Monday, 26 January 2015

Togs that fit and summer crops

Today was a Public Holiday
so staying in bed
to read the paper with a cuppa was what I did.

Of course I was not alone!!

I wore Purple.

In a Spiders web was a Spiders snack.

Tex was busy patrolling the front yard.

My Creepers are climbing up the frames, in fact one of them is heading for the sky.  The plan is to train them to creep along the top of the swing seat frame, it's gonna look super pretty.

Spikes with a don't f*%# with me attitude!

Just look at all that food nearly ready to be devoured.

Daisies on the ever so dry as lawn,
still manage to look beautiful.

 The last of the Strawberries.

New Lemons are starting to grow while the old ones are hanging in there.  Must be time to bake with Lemons, make some Lemon curd, and juice some to be frozen in ice cubes for Winter.

Climbing Lily. Something from my Grandmothers garden that pops up once a year and reminds me of her.

Mmmmm pretty things and colours.

The gate is open but Autumn insists on her climbing act to get back into the Chicken coop.  She is my free spirit because she lets herself out every morning.

 Can you see all the tiny bugs crawling on my lovely plant?

They fit
they are fabulous.

I think I would like a sign like this, except you can have a swim when you kill some time.  Or just chill out on the swing seat, but whatever you do it will be very relaxing.

Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your back
when you get out of the pool.

My apologies to all you Northerners experiencing the opposite!!
Your turn will come, 


Serenata said...

Lovely to see all that is going on in your garden...don't forget to make lemon meringue with those lemons as well!

Now those are my kind of togs with the skirt attached! I still have my pair that I bought over 20 years ago when living in NZ.....just shows how often I go swimming in the UK!

Fiona said...

Don't know if you are referring to us poms as Northerners (is it just aussies that call us poms or you kiwi's too?) but let me tell you, we never experience the kind of heat you do, or have it for any length of time. That lily is beautiful, what a lovely reminder of your gran. Your chook is a beaut too. x

Curtise said...

You've got this relaxing thing down to an fine art, Sue! A lovely way to spend the day; woohoo to the new cossie, and you in it, and oh to live in a climate where you can grow your own lemons... Yep, us Northern hemisphere gals will have to wait, but as Fiona says, our summer weather is completely unpredictable and we rarely have long hot spells.
Love seeing Tex on patrol, and Autumn sounds like my kind of chick! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

I'd gladly add your pretty harem pants and the sleek skirted swimsuit to my stash of hope-for-summer. Like Curtise, I envy you your lemon trees. Your gran's lilly is a beautiful heirloom to cherish, Sue. My own gran's peonies are now travelling through the 48, like her genes...

peaches mcginty said...

Lookin' mighty fine there Missus! dang it you look good in your cossie (it's perfect, I've been after one like that! a tankini sucks when swimming, swim/yank down/swim etc) bastard plant bug infestation, there's hundreds! your lush garden provides so much, is a lime an under ripe lemon? I haven't a clue - good to see you chilling, isn't is lovely? also lovely, your purple outfit - I love Tex and his territorial patrol, Cookie take note! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I say those lemons call for a Lemon Sour Cream cake ... my favourite. Love your swimmers ... togs with a skirt are the best!!

Leeanne said...

Groovie swimsuit! Can't say I'd be game enough to show me in togs on my blog, you might all go blind! Your garden is still looking pretty even the weeds on the lawn.
I like the sign too, how true.

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wendy duchess_declutter said...

Yay to the togs and you look great in purple! Great garden snaps too. Must be nice to lounge about outside in the sun without it being 300% humidity!!
cheers Wendy

Helga said...

Darling, I love love LOVE your new togs! Adorable and styley and sexy as! The fitting bit is a real plus too!!! Ha! Gawd, I need a new swimsuit, but I keep avoiding the situation by avoiding swimming situations!
Tex needs a big squeeze!
I've been fancying purple lately. It's a colour I don't wear much, but always love it when I do...It suits you, as it suits me. Brings out our baby blues!

Connie said...

Such a loverly day. I love that you have your grandmother's lilies gracing your garden. And look at you, a bathing beauty! Love it.

Marja said...

Great togs and a pool in the refreshing.
Great garden and who is eating the last strawberry. Ours are long gone