Thursday, 16 April 2015

That inbetween season dilemma.

Today was nothing short of lovely, sunny, clear blue skies, and a slight breeze that was cool.  So welcome after a couple of days of freezing my tits off and getting wet!!  But the dilemma at this time of the year is how to dress.  Yes, dressing for the season is awkward!!!

I started the day with a cardy over my double layer dresses and boots.

But by the middle of the day the cardy was ditched!

My hair stayed up and the
boots got the boot
when I got home.

Look what I found Oscar at the SPCA Op Shop,
he is stoked!!!

 I also found
Nun Bowling.
 Might have to play this at work!!

Last night while checking Trade Me on the internet I found the above cane furniture.  Two seat couch, two chair and coffee table, all in fabulous condition with good squabs on the seats.  It was listed for starting bid of $60 or buy now of $80.  Why wait, I hit the buy now and picked it up this afternoon, took me two trips tho'.

I changed everything on the deck to accommodate the new furniture.  Lots of stuff landed on the trailer and I moved my plants into their Winter positions.

We get hearty frosts in Hamilton so some of the plants need to be in more protected spots or I will loose them to frost bite!!  The cane furniture is super comfortable and so nice on a sunny day like today as the deck is quite sheltered.  I would like to get some of those roll up and down plastic screens for the edge for Winter, make it more water proof.  Best I look on Trade Me!

 Told you it was Comfy.

Learned a new word so thought I should share it:


Leeanne said...

Boot envy my friend!............nice new set up for the porch. 'Focus' could be handy from time to time :-)

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That's a really cool suite! I'm gonna check out tomorrer! ;-D

Beth Waltz said...

Those boots are made for stylin'! And cute coats are made for cute little dogs -- he does appear to be pleased with his appearance!

Screens are an excellent idea, Sue. Here in the more tropical States we also use bamboo curtains and roll-ups -- cheaper and they do the job. Some artistic types paint scenes upon them.

Goody said...

If you play too much nun bowling it becomes habit forming.

Be getting my hat now.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'd love to take a seat on your gorgeous sunny deck ... good on Oscar, he's a good sport :0)

Raewyn said...

Ohh, Trademe has been my friend lately too! Love those boots - plus Oscar's too-flash-for-words outfit! Hehe Focus sounds like a great word to stow away for the right occasion :-)