Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Lake in the middle of the city

The other day, well Thursday to be precise, I was out and about on a few little missions and ended up at Lake Rotoroa which is smack bang in the middle of Hamilton (I have shared that bit of info before).

The first thing that caught my eye was a Black Swan. 

Graceful like a ballerina.
Hang on!
A Swan and a Lake,
now I get it.
Swan Lake the ballet!!

A gaggle of Geese.

A floating carpet of Pink Waterlilies,
giving me a Monet moment.

Although this Lake is full of
Duck shit and other undesirable things.

 Pukeko and other big footed water fowl hunting for bugs.

Well fed locals all resting in the sunshine,
waiting for picnic-ing lunch goers
to arrive.

I have probably mentioned before you can walk around the entire Lake on meandering paths under old trees Lakeside all the way.  I still have not done this - call me lazy!

Now this map is FYI (for your information).  The Lake is about a 5-10 minute drive from my place traffic dependent.  Hamilton is easy to get around and easy to get out of, as in more than one way to exit.  The Orange stars are to show you where groups of Charity/Op shops are located, showing my excellent selection to trawl around.  I stopped in at one near me on my way home and scored a handful of goodies which I have totally forgotten to photograph to show you as they are still sitting on the back seat in the car. Ooops!!!

Thursday was a little cooler and actually rather nice.  So it was short sleeves instead of sleeveless and even a tad of layering.  My top came from an online store in China I think, but with free post and a good exchange rate it was a bargain.  Oh and I loved the colours, and even the odd bit of sparkle.

Thinking of heading over to Whangamata today as my mate Leonie is up from Wellington and of course my fabulous sister lives there.  She informs me my bed is all ready for me.  TOF is being a bore and doesn't want to come so it looks like my little man Oscar will be my traveling companion.

Time for some words of wisdom: 



Goody said...

Water lilies! Oh, you DO live in a beautiful place. I can't stop marveling at all your beautiful flora and fauna.

Speaking of beautiful-you are! That incredible fall you're wearing in the previous post is giving me serious fake hair envy. I always admired that sort of hairdo in the 60's/70's but good falls were $$$ and my mother didn't think it would be appropriate for a seven year old (hrumph! What did she know?!). Honestly, Brigit Bardot would be jealous of that hair.

Speaking of hair-Little Oscar is looking quite handsome with his recent shearing and fashionable scarf.

Glad you got some rain. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a bit more.

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, thanks for sharing a glimpse of the fascinating flora and fauna that inhabits your patch on this planet. The black swan is as magnificent as the pukeko is weird. (Those feet!)

The Chinese dress is like wearing fireworks. A bit of sparkle is very popular here in the States now.

Connie said...

Well of course you never make it around the lake with that many shops to distract you. Love your sparkly Chinese ballet dress. Not to be outdone by his Mom, Oscar's all gussied up, too!

Leeanne said...

Once again loved your photo's. Lake Rotorua in Hamilton........never got that.........shouldn't it be lake Hamilton?

peaches mcginty said...

Those pink waterlillies! gawd it's all so beautiful, walking round the lake sounds lovely, but even better in a golf buggy (we could take turns driving, ha! we'd have a blast!) the Sue Fan Club is totally loving the outfit, gorgeous, as you always are - Oscar will be a great travelling companion, seriously how cute!! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the Monet moment … and your colourful top … just gorgeous :0)

Curtise said...

Glorious photos of the lake and its flora and fauna, and then there's you and Oscar, looking gorgeous too! That shade of bright blue really suits you, Sue. xxx

Shawna McComber said...

It looks like a gorgeous park and lake. It is always best not to think too much about the contents of a duck pond and just enjoy the waterlilies which are well fertilised. I love your colourful top and I am most envious of all the Op Shops you have in your area. Can't wait to see the latest goodies. xoxo