Sunday, 25 January 2015

Oh the joy of a long weekend

This weekend is Anniversary Weekend in our part of the country.  Which for anyone working means Monday off work on full pay - and no one says 'no thanks' to a day off work on full pay.  The weather is still nothing short of gorgeous so great deal of people will have headed to a beach for three days. 


Yesterday I was home alone (bliss) with my animals lovelies for my company and it was deliriously grand.  I was in my happy place.

 We set up camp on the swing seat.

 An awful lot of relaxing took place.

 We listened to the gentle tinkling
of the Bali brolly bells.

 Even the pole is pretty.

Life in the slow lane is addictive, so if you visit me you will form a bad habit of doing sweet fanny adams very fast.  I am a bad influence on being 'Lazy'.  Even lunch was a lazy affair of snacks.  I read a lot, napped occasionally, and generally had a divine time outside.

The forecast for the rest of the weekend is pretty much along the same theme.  Today we are supposed to hit 29 degrees so outside under the big trees really will be the best place.  I even have new togs, (that should fit less like a wetsuit, I'm not sure as they arrived in the post yesterday and I still haven't tried them on but they are bigger than the pink ones)  so I feel a swim could well be on the cards!!

I think I will continue
to learn
more about
enjoying doing zilch
and stick
with my wisdom of
letting go of the housework!!

PS:  We upgraded from McD's on Friday and went for Kentucky Fired Road Kill, well you never really know if it is chicken do you.  I stuck to a Burger, and washed it down with a cold beer!!  So no McShits.


Beth Waltz said...

Dear Wise Woman: I'd like to sit with you and the furry ones on the swing, and find out how many cold beers I could drink and still say "Bali brolly bells."

Leeanne said...

Ahhhh...Zeee Zen days!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I dunno what happened to me today, I've had a clean up of the kitchen then had a big sort out in my dressing room, got rid of half my shoes and handbags and a load of clothes too. Oh and I'm melting :(

SAM said...

I would never use "Lazy" to term what you just described. That sounds like pure bliss and what folks world wide pay big bucks to do on holiday. Now lazy is watching 5 back to back episodes of Being Human on Netflix (not that I did that this weekend...)

Fiona said...

Stop telling us about your heatwave will you, I'm freezing my tits off here! I'm just about to 'laze' in a hot bath.

Curtise said...

I can while away a ridiculous amount of time doing very little... I consider it a skill! It sounds as though you are having a fabulous summer, suitably warm and relaxing, and I am officially envious! xxx

Helga said...

I'm afraid G will put his foot down about the tinkly Bali bells...he loathes jangley bell thingys, dammit!
O, how splendid to have a day off...we're beavering away with a systems upgrade, but all seems to be going well, so maybe we'll get an early mark!
Hurrah for relaxation! XXXXXXXXXXX

Connie said...

Life in the slow lane. I am right there with you, my dear.