Friday, 13 February 2015

The weekend is upon us

Funny how the days just pass me by, and the weeks, and actually even the months, considering we are hitting the half way mark of this one.  I guess it is true, 'Time flies when you are having fun'.  I'm having fun chilling out at home doing diddle squat these days, and making the very most of it before I get employed again, not that I am actively pursuing any jobs, but we won't tell TOF so Ssshhhh!!

Yesterday I even got some Wave Envy going on!!

 Tex wandered down the garden path.

 Across the garden.

 And up onto the garden swing to join me.

 Sheba had no time
for such things,
she had her eye firmly on the ball!!

 Tex was on my right and Oscar on my left.
They are not overly impressed
with having to share me.
Never have been.

 My lunch was crackers with
Roasted Capsicum and Cashews
with Gouda cheese on top.

After dinner TOF and I went to watch Jak and some of his mates playing Touch Rugby. Their team is called Multiple Scorgasms, and they did get many!  I got side tracked with the setting sun and clouds in the sky.

When our lads were tiny TOF and I were in a Touch Rugby team, made up of couples.  Hard to believe I know, but yes I did actually play sport.

The Ants seemed to be enjoying the flowers on my
Echinacea shrub last night.
Oh how different the sky was back over our way.

So today I spent the morning at the Hospice store sorting an entire bail of clothes etc.  They were well pleased with my efforts and I am well pleased with their very efficient way of sorting.  I think I will do a weekly stint there from now on. Oh and do not fear, I bought nothing home with me!!

This afternoon I went and got some potting mix and instant colour and I planted up a couple more pots from my lovely friend Robyn tonight.  I have just come inside from hosing the garden, still pleasant even at this time of the night, 9:00pm.  Have another trailer of rubbish to go to the dump in the morning, as we continue to trim and weed the back yard.




Fiona said...

I admire your restraint....doing a shift at the hospice shop and not buying anything! Well done you.
Love your frock,

Vix said...

Loving the waves, the bastard massive pendant and the frock and would happily share lunch with you, it looks divine! xxx

Connie said...

Seriously, Sue. You should have a little theme song. Every time I read one of your posts I hum a happy little tune. Multiple Scorgasms. That's just great.

Goody said...

Love the little figure peering out from your flowerpot.

I really did LOL at the rugby team name.

Leeanne said...

Crack up tee shirts for the rugby players!

Angels have Red Hair said...

HA ... I often get sidetracked when watching football too :0)

peaches mcginty said...

Wave envy loud and proud here! LOVE your hair, and your gorgeous dresses and fabulous you! Multiple Scorgasms is the best team name I have ever heard, just brilliant! proud of your retraint too, lunch looks delicious and with all the fur babies, Cookie gets jealous of the kittens all the time, she's a queen who demands attention! x x x