Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I have a new favourite thing!

I love a long weekend and last weekend was a four day one, Easter.  Yeah there was a little bit of eating chocolate, and there was some eating of hot cross bun toast, but there was also other things.


The very sweet little Giselle (my friends grand daughter) turned two and it was a Frozen Party.  I was tempted to arrive with some frozen peas but went with the real theme and got a Frozen game.  She is such a cutie, and I seriously have my order in for a grand daughter one day, girls are so cute!

I finally got around to watching the first two seasons of 'Game of Thrones' and I  love it!!  Totally hooked, in fact I have just bought season three off trade me.  I so get why people are obsessed with this, it is my new favourite thing!!

TOF managed to get home on Monday for a couple of hours but I had to fight to get near him, Sheba is very persistent and usually wins!!!

Then he was gone again and the dogs just didn't get it!  

Yesterday I went to Morrinsville with the Heir who had a thing to do, so while he did his thing I did mine.  Op Shops!!

Everything but the Gerber plants came from the Hospice shop that has moved to a side street but I still found it, thanks to a local.  The wooden step ladder was only $5, I know, bargain!  The plants are from another plant lady that sells on Trade Me and need to be re potted.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.

Like my place to share Tex's food.


Fiona said...

Giselle is very pretty in her Frozen costume isn't she? At that age they are usually more interested with the box than the gift within it. Great score on the step ladder, do I spy a wombat halfway up it? x

Vix said...

What a pretty little girl!
I love the stepladders, I can't resist them either. You and ToF look very sweet all snuggled up together. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hope the kiddies were well behaved! ;-D I've seen the first 2 seasons, keep trying to watch the 3rd, then get distracted and forget about it, then forget what happened so start watching it again, done that twice now, got half way through and forgot again! Sigh! Winters ahead, need a GoT marathon :D

Julie said...

Hi Sue. little Giselle is just adorable - what a sweet wee thing she is. My sons are both hooked on Game of Thrones but I havent watched it yet. Good scores in the Morrinsville Oppies there Sue.

Beth Waltz said...

That wispy black top with the feature panel is interesting! Hope we'll see it worn soon.

Poor dogs. At least they had a chance to share TOF with you for a few hours. (Did ol' Tex doze through the visit?)

Angels have Red Hair said...

I keep hearing good things about Game of Thrones but haven't watched it yet .... I'll have to look out for them.
Poor Sheba ... absence makes the heart grow fonder :0)

Goody said...

Two is the perfect age for a child-they're small enough to simply lift and take them where they need to go (or leave depending on behaviour) and they're asleep by seven. Giselle looks to be having a wonderful time at her party.

Wombat! You know how I love wombats. Did you name him/her?

Curtise said...

Giselle is a cutie pie!
It's so funny that you have to fight Sheba for a cuddle with TOF! The dogs do love him, don't they? Looking very sultry in that selfie, Sue - TOF will be wanting to get back to you as soon as poss! xxx