for their breakfast while I was faffing about photographing myself in my spotty frock.  They didn't half make a fuss!!

I bought this book through the Book Depository website, such reasonable prices and postage was free.  Don't you just love the fox scarf?  I might just have to give that a go in Winter.

A Raccoon skin hat, Panda mittens, and Hedgehog slippers are just a few of the things you can knit.

Then there are some hilarious things for the house!

Now for some words of wisdom:



Marja said...

Kia ora Sue. You are so fashionable, love it.
You aqua coat is absolutely gorgeous.
Love that bracelet as well and your hair looks great. I find it so funny that nz woman dress up to go shopping.
I had a friend here who did that as well.
Oh and I never saw these coloured solar lights I will look out for them Very cool

Beth Waltz said...

You do look Absolutely Fabulous in make-up, hair up and polka dots! The coat is a work of art I'd display on a padded hanger outside a closet. And I'll second the wish for ol' Tex -- long may he patrol your little happy place on this sad planet.

Curtise said...

Look at you, all glamorous in polka dots, make-up and an up do, just gorgeous! That embroidered coat is so pretty, and Tex looks adorable covered in dandelion fairy wishes! I wonder what he would wish for? xxx

Julie said...

Hi Sue - I have serious "aqua coat envy" if there is such a symptom. Just gorgeous, yes I wouldve bought that too. You look really nice with your hair up - its sure alot cooler having it up isnt it. Your new solar lights are fab too.

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Love your new coat - and look at you, so glam for shopping! We have a lot of solar lights too. Aren't they the best thing ever. I wish our pets would live forever, that would be my wish. I wish I could bring a few back too :)
cheers Wendy

Connie said...

Oh that IS a nice coat. Aqua is beautiful on you. It is fun getting packages in the mail. So sweet that TOF brings you premium hotel swag.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I remember many years ago Master 14 (probably Master 4 back then) asking his Dad to bring something home for him when he went on a business trip away. When Hubby returned he presented him with a shoe sponge from the hotel. A shoe sponge!! Who even knew they existed. Master 4 was NOT IMPRESSED!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

PS. Love the coat

Sandra said...

OMG that is lovely (what did you search to find it) Love love love you dress.
I need to learn how to knit because the foxy scarf is gorgeous

Shawna McComber said...

Wise, funny and beautiful Sue. No Wonder TOF spoils you. There is so much to love here but I am going to start with the part where your eyes were so amazing in that bit of makeup. You don't need makeup but when I scrolled down I thought I was looking at a model or a movie star. Like, where has Christie Brinkley been all these years? Oh THERE she is living in Hamilton with a ton of adorable animals and some equally adorable men. Now that sounds more like Snow White but then she was a beauty too.

New to you coat = fabulous gorgeousness

Polka dot dress = wow, stunning

Summer bedding = so pretty

Tex and Oscar and the girls = wish they were mine

Knitting book = want that 'coon cap


peaches mcginty said...

Phwoar! you gorgeous woman! love your outfits and your supermarket look, fancy outfits and updo's make a better experience when looking at bleach and stuff - TOF and Dave provide the same gifts!!! I love it! he even takes the tea and coffee sachets haha! back to you! your coat is beautiful and suits you perfectly - I hope you get some rain your way and taxidermy knits is the best thing ever! x x x