Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Mandarin Tree like non other

Another day of intermittent rain, with patches of sun, and warm.  The rain is still very welcome, and is helping cool things down, especially at night which makes sleeping a whole lot easier.  

Got to have your sleep!!

Aqua and Brown were the colours of the day for me.  I had to nip out to the shops so a frock it was.  Mind you I have to keep hoisting the top part up as my girls were trying to escape!  

Rant time...

I was in a Charity shop today and this head scarf wearing lady was trying to barter with the poor lady behind the counter on some things she wanted to buy.  As in half the price!!  Because I am out spoken I stood up for the lady working in the shop saying it was an already very good price and this shop was raising money for Charity!!  The head scarf wearer kept on pushing to get it cheaper but the shop lady held firm and thanked me when the customer left.  I do not understand why people have to barter in a Charity shop, you either want it or you don't.  If you can buy it new down the road for the same price or cheaper, then bloody well do so!!

Rant over!

I got slightly bored so decided to play dress up
by adding RED to my frock!!

And Aqua shoes!!
Actually I was killing time because I was going out
with Dawn to a new shop
that she is supplying.

The Mandarin Tree is a gorgeous shop full of Art and situated out at Gordonton, a quick drive north east in the countryside from Hamilton.  The arrows mark Dawns stuff, but I am sure you would have noticed.

Dawn installed two of her Totems in the garden out the back of the shop and delivered one of her partners awesome Braziers.

The shop owner is a lovely Dutch lady who is an artist, and she created this giant size cup and saucer with spoon out of what looks like brush to me.  She told me it was a commissioned piece for some display that now lives in the shop garden. Seriously bloody cool.  I would want a door to get into it and have a big futon style cushion in it to laze about reading and relaxing.

I love Dawns leaning houses and her one off Jug.
The owner took a photo of Dawn installing her work.
Notice the bird cages hanging in the tree?
It's very quirky out there.

There is a crocheted covered lamp post next to the shop.

And the cutest planter filled with Lavender plants.

If you out Gordonton way and have not called in at the Mandarin Tree, you really should do.  Another gorgeous shop full of beautiful things to tempt you to spend.

Last night I bought a fake pony tail off Trade Me and it arrived this afternoon.  Of course a trial run was in order.  


Wisdom time....




Beth Waltz said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! That ponytail wiglet is a keeper, Sue. I do admire your using the visual weight of shoes to flip the polka dot dress from serious shopping mode to lunch with the ladies (with a froth of red).

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You style queen you :D xx I think we should head out to Gordonton soon and have lunch out there too. Hope you checked the wig for nits first lol Looks pretty good too, you look like a rock n roller in the entire ensemble :D

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Wow great outfits Sue! Maybe you should start a fashion blog and earn some $$ from it!?
Like your deep and meaninfuls for the day too.
cheers Wendy

peaches mcginty said...

Hairpiece!! (not said with my accent, in my head I'm saying it posh) oooooh! it's fancy fine, it suits you perfectly, are you swishing it? I keep stroking mine (ooh-er) I call it pet hair haha! I LOVE your outfit, both styles, both colours, just gorgeous! boobage and dresses, I hear ya! and good for you standing up to Ms Head Scarf! x x x

Connie said...

Whenever things are a little drab around here I just check in with my friend Sue and she gives me a big blast of cheery color!! Love your phony pony tail!

Melanie said...

I hope you went out with the red bits added. Spectacular. But still spectacular on its own. Love those dots. And your hairpiece is great. I hope when you jog it swings counterclockwise.

Curtise said...

A pet hair phone pony wiglet! Love it, don't you look glam? You, Sandra and Vix make me want to add more hair...
Also loving the addition of some vibrant red to the aqua/brown boob flashing dress too, and those sandals are fab. Sue's got it going ON!
That giant teacup and saucer is great, and good for you for standing up to the haggling lady; we had a woman asking for a reduction on a pair of shoes in the charity shop, and being pretty rude and critical of the price. But when the manager stuck to her guns, she bought them anyway, so she obviously thought it was fair really and was just being a cheeky cow!
Have a good weekend, love! xxx