Sunday, 15 March 2015

This could well mean Summer really is over

Last week was a busy little week with work, car warrants, car registrations, visitors, and such things.  It blasted past faster than that dude Bolt.  Next thing it was Friday!  So a morning at Hospice was nailed and then I went out for lunch with my lovely friend Rose at Cinnamon and I can totally recommend this place as the food is so divine.  By the time I got home TOF was back from Auckland.  After dinner we went into town.

We parked the car and wandered up to a paved area near the Museum to await some entertainment.  Friday is quite busy so people watching happened while we waited and there were plenty of sights.

There is a Fringe Festival happening at the moment and I wanted to go listen to Sambatron, I have seen them before at a Hispanic festival and their sound is fantastic.   Foot tapping stuff at the very least!!

It didn't take long for people to stop and get their groove on.  Such happy music from drums, whistles and bell things.  The festival is on for a week and I am sure there will be other things I will go to during the week.  Not sure if TOF will come to any of the weekend things even tho' he liked Sambatron.

While Tex enjoyed the comfort of his newly added Sheepskin to his bed over the weekend we busied ourselves with dumping more garden rubbish and generally tidying up the back yard.  TOF and I also did some catch up viewing of things we had recorded like a really good series called Gallipoli.

Plants are starting to change colour in the garden like my gorgeous Blue Hydrangea which still looks lovely with it's new colours coming through.

My Perennial Petunias are still flowering and surviving 
which is good news.

 I saw the owner of this Web yesterday,

TOF picked our peaches, not a big crop so we have been chowing down on the delights of organically grown Peaches.

And the Vardon Aquatic has now closed for the year.  Taking our little pool down symbolises the end of Summer for me.  It is still warm but not really swimming pool weather.  So we have cleaned our little pool, dried it off in the warmth today and now it is all packed away until next year.

This afternoon the sky dulled and the wind picked up.  We are due to get the left over effects of Cyclone Pam that has devastated Vanuatu.  Being inland here in Hamilton we will be fine, but we have taken down our outdoor umbrellas and made sure things are secure as we will get some wind.

Borrowed this picture of the Internet to show you Pam.  Pretty sure we will be fine here, people on the coast have been warned and hopefully are prepared.

Now we need a laugh

Yes I have these skills!!!


Connie said...

I just love the change of seasons.

Fiona said...

It's not all bad news....if your summer is ending, ours is not that far away. x

Beth Waltz said...

How very thoughtful of you, Sue, to lure ol' Tex into his own bed with a lushy skin! No doubt Oscar appreciates the success of this strategy...

Do like the look of the Fringe Festival! Love sambas, street food and people-watching! And how nice that you and TOF could enjoy a night on the town after the bitter-sweet work of tucking away summer while admiring the flowers and fruits of fall.

Vix said...

That fringe festival looks great fun.
Tex looks very snuggly in his sheepskin bedding and those peaches look wonderful. That's when I know summer is here, eating juicy peaches and nectarines...yum! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather ... it can't come soon enough :0)

Curtise said...

Bet the festival was really good fun. Tex loves that sheepskin, doesn't he? Crochet blankets have the same effect on our mogs, they love paddling around on them before settling down. Gorgeous shots of the garden, and mmm, fresh peaches, delicious. xxx

Goody said...

I promise to take good care of summer for you, and return it promptly September-ish. We had a freakishly warm day today (80 degrees F.)but I'm hoping that will regulate back to typical spring weather.

No surfing in the cyclone waves, OK? Hope you have a great week.

Julie said...

Really ready to see autumn arrive now Sue - am over the dry summer. Those peaches look delicious, I was given some & have been stewing them. Have a great week :-)

Leeanne said...

yes another week GONE!! Your peaches do look yummy.Wohooo....winter is on it's way!

peaches mcginty said...

I got them skills too! and the catching my sleeves on door handles skills hehe! samba music is fab, it really does make you move - changing seasons is a lovely time, I know we are ready here. Hurricane Pam is scary, I hope everything is fine *fingers crossed* x x x