Friday, 8 May 2015

No Doom but a little bit of Gloom.

Have you ever wondered
how the sky sees things when it is
looking down on us?

Yeah probably not, 
just me then?

Yesterday was slightly gloomy and the sky in all it's gloom got to cop a look at these flowers in my garden.  

Bet the sky felt less gloomy.

When the flowers looked up tho'....

...they saw that gloomy sky looking down on them, but they weren't worried, they just kept on being all bright and cheerful. 

Go the flowers!!

So I double flipped the gloomy sky
on behalf of the flowers.
Take that gloomy sky!

The girls were waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday.  When I fed them I found that Oprah had laid a little egg, all efforts are appreciated and she was making a song and a dance out of plopping out her little egg. How lovely do the eggs look on Autumn leaves?

It rained last night and it was still raining this morning,
more gloom you could say.

Well then,
there was only one thing to bust another

*'*'*A SUESDAY*'*'*

I wore big bright flowers.
Me and Sue W stopped in at all our favourite shops and had a second visit to the new huge Hospice store.  I quite like this shop, beautifully set up and almost more like an antique/second hand dealer type of shop  I remember from years back. Back when there was plenty of excellent second hand shops full of reasonably priced things. Pretty sure this will make it on to our permanent list of places to pop in to.
We had a divine lunch at the lovely cafe called Lola in between our shopping.  Thanks Sue, it was very, very nice of you to take me out for lunch.
The absolutely fabulously bright crocheted blanket is brand new and only $15, so of course that came home with me.  Like wise the three necklaces ranging in price from $2.50 - $4.

Inside this gorgeous big needlepoint bag was the small bag and the purse, like a Russian doll, all for $10.

But my best buy had to be this china PIG that is the same size as my Oscar for $8.  Sue did say make sure you keep it away from Sheba.  Within minutes of it being bought inside Sheba who was in Turbo speed to get out the door bowled over the pig and broke both right legs. FAAAARK!! Biatch dog, Bert is going to have to live in a safe spot.  Luckily I had some Super Glue and all is well with Bert, named after Sue Ws pig Bert that she used to have.

With Mothers Day being a happening thing in our part of the world this weekend there are all sorts of special deals on in the shops.  While we were in Bunnings (man store) so Sue could get some wall paper paste I came across this pot and found a plant to go in it.  Tis destined for the reception counter at work. 
*'*'*Have a fabulous weekend*'*'* 


Beth Waltz said...

The loose hair works so well with those bold bright red flowers under that bold bright red topper!

I'm also admiring the dainty details of the starburst pendant -- and the (Gerbera?) flowers in the first photo. What a nice pot you've found for the reception desk! You're wise to provide beauty for your eyes at work, Sue. I used to tape up pretty postcards to study while listening to complaints on the phone. Real flowers are much nicer!

Curtise said...

Fabulous big bold flowers, op shopping with a pal, fresh eggs, a crochet blanket, great jewellery and a pretty vintage bag - nothing gloomy about any of that!
Perhaps Sheba was jealous of Bert? Keep them apart!
Have a great weekend, Sue! xxx

Vix said...

Your non-gloomy post has helped lift my gloomy mood today, Sue.
Love you in red, it really shows off those long locks of yours.
Those petit point bags are a great find. the vintage crowd love them. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I knew that kerazy biartch would break it!! Good ol'e Sheba deeba doo! Cool name, I miss my Bertie :(
Another good day at the oppies, have a great birthday chook xx I'm gonna nick one of your photos...okaaay :D

peaches mcginty said...

Suesday!!!! love you gorgeous gals!! squeezing firm arses and having tonnes of fun looking BEAUTIFUL doing it, I'm a happy woman! Well done Oprah on the egg and poor Sheba and Bert (thank God for Super glue tho, it's magical!) excellent goodies, the blanket is lovely and your amazing trio bag, so pretty - Have a lovely, relaxing Mothers Day and Happy Birthday you foxy babe! x x x

Julie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YOOOUUU SUUUEEE!!! Reading other Sues post ... it IS today I think ??? Hope you have a good one girl. Love your new purchases, I shall have to check out that new Hospice Shop. LOVE the plant in the pot you got at Bunnings :-) So Sorry about Berts 2 broken legs - nothing a bit of super glue cant sort out. Have a great day Sue x0x0x0x0

Goody said...

Oooh, a bag that keeps getting better as you open it! That green bangle of yours is gorgeous.

Happy Birthday, and Mother's Day.

Leeanne said...

hey ya Birthday Gal! Looking snazzy! I hope your special day was.....SPECIAL! I love the brooch.........very pretty. You girls are cleaning out these Oshops too darn well!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Look at you … looking so glamorous for your Suesday out. Poor Bert … but at least the superglue worked … might take more to fix Sheba when you catch up with her ;0)

freckleface said...

Wow, you look amazing in red! Really beautiful. Flowers are one of my favourite things ever. Xxxxx