Monday, 9 March 2015

Battle of the sleeping spaces

There is a bit of an issue going on in our house at the moment with Oscar (small dog) and Tex (large cat).  All over sleeping spaces.  Tex was quite comfortable in his luxurious cane bed but for some reason he has started a hilarious situation.

This went on all Sunday night and Oscar was getting pissy while Tex was silently enjoying the wind up.

Going backwards now.

TOF got home on Friday night after another week up working in Auckland.  Saturday we went for a drive out to Raglan.  It was so nice to get some fresh sea air into my lungs!  The sea was stormy and the sky was brewing, it was fantastic!

There was only one guy out trying to surf while others just watched on, probably wondering WHY?

Manu Bay looked grand, all wind blown and rugged. 

 Perfect weather for Kite Surfers.

How I would like to have been staying in one of the very quaint baches along this part of the beach, they look so cosy nestled together.

A Wind Surfer raced with a Kite Surfer.

Of course we went to the wharf.  I love that people were out and about fishing, shopping, or just wandering about like us.  It is what Raglan is all about, just enjoying the place!

Sea-gulls chillin' in the breeze.

Back home in the shelter of my garden in a new to me dress that I got off trade me.  The garden is full of flowering Chinese Anenomies at the moment in white and lavender.

Colours curtosey of Mother N!

On Friday, yes Friday because we are going backwards remember, I did my morning stint at Hospice.  Sorting boxes of brica brac for the shop.  I purchased all of this haberdashery.  Then I was asked if I wanted to sort more Haberdashery at home, like hello? Of Course!  I filled up the car and sorted it so fast that afternoon I was able to return two boxes of sorted, bagged and ready to be priced stuff.  They were stoked!  I did some more today that I will take back on Friday this week.

Think Oscar has won this round.
Sheba isn't bothered.


Angels have Red Hair said...

Go Oscar ... everyone knows cats like to play evil games with your head ;0)

Julie said...

Oh Sue I sure did laugh at Oscar &
Tex's little battle going on there - you have summed it up perfectly.
Oh & by the way .... I can come & help you "sort" the haby anytime :-). We could save ourselves some time & fussing & just plonk it all in my car boot.

Poppy Q said...

Hahaha Tex and Oscar did make me smile. Miss Pops will play that game with me to, If I am on the bed, she will want to sit where I am sitting and then if I move to the couch, she will follow and the minute I go to the loo, she will sneak up to where I was sitting.

Beth Waltz said...

Be grateful, Sue, that ol' Tex is too economical with his energy supply to declare an all out war with lil' Oscar. Think what could happen to your pretty yard swing pillows!

A very nice haul of haberdashery: the cow tea towel is a keeper for the breakfast tray.

Fiona said...

Animals! They're so contrary.
Look at all that ric-rac for $2...squee! x

Curtise said...

Oh that's so funny - Tex is tormenting poor Oscar on purpose, isn't he?
Love the new frock, and the photos of Raglan - one day, in my dotage probably, I'm going to live near the sea.
Glad you're enjoying your time in the hospice shop, and how kind of you to sort all that haberdashery at home - you're a good egg, Sue! xxx

Vix said...

Those animal photos are hilarious!
I'd love to have a rummage through your sewing bits! xxx

Leeanne said...

The battle of cat and dog!! Who will win?? Good old rugged Raglan.
Must be tricky to sort the Opshop goodies and have some to take back!

Goody said...

Oh, poor Oscar. Cats can be such bullies.

Love your new dress, and your garden is still looking like the height of Summer. I planted out my early crops today (peas, spinach, that sort of thing).

I thought of you last weekend-bought two items with polka dots.

Raewyn said...

Oh pet wars!!! One of our cats blocks the stairs so that the dog cant go up....or down!! Love your photos of your blustery day out at Raglan. Bet that visit blew some cobwebs away!

peaches mcginty said...

Pets wind each other up so much! Poor Oscar! it did make me chuckle though (sorry Oscar!)
The windy waves though! it's like Point Break, I may have chanced a paddle and got my big toe wet, brave dude for surfing! you are gorgeous Missus, love the dress! and sorting haberdashery is something I would love, that stuff is like instant happy! x x x

Connie said...

In a game of cat and dog, the cat almost always wins. Especially a cat named Tex! Oh I do love a good storm. Such a cute dress, Sue!

Shawna McComber said...

It's so fun watching animals play games like that. Cats are typical instigators. I once had two cats who were siblings. One was a gentle giant with loads of long fur and his sister was an absolute monkey. She would try to get him to vacate a prime spot by licking all of his fur backwards. He looked hilarious but he always refused to budge so eventually she would give up and then he would share the good spot with her.

Your new dress looks great on you! You really suit the bold bright colours.

You live in such a beautiful part of the world and I always love the beach photos. xoxoxo