Tuesday, 3 February 2015

It finally rained.


It is not often RAIN makes people get excited and happy but it has been so dry in our little country that the rain was most welcome.  Of course some people will think we didn't get enough, but in my mind, some is better than none, and my garden is smiling!!  TOF and I managed to fill the little red trailer with piles of garden waste and other rubbish before the rain fell on Saturday.  We even managed to dump it all and pick up something I had purchased off Trade Me.

This 1500mm x 1500mm glass top table for $30 is what we got.
This is it set and ready for breakfast on Sunday morning.

TOF always cooks bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning and it was so nice sitting outside to eat it.  Even tho we had rain it was still humid as hell, but sitting outdoors was rather pleasant.

My bottling and preserving started on Sunday also.  This is cherry toms, garlic, onion, capsicum and parsley which is divine in Spaghetti bolognase.

Things got might serious in the kitchen on Monday I tell you.  I was given 3kg of plums by my lovely friend Anne over the weekend so they needed to be turned into treats. 

I made 8 bottles of Plum Sauce, 5 jars of Plum Jam, 5 jars of Blueberry Jam from Blueberries I had frozen, and 11 jars of Strawberry Jam from ours that we had grown and frozen. 

I also went and purchased some plants from this lovely lady who I have dealt with through trade me.  Now she emails me when she has new plants ready.  This way she doesn't have to pay listing and success fees, so 'take that' Trade Me!!  Trust me those fees add up when you are selling a few things and it eats into your profits.

This humidity is a BITCH at the moment.  Minimal clothing is a must, without being indecent. So glad I have long frocks, they are so cool to wear.

This was only $1 at Hospice today and I knew it was for me!! 

I found this too!
Should be nice on the new to me table
for evening meals
with a candle inside it.

Oh and I found these!!
I actually went to Habitat to get more
small jars for Jam and Jelly.
I did get some
I do get side tracked easily.

I neglected this hanging basket
so re planting had to 

That's much better
'Water hanging basket twice daily'.

These are Perennial Petunias that I got from my plant lady.
Pretty nice too. 

Oscar is channeling Kath Kidston
with his scarf.

Words of wisdom time:

 This is how I sit while waiting for a new job to turn up!



Fiona said...

Your preserves look lovely and you got a great bargain with that table.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We are on a roll aren't we lol! Baskets look great, mine lasted all of five minutes! Sigh. Bacon and eggs look yum!

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, the vision of you in that long black 'evening gown', seated at the new table, in candlelight provided by the new lantern ... it's delovely! So are the jars of jam and the posies. Even Oscar is looking upscale in his neckerchief!

Ahem. I've seen The Style Crone manage a yoga pose, but the only way I'll ever do THAT is to slip on the ice in front of my garage. Again.

Curtise said...

Oh yes, long floaty frocks are the best thing for a hot summer. Loving the new table, the fruits of your kitchen labours, and that fab lantern. Stay cool, Sue! xxx

Leeanne said...

Some pretty wise words at the ending. Cool table......$30 not bad at all.

Julie said...

Great post Sue - wasnt the rain just sooo great. Yes we will take any amount thank you. Love the new sign, new table & chairs, Adore the new candle cage for the new table. Your hanging basket looks much prettier revamped. Have serious bottling & preserving envy (if there is such a thing!!!)

wendy duchess_declutter said...

You have officially inspired me to tackle those plums ... tomorrow. On my must do list, haven't actually had much luck with jams or sauce before but I might just give it a whirl.
Love your 'bossy' sign. Think I will print that out and stick it somewhere. Humidity is the bitch alright. Its' been about 300% here lately surely we will have some rain soon too. Great table too - you sure have an eye for a bargain Sue!
cheers Wendy

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm after a new outdoor table at the moment. We don't have a roof over the area though and that limits my options. Wood will rot, metal will rust and I'd be worried about hail on a glass tabletop ... first world problems ;0)
Love your maxi .. I must get one ... but I'm so short I'd have to cut half of it off first.

peaches mcginty said...

Gawd those yoga poses! my belly and boobs get in the way ha! I'm chuffed you got some rain, hope you get more! your table is gorgeous, what a bargain and even better, breakfast! made by TOF and with brown sauce mmmmmmm! and of course your home made sauces and jams look delicious, I've never made any, I worry about these things! does it goes off? the bossy sign is perfect and true, also true, you looking gorgeous as ever oh and how cute is Oscar! love the quotes too x x x

peaches mcginty said...

Oooh! I mean us ladies have the best ideas!! x x x

Helga said...

Dammit, we've just been getting tantalising spits and dribbles, but no real rain! Jealous!
Mmmm, I am drooling over your bottling efforts! I am making a concerted effort to get the garden producing, and I ma so keen to get into some bottling..once I get on top of my general laziness!
That outdoor table setting is to DIE for! What a deal! Don't you just LOVE when you get a great deal like that?! Our settling was about the same, I think, a few years back. One man's trash...as they say!