Friday, 20 March 2015

Perfectly happy not being perfect!

The temperature has dropped slightly so some carefully layering has been taking place of late.  We have been experiencing cooler mornings, warming up to border line HOT then cooling off again in the evening.  Pretty sure Autumn is very near by, and I do love Autumn.

Thanks for all your lovely positive comments on the top I made, I cut the pattern off this one I am wearing. Time to add skirts and light weight jackets to a favourite black and white.  Just after I took these photos I dropped my little old faithful handbag sized camera and it wouldn't work. POOH!!

After a quick consultation with Google I discovered one of the big retail stores had a one day special on a couple of their small cameras.  So off I went and came home with this camera but in black, even tho' I said yes please to RED.  Never mind, it's only a camera.  Oh and this kettle and matching toaster have been tempting me for months, so I thought what the hell, why not.  Such a cool mint colour.

I have been after one of these gorgeous old Bournvita Mugs forever.   Finally I found one in my price range so I hit the buy now on the auction on trade me.  I basically picked it up for half the price they normal go for.  They are called 'Sweet Dreams' and made back in the late 40's early 50's.

It has made it's way onto the top shelf in my new to me cabinet, where my treasures live.  See the PINK flower?  That is the very coolest clock that my dad gave me when I was quite young, and it still keeps time.

TOF's car collection gets the third shelf and then my Happy Hens and Piggy banks live on the bottom shelf.  I think it is safe to say there is not a lot of spaces left.

Today I slept in I suppose because I was so snugly and warm in my bed.  But when I did crawl out the sun was out and the day was full of promise, and a cool breeze.

Cool breeze aside, I found some lovely things.  The pot is a Morris & James, which is made in NZ and retail at quite a price.  Mine was only $7.50 and quite possibly get planted over the weekend. In the same shop I found a nice piece of Tapestry fabric, rick rak, brodery anglaise lace and colourful trim, all 50c each, a pretty silk square and a string of Camels, beads, and pom poms.

The straw market basket was brand new and I love these, then at another shop I found the cute little Hermes bag with a wee coin purse inside, for $2.

Something else I need to do over the weekend is trim the shrub above Texs chair.  It is a wonder he can even get in to the spot.  Luckily there are other favourite spots for him outside to rest in.

Time to play with my new little camera in the garden.

I love Pink and Purple in my garden, did you notice?

 This is how flowers see the world.

The coolness of the evening set in and you can tell by how Sheba is tightly curled up on the couch.

No words of wisdom today but a classic old photo 
sent to me by my old friend Leonie. 

My sister Helen, Jane, Leonie and me, taken on our Confirmation day back in the early 70's. I remember this day vividly as after it we were allowed to decide if we wanted to continue to attend Church.  I have nothing against Church and religion but it's justnot for me and I do not believe that attending makes you any better than anyone else.  Like standing in a garage doesn't make you a car.  I think we are all entitled to believe in our own things and I am perfectly happy believing in myself and life.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Beth Waltz said...

This multiple topic post has more nutrition in it than a multi-vitamin! The bold black and white print paired with the frilly skirt, the soft swirly print tunic over the luxe harem pants; then the museum of design worthy kettle and mug, and snaps of ol' Tex demonstrating power napping...all are cheering to the soul after a quick review of the day's dismal news.

My mum gave me a very used upright desk with attached bookcase when I was a kid. Like your pink flower clock, Sue, it still works albeit as a storage unit. And, yes, there's very little display space left behind the glass doors! The oldest item is a glazed chalk figure of an Indian chief - my reward for sitting still for my first haircut.

Vix said...

That tunic is fab, we're both gravitating towards black and white this week, aren't we?
Love the Bournvita mug and your new pot, can't wait to see that planted up.
Have a fab weekend. xx

Shawna McComber said...

Standing in a garage doesn't make you a car! I love that!! You look perfectly perfect to me in your black and white outfit and that colourful tunic with the bloomers/cropped pants. Such Sue outfits and I just love them! xoxo

Leeanne said...

I like your standing in a Garage doesn't make you a car statement.
You really do the layering of clothes so well, maybe I need a lesson or two when I come for that cuppa!

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Wish it would start cooiling down here Sue! Love your Sheba all curled up on the couch. Your outfits are fab you wear them so well. I can't get layers to work either. Maybe in winter I will try more. Loving that last photo, look at you shyly peeking out there. Loved the 70's and yes wasn't it just yesterday? cheers Wendy

Goody said...

What fun it would be to go through your shelves of collectibles and sentimental objects to hear all the stories.

I dig those harem pants. Did I Dream of Jeannie make it onto television in NZ? I looked for the genie bottle on your shelf, but didn't spot one.

The Confirmation photo is an interesting study in all the different hemlines that were around in the early 70's.

Marja said...

"like standing in a garage doesn't make you a car" I can't stop laughing. That's so funny and so true. I am completely with you. I adore that top you wear when taking a picture in the mirrow. I love that bournvita mug gorgeous and all the other stuff you go like the babushka's I had a realy nice set. My husband gave them away I remember. Cool post

darkelady said...

Just wamted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I love your posts about your treasures and the garden and your pets.

I have a Happy Hen that I found in a thrift store. When I turned it over and saw it was made in New Zealand, I was thrilled to think it made it all the way to the United States. It is one of my prized treasure.

janzi said...

I just adore the way you write and I will be back again and again... lovely sharing this morning when you went out whilst your better half fished.. and then to make a meal of his efforts, well that sounds just like a little bit of paradise... deep in the middle of England, those pictures warmed up a dull day...although the sun has appeared just now,it was so nice to read your day..thanks for sharing, just a few lines from across the world.... J

Curtise said...

Looking gorgeous in monochrome and tulle, Sue! I love seeing your collections of treasures, those flower photos are stunning, and the confirmation pic made me chuckle - you lot don't look very happy, do you?! xxx