Thursday, 21 May 2015

Serious Shoe love

Hello lovelies, hope life is treating you kindly.  For some reason the days are whizzing past me and I haven't got around to blogging, so tiny catch up coming!

Way back on Sunday TOF and I drove out in the country to visit some good friends of ours.  This is just one of the glorious views they have on their property.  It is so peacefully in the country and Sunday was a glorious day to relax on their deck in the sunshine soaking up the endless green.

Oscar and Sheba came along to have a catch up with their mate Gus, the most adorable big Lab.  They wandered the paddocks with the lads while us gals sipped tea on the deck and chatted.

it's a play date!

The weather this week has been all over the place, so no wonder these three were making the most of being outside in the sunshine on Tuesday.  Monday it was wet and decidedly yuk! But I did take TOF out for lunch as he had a day off work.  We went to the nicest cafe called Mavis and Co.  My work does all their sign writing so it was cool to see it all.  Oh and the food was fabulous, likewise the entire cafe.

Perfect weather for cultivating the 'shrooms!!  This lot were growing in the chicken yard, but gone today, so does this mean the girls are trippin' out down the back yard??  Eggs seem normal!

Yay for SUNSHINE!!

These gorgeous shoes my fab sister got me at one of the op shops over at the beach.  I have worn them for the last three days and I think I am in love!!  Lucky Helen knows my size and what I like, and she only paid $3.50 for a pair of shoes that retail in the hundreds!!

 What, more shoes?

 Dads home and we're gonna tell!!!

A wet Wednesday arrived so I bloody well went for some long overdue 'Wave Envy' and some pom pom trim!!  My entire outfit comes from second hand shops, except my under wear of course, and my long sleeve t.

I gave Oscar  what I call 'A Poof and A Pamper', aka a hair cut and bath.  With his coat gone I had to dig out one of his jerseys, so cute and so warm!

Today turned into Tipping down Thursday, it rained and rained and it is still raining now.  Just hope it isn't tomorrow as a SuesDay is on the to do list.  Mind you it takes more than rain to put me and Mrs W off a SuesDay.

Thinking these three aren't at all bothered by the rain.

Quote time:

How very true.

Just for laughs:

Sounds like a plan!! 


Goody said...

That last one made me laugh-I'd totally do that!

Your sis found you great shoes-I don;t think the pets will tattle-tale.

Trippin' chickens could be a blog title.

Goody said...

First? Hell yeah!

Fiona said...

What a stunning view from your friends' gaff, how lucky you are to have all that space in NZ and so few people to clutter it up. Those shoes look sooo comfy, what a bargain and as your sis bought them they don't count!

Vix said...

I think we're sharing weather, today is the first time it hasn't rained in days.
Gorgeous views and cute pets. Love the new-to-you shoes and obviously the pom poms!
Have fun tomorrow.

Mel Baker said...

Love the shoes - they look very comfy.

Your part of the world is so beautiful, thank you for sharing pictures of it.

Have fun with Mrs. W tomorrow.

Curtise said...

Oh I know how you feel - time whizzes by some weeks and I find myself hopelessly adrift with blog posting and commenting.
Gorgeous waves and outfits and pets and gardens and views, all the things I expect to see in a Sue post!
Enjoy your SuesDay tomorrow. xxx

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Hey Sue looking nice and bright on a dull day. You look great in orange! Love that brolly too and the idea of tripping chooks!! Great photos. I think your dogs have the best life ever. cheers Wendy

Angels have Red Hair said...

It's raining here too .... fingers crossed for a fine weekend :0)

Leeanne said...

Shoes that just go and go with so much!
Watch out for those eggs!!

Beth Waltz said...

So many smiles in today's post -- and the thought of The Girls giggling in the garden made me snigger.

The Shoes! are a marvel, but I'm very curious about that ruffled brolly. Is that a proper brolly, or a Sunday-go-to-meeting parasol?

How wonderful that your dogs get play dates in the country, Sue. I wish I could call in sick and sit in the back seat with them, sniffing the fresh air.

Raewyn said...

Wet or fine, you've managed to fill your week in well! Pouring here this morning, definitely an inside day for us ... hope you and Sue have great fun today :-)