Monday, 16 March 2015

New tradition in our house.

Now that the Spare has gone flatting he decided we should all get together every Sunday evening for dinner.  So far so good.  A roast, excellent idea.  Provided and cooked by TOF, still loving it.  So last night the Heir and the Spare joined us for a Sunday Roast.  I like the idea of catching up once a week, but if things change I will be fine with that too.  I am one of those mothers that understands that my lads are GROWING UP and do not require us in their lives on a daily basis.  I don't ever want them to feel that they 'HAVE' to visit us, as in a duty call.  I want them to come round home because they want to and enjoy being with us.

Yeah, there's all my lads on the couch together, chilling after dinner with the dogs.  I think I am going to love this new family tradition while it lasts.  Nothing lasts forever, so I say enjoy it while you can.  I like to have an open door policy here, both have front door keys and know they do not need to make an appointment to visit.  I am not the QUEEN!

This is Sheba on Monday mornings when TOF has left for another week away with work, then when the Heir gets home from work (remember he has moved home while looking for another flat, that he hasn't started to look for as yet), she is suddenly over missing Dad.

Speaking of the Heir, this is what I threw together with some Rump Steak for our dinner.  Lets not tell TOF that I cook while he is away!

You may or may not have noticed this in the family photo, well it is a few of my favourite pics I took last year made into a collage poster.  I have to admit I am pretty chuffed with it.

Because tomorrow is St Patrick's Day I did some baking this afternoon for the lads at work.  Guess what colour it is??  Shall reveal it tomorrow and let you know the response I get.

For my lads:



Goody said...

I spy a flip-off!

Love the idea of a Sunday meal together that is an enjoyment, not an obligation.

Vix said...

Nah, Sheba's the queen in your house!

peaches mcginty said...

I think the Sunday Roast a brilliant idea! I just love it, it gives the kids a chance to chill and eat and we get to fuss over them - I've always said we'd do it too, can't beat food and family. Although I have never had a key to my parents house haha! probably a good idea! Sheba is such a happy dog and rump steak! I'm coming round x x x

Leeanne said...

I like your new family tradition and the fact that you are flexible for they do happen! Cool photo collage. Green baking, I guess I can wait til tomorrow!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I hope I have a family tradition like that when my boys move out ... if they move out ... they've got it awfully good here at home ;0)

Raewyn said...

Love it Sue - we spend our time bringing our kids up to be independent little people, making their own decisions but still find it hard when they all leave home to continue on being independent big people making their own decisions!! Wish ours all lived a little closer:-)

Fiona said...

I agree with Vix.
You can't beat a roast dinner at your mum's. x

Helga said...

I went to my parents every week for dinner after I left home until I moved to NZ. Gawd knows I couldn't cook worth a damn back then! I love having my fortnightly vege night, that's where my teensy mumsy qualities are satisfied!