Tuesday, 14 April 2015

While TOF is away the Chickens will play!

A weekend of mixed bag weather is what we had.  Sunny, warm, then wet and cold.  Guess that is Autumn for you.  But I think it is nearly time to pack away the summer clothes and reunite myself with my Winter Wardrobe!!  In fact I wore boots and socks to work today after a quick scratch around in the top cupboard to unearth a pair of suitable wintery shoes.

Speaking of scratching about, I let the girls into TOFs sacred Vege garden now that most of his crops are finished.  I covered his broccoli and other greens with a netting cloche so they were safe and picked a good bunch of Chillies.

Beautiful hot red Chillies that now need to be turned into something wonderful.  Thanks to a bit of googling I have found a chilli sauce recipe,  so this week these will be turned into sauce.

I discovered I have other lovely red things in my garden.

I love being able to line dry my washing in sunshine, and it added colour to the back yard while it was out there.  I miss doing this in winter, sunshine makes the laundry seem fresher.

Sunday afternoon I drove out to visit Sue W for a cup of tea.  This is her dog Max, such a hard case wee dog, a real little snuggler.

This arrived on Monday morning and needless to say I have watched the entire season over the last two afternoons and evenings.  So very very good, like having a book you cannot put down.  Now I have to try to find Season four.

Getting out of bed in the morning is getting a little harder now that it is getting cooler.  These three are not pleased when we have to vacate the warmth of the bed!

The Temple is in place and housing a baby house plant of course!!

 Mother Nature you fabulous woman your creations are the best!!

Thinking of getting him a DO NOT DISTURB sign.

TOF is home tomorrow for a little while which will be good.  He hasn't finished the job in Auckland just the part they were working on.  At least we get him home for a few days, he is so over being up there.

It is currently only 7* C and going down to 4 over night, time for that extra blanket on the bed.  Two of the lads at work already have the sniffles, they would have me believe it is the beginning of the dreaded Man Flu but I know it is just the sniffles!!


Beth Waltz said...

The little (teak?) temple is a perfect roost for a plant. And is the plant a perlago-whatzit? Scented geranium? You have such wonderful scarlet geraniums, Sue!

It's a cool spring morning here in the States, and like you, I'm scrabbling around in the corners of the closet looking for footwear. Somewhere there's a pair of Chinese flats with straps like your blue ones...

Tummy nuzzles to all the furry bedwarmers! And I can hear the girls cackling even over here!

Poppy Q said...

Chilly here in Wellington too. We have got all the winter bankies on the bed already and the electric blanket and the heater are on.

Am in the process of swapping over the summer to winter clothes too. Time to air out the merinos and check for moth holes.

Keep warm and toasty.

Julie and Poppy Q

Goody said...

I miss hanging out my clothes-the neighbours would have my head if I did (strict rules about such things). I have a drying rack inside, but it just isn't the same.

Beautiful chilies. I can taste the hot sauce already.

"Wear a cat" had me laughing until I was coughing.

Vix said...

As we're on the other side of the world it's just time for us to start drying our clothes on the line now and Jon's giving the lawn the first mow of the year.
Those chillies look wonderful as does your line of washing, so much colour. xxx

Curtise said...

Yes, as Vix says, we're taking the extra blankets off the beds now, I've got a line full of washing, and the cats are loving the garden again after a winter of snuggling on the sofa with us!
Ooh, don't those chillies look amazing? Love 'em! And I do like your dandelion clock photos too, and sleepy Tex is always my favourite boy! xxx xxx

Raewyn said...

Even up here in the north we're talking about the cold!! Oscar-dog has his jersey on this morning! And our bed looks just like yours too :-) Gorgeous colour in the garden.

Angels have Red Hair said...

How in the world do you manage to get any sleep at all with those three visitors hogging the bed??

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

In reply to Goody's comments, I've heard that a lot about not being able to hand out washing in the US, what a truly bizarre ruling, I'd be breaking that rule. Who has the right to tell you that you can't hang washing out. Shakes head in disbelief!

Fiona said...

Your pelargonium and gerbera are a picture, as is Sue's dog's bum!
Here, my perennials are starting to break through the earth, the washing is out, ditto the sun and I've mowed the lawn. Think I must be the only person in the entire universe not to have seen one episode of GOT, I hear it's good tho.