Friday, 10 April 2015

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Watch this video.

If you are as old as me
you will remember this song.

Well yes thank god it's Friday! Why does a long weekend followed by a short week always seem longer??  Maybe because I worked today and didn't get to laze in bed with the paper and a hot cuppa while everyone else was hurrying off to work.  What ever, it is finally the weekend, hell yeah!!

So before Friday of course there were other days like

I called into the Hospice shop on my way home from work to tell them I wouldn't be there today because I was working and I found the quilted wall hanging just hanging about waiting to be bought.  At $8 and being of the chicken theme I grabbed it.  The very cool wooden temple I got off Trade Me on the weekend and forgot to do a show and tell, so here it is, show and tell.  Has frosted glass in the sides and it is pretty fabulous.

All dressed in layers of Blue but not at all feeling Blue and about to take on the Supermarket shopping during the school holidays!!!  My timing was perfect, the kiddie winkles must have all been at the Mall or the Movies across the road, nailed it.

With the odd bit of rain I have lawn again!!  My garden is lacking in colour at the moment but it is definitely GREEN.

I lied, I found some colour, the Fairy door and some flowers, and me.

Well spotted to those that found the wombat sitting on the ladder in my last post.  This is Shebas new toy called Baby and she hasn't de-stuffed as yet which is something of a miracle.

Today after work I popped into the shops in Frankton.  There is a great little recycled clothing shop there and the woman gets in some pretty good stuff, and prices are reasonable.  The mossy green cape is a blend of Merino and Possum with a pinch as in 10% nylon.  So nice and perfect for the Winter that is getting nearer by the day.  The Hand of Fatima necklace was from the same shop.  The Jacket actually was waiting for me when I got home, another Trade Me purchase.  The fishy thing is another Splashy pottery piece, a loo paper holder.

Today it rained off and on all day but it still wasn't cold, but light weight layering was going on.  Loving my new pants, the lads at work think I have swag.  I'm like, yeah I got me some Swag alright, watch me swag.

The remnants of the rain looked pretty in the garden.  See I did lie, there is a bit of colour still hanging in there.

I snuck out and bought some indoor plants today.  Obviously it has been a while since I have done this because my word the prices have gone up.  Anyway my $22 fern does look super bloody duper in my old pot doesn't it.  Something as lovely and old as that needed a worthy and fitting plant.

Baby house plants for my spotty cups and saucer that I no longer use.

Might take a couple to work to sit on my reception counter.

Look who called in tonight to kill a few hours.  Kind of like a SuesDay at night so I guess that makes it into a SuesNightDay.  I made her a cheese and onion toasted sandwich and a cuppa because I am like that.

Happy weekend all!!


Beth Waltz said...

What color you see lacking in that green garden is found in abundance in your glorious new outfits! The scarlet top is perfect for the harem pants! You're the bluebird of happiness in the indigo float! And are those mink fluffs on the lush mossy green cape!? Very posh indeed -- but keep an eye on ol' Tex while wearin it.

You're right about house plant prices, Sue. Back to starting babies in the sandy mix stuff? A friend of mine used to 'adopt' sproutlets from office plants: once snagged a nice one while riding down an escalator in a landscaped mall.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I should have stayed at yours! Driving home was going so well then we got into the country, ie no lights and the heavens opened! Horizontal rain blocking out everything, couldn't bloody see and had to pull over for a while until it eased off! reckon my top speed all the way home was about 50ks lol! Good job there was hardly anyone around ;-D

Vix said...

What fab outfits and great finds! I love that little cupboard, it looks rather like a food safe to me but would make an ace jewellery store.
The plants are looking lush! x

Curtise said...

Love seeing you in that deep blue with your hair up, Sue, and then you look all kinds of fabulous in red and bonkers pants! Swagalicious!
The plants look great in the polka dot cups and saucers, and a toastie and a cuppa with a good mate sounds just perfect! xxx

Curtise said...

Forgot to say - man, I haven't heard that song in YEARS! I am indeed old enough to remember it, so thanks for that! xxx

Raewyn said...

Nice to have a catchup read of what you've been up to :-) O wow that video!!!! Love your blue outfit and swirls in it! And your chooky hanging, of course it will be right at home in your place. Good to see you are getting a little rain and there's still a bit of colour to be found in the garden... we have colour but beggar all rain, sigh.

Julie said...

Great post Sue - yes I would've bought that chickie wallhanging home too :-)
Our lawn has greened up again - its great how you suddenly notice its gone from brown to green. That old pot you have your new fern in ... Oh be still my beating heart ... it is just gooorrgeous. I shall give you a pot of babies tears plant next time I see you to pop in a cup too - its great indoors over winter. Have a great weekend x0x

Goody said...

What a coincidence-we bought a fern this week also. My junior botanist over here tells me that the white spots on the underside are spores. Ferns grow from spores? How did I get to my age and not know that? Good thing he told me, I might have binned it!

Your swaggy trousers are very cool looking, and I'm intrigued by possum fur as a material to weave/knit with. To the best of my knowledge I've never run across it.

Leeanne said...

Holy smoke you lawn has greened up so much since I was there last week! Nice new fern in the lovely old pot. Your layering always looks fab! I hope you have been having a happy weekend.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well at least you're gorgeous and colourful … even if your garden's going through a more subdued period. You need a few autumn trees … think of the colour you'd have then :0)