Sunday, 11 January 2015

The best weekends can be filled up with nothing...

...nothing but kicking back on the garden swing
enjoying the lovely weather.

This is the view when lying down on the swing seat
under the big old Idesia tree. 

I had some pretty good company.

TOF got back from being away on Saturday and we spent the entire weekend goofing off at home.  I think we only left the property to go get food supplies.  Sometimes it is nice just to do nothing, and the weather was glorious both days, oh and of course there has been Tennis and Cricket on the TV to watch.

This is a borrowed picture of a Native Kaka Beak Tree.  I bought two of them off Trade Me and they were couriered to me on Saturday.  The Red Flowers look like a beak hence the name.  After a solid hosing of the garden late this afternoon I dug some holes and planted my two new trees.

Mine are only about a metre tall, but grow to 3-4 metres eventually.  Mine are babies, spindly and need to be staked.  Hopefully they survive being knocked occasionally by Sheba s ball, maybe the direction of play should be altered.

My garden at night when everything has gone to bed, I love the colour of the sky.  The lawn takes a beating over summer and dries out something bad.  We will be on water restrictions soon I guess, but as long as I can water my plants I will be happy.

I picked up all the dog deposits and TOF mowed the lawn so the garden is looking lovely and tidy.  Well my kind of tidy, which is mish mash and oh so not orderly.  I call it the lived and and loved look!!

Flowers look amazing at night.

So while I lay on the swing seat in the garden I ponder the thought that everyone in this house is returning to week tomorrow except me.  Normally that would be fun, but I have had three weeks pottering about and tickey touring here and there.  I am ready to go back to work, just have to find me a job.  I have applied for two so far and have decided I will do anything except, work late nights or weekends, take my clothes off or dance.  Shouldn't be too hard to find something that doesn't require those things should it??

I am ready.

Most people will probably be like this.

And want to be like this!


Beth Waltz said...

Bless you, Sue, for the laid-back views from your swing seat! Today we're facing a forecast of freezing rain, sleet and snow in a landscape of mud and frozen tundra. If only there were yaks...

The salad bar is bursting with edibles! What a sound investment of effort and resources that has been for you and TOF.

Raewyn said...

Good to see you kicked back and enjoying it! Love the description of a Lived and Loved garden. Good luck with your job hunting :-)

Helga said...

Gah, I've been back at work for a week, and feel like I never had a holiday! But I AM trying to keep the cruisey feeling going...
Love a swing seat. Need one!

Curtise said...

Oh your beautiful garden - it doesn't have to be perfectly tidy, that wouldn't do at all. A comfortable garden is like a comfortable house, it needs a bit of mess around the place to feel homely and enjoyed!
Good luck with your job hunting, but don't ignore offers of naked dancing work, will you, Sue? You might just love it! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

You certainly can't beat a bit of doing nothing! it's blooming lovely! your gardens a beautiful place to be in, the lived in look is my absolute favourite, it's my only look, I'm very fond of it! Good Luck with the job hunting, you'll get something in no time! and you'll get one where you'll be able to keep your clothes on too!! they are fabulous after all! x x x

Goody said...

I do enjoy learning about all your beautiful plants.

To me (looking at all you've done in the garden) I'd call that "work." I know it isn't paid employment, but sticking trees in the ground is hardly sitting around doing nothing.

No topless work? I'll bet you could make some beautiful tassels out of some vintage embroidery floss.

Melanie said...

Ha ha, I had a laugh about Goody's comment and the tassel crafts. Good luck on your search. I loved your swing video, and your garden looks like the perfect getaway.

Vix said...

Your garden is perfection, exactly how an outdoor space should look!
My weekends are never lazy - it's the days of the week that I'm at work, trust be to be different to 99.9% of blogland!
Good luck with the job hunting. xxx

Fiona said...

Your garden sure looks better than mine Sue, which has been battered by rain, wind and frost.
On the job front, I always thought that a sex-line operative would be could stay at home, slob around in your dressing gown if you so wished and all you have to do is talk dirty to some old perve. Money for old rope I'd say.
Wonder if it pays well?

freckleface said...

Yes, the best weekends are the ones with no commitments. Your garden is idyllic Sue, I just love it. Good luck on the job front, I always think it's an exciting position to be in. Xxx