Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Breakfast with friends at twenty to ten....

...well when I say friends

my furry friends joined me,
all waiting for the crust off my toast.

Twas a lovely day for a Frock
a pretty necklace.
But the necklace had to go
as it was scratching the bejizzles out of my neck!!

I wrote you a poem
no title
but a poem!!

Welcome to my garden,
Go find yourself a seat.

 It's a peaceful friendly place
for us to finally meet.

Keep away from the veges
Or TOF will surely yell.

Apparently they're sacred,
Did I forget to tell?

Do hope you like my pets,
Of all colours, breeds and sizes.

It's grand to watch them mooch about,
Doing their exercises.

Shall I go and put the kettle on,
And we'll have a cup of tea.

Relaxing in my garden,
Just you and me.

We can swing on the garden seat,
Under the big Idesia Tree.

I think you will be happy
With all that you can see.

So welcome to my garden,
I hope your time was fun.

Feel free to come again sometime,
And we'll chat out in the sun.


Love my frock
loving how long my hair is getting!!

I am currently reading this
and laughing my way through it.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Love your poem ... and I'll be sure to drop in for a cuppa ... any day now :0)

Raewyn said...

Great poem!!! (Even if it doesn't have a title!) I'll be sure to call in one day :-)

Curtise said...

Love your garden, the critters, and your fab floral frock - oh, and the poem too! I think we'd talk non-stop if we hung out for an afternoon in your fabulous garden, Sue! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Your gentle song of words could serve as the prelude to a melody played on pan-pipes....what an extraordinary garden you call home! Thank you for inviting us to join you for a cuppa, Sue. I'm honored to be in the company of Dawn French and other ladies who know how to laugh at life.

Leeanne said...

So here is your new job! Writing's perfect you don't have to take your clothes off (unless you want to) and you don't have to dance..........again....unless you want to!!!

peaches mcginty said...

Love your poem! I'd looooove to sit in your garden, well on a chair (if I sit on the floor there's no guarantee I'll get up again) and that dress!! dang it! as ever Miss Sue, you look gorgeously divine and your hair is so long and so beautiful - love your floral table! x x x

Goody said...

If I came to visit you might have a hard time getting me to leave!

Bummer about the necklace-maybe for wintertime over a poloneck?