Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Remember to eat your greens!!

So the baking, the baking for the lads at work, well of course it was GREEN!!  St Paddies day and all, and I don't own a lot of clothing in green in fact only a jacket and a pair of shoes, which I didn't even wear.

As my very own Irishman  is out of town with work, (yes TOF is Irish, born in Belfast and moved to NZ when he was 4), he didn't get any of my St Paddies baking.  Green Chocolate Chip Biscuits!!

Of course the lads at work loved them.  A couple asked if they had an 'special' ingredients in them because they were green, but we all know 'special' baking is not for work.  Next time I am going to make them peppermint flavoured, because they will be made again.

Last night, at 10:30pm to be  precise, I decided to do some sewing.  I cut a pattern off a top I like and sewed this colourful little bugger together in less than an hour!! Got to love an over locker.

Obviously such a success in the sewing room needed to be worn today.  I have two more ready to throw together maybe tonight but maybe not quite so late.  Perfect for all year round as things can go under it and over it!!

After work I went out to visit Dawn on her new 5 acre plot that they are building a new home on.  She had these lovely creations to show me.  I love these huge faces, both already have homes but she will be making more. They are an indoor artwork because she paints them not glaze.

This is going to be the view from her kitchen window, one of many beautiful scenic pictures to look out at.

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Vix said...

Your tunic is gorgeous, love the print. It looks ace on.
I'm always in awe of Dawn's pottery.
Those biscuits are positively neon! x

Goody said...

You have a gift for sewing-that is a beauty! Of course I approve of the trim as well. I'm surprised you don't wear green much, you have the right hair and complexion for it.

Dawn's pottery people have such sweet faces.

I made a soda bread yesterday, but that was the extent of my holiday baking. Tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day, which means ricotta filled cream-puff pastries at our house.

Fiona said...

Green biscuits! I'm sure they taste great but they look radioactive. Loving the frock, the print is divoon (as Helga would say) as is of course, the pom-pom trim. Btw have you gone more blonde?

Julie said...

I'll bet they scoffed those biscuits down no matter what colour they were Sue. Your new top is gorgeous ... LOVE the bobble trim round the neck line. Yes I love my overlocker too :-)

Curtise said...

That frock is fab! Bright and gorgeous, just like you!
I don't think anyone here dresses up in green for St Patrick's Day, unless I'm missing something... which is perfectly possible!
Wow, those cookies are very VERY green! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The floral print is sensational, Sue, but my eye is drawn to the sleek line of the leggin's and those bright shoes. A properly polished look when combined with the black cardi -- layering works!

A local ethnic eatery provided its staff with green Mardi Gras beads for the holiday. Conversation revealed they're a little shaky on their theology but all in favor of any saint who scares away snakes... Your minty green chocolate chip cookies would have been delicious with the Pad Thai.

Helga said...

Pom pom love! Great bit of sewing there love, that style of frock is super scrummy and comfy, and a breeze to whip up!
Did the boys get hyper off all that food colouring?! Ha! Being 1/4 Irish, I should get excited, but I generally can't stand the ruckus St Paddys day creates!

Leeanne said...

Awesome tunic!.............not so sure about the green biscuits, they remind me of when Watties bought out green tomato sauce and kids just had to have it!

Raewyn said...

Love the look of those green bikkies! One daughter used to refuse to eat the green eggs we used to get so wonder how she would have responded to these!! Great sewing - and the pom-poms are a gorgeous touch!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I always feel most creative late at night ... and usually regret it the next morning when I've got to get up ... but at least you had a fabulous tunic to help ease the pain ;0)
Those biscuits look just perfect for St Patricks Day ... to be sure, to be sure.