Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Yeah yeah I went to the beach

And promptly forgot to take any photos to prove it!!

I had a lovely couple of days, and one night over at Whangamata catching up with my dear friend Leonie and my beloved sister Helen.  It was fabulous and so was the weather.

I am going to share with you all the things I have gathered over the last few days and including those that were forgotten last week.

Do you love the sign?

This is very true of me, I HATE HOUSEWORK, so it should read 'I' not 'We' as I am the one that detests the domestic chores.

The tin sign was only $1, I found it today at Hospice, and I have it sitting in the front entrance, so when you see the dust bunnies all playing on the wooden floor you will understand the sign.  The Gi-normous Monarch Butterfly I found at Habitat yesterday and it is wall mountable.  TOF is actually keen to screw it to our fence out the back in the garden, so sorry Sis it may not make it to your place at the beach.  Good buy for $7.50 I thought!  Fabric was from last weeks lot, and I really should follow through and actually sew something.

The Red Buddha Candle was another last week one that is perfection in the lantern from previous weeks outings. Not sure if I will light it or not.

Today at Hospice I found this creamy/goldish lurexy and lace cardy.  Quite hard to photograph but very pretty on, so I guess I am going to have to wear it to show how truly lovely it is.

Just look at the work that went into the edging on this tray cloth.  I hope the maker was the give-awayer not a receiver of such pretty work. In Charity shops you see an awful lot of hand made personalised things that have been donated, even photos?  Quite sad when you know how much work goes into making something.  I had to rescue the ladybird edged cloth as it was far too delicious to sit on a shelf amongst mass produced tat from all over the planet.

These two striped cushions yelled out my name last week when I was in the Salvo near my place.  I knew they would be perfect on the blue outdoor chairs.  Even with a well covered bum like mine, a cushion makes for a more comfortable time spent on a wooden chair.

Oh look, I have been out to visit Dawn!!  I accidentally broke my gorgeous 'Green Frog' mug last year so she rescued this yellow one that lost it's handle and branded it as mine.  Then told me to grab a couple more from her seconds pile. She spoils me rotten, and I love her for it!!

I do not like that our milk comes in those god awful plastic bottles, I much preferred the old glass ones of my childhood.  Today I remedied that situation by buying these awesome Jamie Oliver recycled glass 2lt ones that were coincidentally in a  half price sale. Milk looks and tastes better in glass.

And because I am not a totally domestic failure I threw together some Raspberry Jam from berries we grew that had been frozen.  Yes Saint Suzanne, that is me, Saint of homemade Jams.

I made some labels but had no gum like glue to stick them to my jars, so next round of jam making/bottling/preserving, I shall have said glue and will use them.

No wisdom today,

but a little advise.....

And this sums me up
where the domestication of Sue
is concerned.

PS: I am volunteering in the Hospice on Friday this week, I need something to do or I will go nuttier than I already are.


Beth Waltz said...

Anyone who creates a home filled with comfy cushions, thriving critters (greetings to ol' Tex), and pots of luscious raspberry jam -- all whilst looking good with her hair done up, wearing pretty clothes that cost pennies -- need not apologize for dusty bunnies. Please post a photo of you wearing the new white and gold top while seated 'neath the balinese brolly with bells!

Fiona said...

I'm with you about housework Sue, I'd rather be making, reading or doing just about anything else. Love those labels and the look of your jam. Fab cushions. Had email from Dad today...he's just arrived in NZ...lucky bugger. xx

Curtise said...

Oh yes, that sign would be very appropriate in this house too!
The tray cloth is about the cutest ever, love the cushions, and I reckon that secretly you are a total Domestic Goddess, Sue!
Hope you enjoy your voluntary work, I feel pretty sure you will. xxx

Raewyn said...

Great signage Sue - we like the relaxed feel at our place too!! You are brilliant at rummaging out treasures, the tray cloth is gorgeous - like you say hope it got there in a nice way and wasn't a rejected gift.

Leeanne said...

Great sign, although call me strange I quite like cleaning my house as I love it so! But some weeks are busy so just a quick fluff up happens!
Mmmm not sure about you working at an OpShop........will there be anything left to sell??

Angels have Red Hair said...

Seems like you're settling in nicely to the stay at home housewife … you won't have any time left to go to work :0)

Julie said...

Love the new sign Sue :-) I am REALLY worried about you volunteering at the Op Shop ... I am worried you will use that nifty new trailer of yours ... & purchase loads of op shop treasures ... & there will be nothing left for the likes of Leeanne & ME!!!!!

peaches mcginty said...

I can't think of anything better that volunteering in a charity shop, you get to see the goodies before anyone else, utter brilliance! yes to milk in glass bottles and noooooo to housework, if I was blessed with the housework gene I imagine it would be lovely, but I'm not, I'm a slattern through and through - the tray cloth is gorgeous and your/Dawns cups x x x

Goody said...

I'm sentimental about people's needlework in shops too-I just can't understand giving away something someone worked so hard to make. The family photos kill me too-last week I saw a baby-book. If Danny ever dumps my photos or needlework in a thrift shop after I'm gone, I'm going to come back and HAUNT HIM!

That's a great candle. My twelve year old candle collecting self would have gone mad for it. I could never bring myself to light them.