Sunday, 22 March 2015

It's all about being Happy!!

Saturday morning at some ungodly hour TOF left to go fishing for the day.  When I got up the weather was so lovely that I thought 'what the hell, I'm going to the beach'.  

So I did!!

I stopped at Waihi to visit a shop my sister had told me I needed to check out.  I happened to park outside the cutest old church.  On a corner of the main street is the lovely old Rob Roy Hotel.  Waihi is an old mining town so dotted with lovely old buildings to drool over.

The shop I just had to go to is called Gevadi and as Helen put it, 'I died and went to Heaven'.  An explosion of all things colourful was waiting for me inside.  The owner is the most gorgeous friendly lady, who travels overseas to buy stock and normally just sells at markets but she put down some roots in Waihi for the Summer.  She lives in her house truck out the back of the shop she has rented, so very cool.

I purchased a lovely shawl/scarf/snood thing in lovely stripes and the healing hand necklace.  Really good prices and just so much to take in, making me walk around the shop at least twice.  She is only going to be there until Easter then she is off enjoying her free spirited life style.  I think the odds are stacked very high for me to have another visit.

This is the first sighting of the ocean that you get to see when heading out of Waihi to Whangamata.  I actually took this photo on my journey home.  This is also the beginning of the two windy hills that have made many a traveler car sick. In fact I made poor wee Oscar sick when he came to the beach with me last time on those bloody hills.

Of course I headed straight for the shop Helen manages. She didn't know I was coming over so it was a good surprise.  I also had stock for the shop from her boss.

I bought the felt purse from Glamour for my little camera to live in and the yummy yum necklace from a shop down the road called Coconut Gallery.

Across the road I wandered to Garuda, a favourite shop of mine where I bought the coolest pair of pants and some Tibetan bells that have the most divine chime.

How awesome is my necklace??

Whangamata Beach just how I like it,

When I got back home I had a play with my scarf/shawl/snood thing, and I like it!!  Endless possibilities especially for Winter.

TOF had a successful day fishing and spent the morning filleting his catch and smoking a lovely Kahawai which we snacked on round the middle of the day, yumo!!  He was actually about to evict the girls out of his strawberry patch when I took this photo.

Left to right, Denuce, Mrs Wickham and Autumn, and Cassie back on.

 Aggie, Mrs Potts and Coral.
Aretha popped off the other day, she hadn't been too well,
and Oprah was being camera shy.

 Someone was super happy to have TOF home.

The Passion fruit is continuing to provide likewise the Blackberry.

 Oscar just looking adorable.
Smelly but adorable.

The scruffiest Blackbird lives in my garden,
he looks like the morning after the night before.
Maybe he went to the Spares flat warming party?

Loads of fluffy fat Sparrows live in the garden too,
all hanging out in the trees down the back.

It's dark outside now so the weekend is all but over. 
Another lovely weekend of enjoying life'
keeping it simple,
being happy.

Words of Wisdom
bought to you by
three good dudes.



Beth Waltz said...

That shawl-snood-thingy is a gem! So are the Garuda pants and the Hand of Fatima necklace, both clearly washed up especially for you to find on the best beach for shopping in NZ.

Nice to see the flock in action, even 'tho prompted by TOF. (My condolences on the old lady who flew to the clouds -- we had a pet RI Red that lived to be 15, and she was missed.) And, yes, I do talk to the regulars at the bird feeder. Can't understand people who think birds have no personalities.

Helga said...

Gevadi looks bloody awesome! I adore your hand pendant, I have a bit of a thing for hands. I have a lovely pair of hand earrigns and a hand locket pendant I got in Mexico one time. Must wear them!
The Rob Roy Hotel is the MOST gorgeous building!
You are so good at being spontaneous and getting out there...I'm getting so lazy, it's all I can do to go around the corner to the local opshop sometimes!

Curtise said...

Lots to enjoy here, from your fab purchases to the spectacular views, the pets and the birds, and you looking so pretty with your hair up! xxx

Connie said...

It's so much fun hanging around with you, Sue.

Goody said...

Like Helga, I too have a thing for hands (especially when they look like they're reaching down my shirt for a feel ;)
-You know I would wear that on a much longer chain because I'm terrible that way.

I would have barfed five times on the way to that beach.

Your birdie does look a bit worse for wear-perhaps the girls were giving him a rough time? The new camera bag is adorable too.

Great pants-the coulour, the cut-just so vibrant and fun.

Hope you have a great week.

Julie said...

Great post Sue - love all your new purchases, that shop look well worth a visit. Most of all I just adore all the verses at the end, all so very damned true & all pretty much saying the same thing. And you just gotta love Captain Jack Sparrow !!!!!

Leeanne said...

Looks a good trip over to your favourite getaway to clean out some shops over there! It was nice to meet all your 'girls'. I like Johnny Depps saying best.

Vix said...

Gevadi looks fantastic, I wonder if I've met in India? Your pendant is gorgeous.
I'm singing that Pharrel Williams song now! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well that looks like a perfect way to spend a weekend :0)

Shawna McComber said...

Oh the shawl/scarf/snood is fantastic and you look so pretty in it! Actually you look pretty anyway and the shaw;/scarf/snood is just lucky to decorate you. Happiness is great, isn't it? It's the only way to be. Thank you for sharing your bits of sunshine. xoxoxo

freckleface said...

I just love all the names of the towns where you are. The Dalai Lama, what a human being. Sparrows are lovely creatures. Xxx