Tuesday, 17 February 2015

We said farewell to an old friend

My weekend was pleasant, and it passed by all too fast.  Most of it was taken up with chores, visiting friends and having to endure more Cricket on the TV.  The World cup is on in NZ and Australia so it is Cricket, Cricket and more bloody Cricket at the moment in this house.  

Lucky I have a good book and a garden swing!!

I wore this awesome skirt made from Sari's (that I scored for $5 at Look Smart on Friday) with a silk sleeveless top on Saturday and I was incredibly comfortable, as the temperatures have crept up again, not that I am complaining because before you know it, Summer will leave and the dreaded Winter will arrive.

I love it how the girls casually swan out into the garden
when I open their gate.

Just taking their time.
We should all be like them. 

 This pot of flowers looks brilliant in the day light.

After another run to the dump, TOF and I went and picked up this big China cabinet thing that I bought off trade me for only $50!!  It is perfect in the lounge and now holds all our collectables.  Of course I now have a few bits of furniture I need to sell.  Then Jak and I decided we needed to rearrange the lounge.

Sheba is more than happy with the new layout.
The $1 lounge suite is frequently her bed.

Yesterday TOF and I and one of our old friends went to Auckland to the funeral of another old friend.  Incredibly sad as he has two sons the same age as ours, I choked up seeing them.  Thankfully his illness was short, but it is always difficult to say that last goodbye to an old friend.  Unfortunately as we get older this is going to be happening a lot more, which reinforces for me to make the very most out of life.  Look forward not back, and be happy.

 So farewell Greg
it was lovely to know you.
May you Rest in Peace.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Aww Sue so sorry about your friend, that last picture made my eyes leak! Love the bloody display cabinet! Cool bananas :D

Melanie said...

Great outfit for the warmth. I want to be the chicken with the pouffy feathers. I am thankful that there are no sports in my home. Whew! I'm glad you have a safe and beautiful refuge.

Ah, that is very sad about your friend.

Julie said...

Sad, sad news about your friend Sue - yes we are getting to "that age". Your outfit is gorgeous & your new display cabinet looks a million dollars.

Leeanne said...

Tough work saying goodbye to loved ones. Lovely out fit..........what's this about 'dreaded' winter??? WELCOMED winter from my end sweet pie! The chooks sure look happy.

Poppy Q said...

Love your chicken photos Sue.

Sorry about the loss of your friend, sounds like he had a great farewell and was loved by many.

Vix said...

Aww, Greg looked like a lovely man, such kind, twinkly eyes. How very sad.
I used to buy those sari skirts in India and sell them on eBay, it paid for my return flights! xxx

Fiona said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Greg, even harder when someone that young dies. Agree with your comment about making the most out of life, as without being too morbid most of my life is now behind me but I'm ever grateful that I'm still here.

Beth Waltz said...

Friendship is indeed one of life's greatest treasures -- and, like your garden, it cannot be bought, only grown. You have your priorities in good order, Sue. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your friend.

Curtise said...

How sad to lose a friend, I'm really sorry to hear about that, Sue.
You look great in your sari skirt (Vix gave me one!) xxx

Connie said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. Every summer we get together with old old friends, a few who are now gone and I always wonder who will be next. Meanwhile I am grooving on your sari skirt and your beautiful chicks.

Goody said...

Sue, I'm so sorry about your friend. Most parts of getting older are easy enough but losing your friends is just awful.

You reminded me that I bought a pile of sari silks a few months ago. I didn't have any plans for them...until now. Your skirt is lovely.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Such sad news about your friend :0(
Hubby had the cricket on the other day and mentioned it was being played in Hamilton ... I was able to excitedly tell him that I know someone that lives there :0)

peaches mcginty said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Sue, he looked like the nicest man, the last goodbye is always the hardest especially when they are so young x x x