Sunday, 10 May 2015

Put your feet up, and have some cake.

What a weekend.

My 53rd Birthday was yesterday
and today was Mothers Day.

It has been a lovely couple of days hanging with my boys mostly at home.  I have no issue with getting older, I am happy where I am in life so getting older is not a problem.  I have a  good friend for a hubby, two great sons, lots of lovely friends, my health, and a hearty sense of humor, what else could I possibly want?

My three blokes know me so well that even my gift
was wrapped in spotty paper!

Thanks to them I am going to smell

And there was CAKE!

My lovely sister Helen sent me a parcel containing lots of lovely jewellery and a Russian Doll card, because she knows exactly what I love!  

Thanks sis!

TOF and I went to the Gordonton Market in the morning where I bought two felted fairies and two lovely plants that have been potted.  Last night TOF and I went to our local pub the Te Rapa and had a scrum-diddly dinner and a glass of ale, perfect end to a great day.

Saturday afternoon the Spare who is an apprentice builder arrived with all his tools to help do some mods to our deck.  He framed up and added trellis to one end while TOF painted in preparation for the next step.

The top coat of paint when on this morning and the roll up blinds got installed.  Pretty happy with the end result and the fact that we will have a dry deck in winter, and a fabulous place to spend time on a sunny wintery day.

The Spare arrived bearing gifts for his mother and the most funniest card that most mothers would relate to.  The Heir has Game of Thrones season Four on order for me.  How loved am I feeling right now?

My aging Canary George Michael isn't his normal self of late.  I think he is not long for this world the poor old bugger, so today TOF and I went and got him some room mates to keep him company.

Two sweet little Roller Canaries that have moved into the Avery and  seem more than happy with their new digs.  George even perked up a bit.  Still to be named so known as C1 and C2 at the moment.  We have been sing the Bananas in Pyjamas song but 'Canary' instead of 'Banana'.  As in:

"Canaries, in the Avery, are flying everywhere".

TOF cooked us a beautiful dinner of Rack of Lamb, roasted spuds, and greens from our garden.  We followed that with homemade apple crumble and french vanilla ice cream.

Thanks TOF you are a STAR!!!

My lads 
and we had our photo taken.

I am one lucky mum/wife.


SAM said...

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day. I'm lingering in bed hoping I'll be served coffee and some toast, but it's well past 6:00 US central time, so getting doubtful.

Poppy Q said...

Happy birthday to you Miss Sue - sounds like your fellas and family treated you well. Hope you had a nice mothers day in the Tron.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angels have Red Hair said...

Happy Birthday AND Happy Mother's Day … double the celebrations for you this weekend :0)

Rose Bell said...

So neat to see the photos and that you had a lovely weekend, and got your perfume.

Curtise said...

Good to know you enjoyed your birthday and Mothers day weekend, Sue - looks like you were truly spoilt, which is just as it should be! xxx

Fiona said...

Glad you had a good day Sue, I'm not far behind you. Poor George Michael does look a bit sad about the eyes, I do hope his perkiness continues now he's got a couple of mates. xx

Julie said...

Glad you had a great weekend Sue ... you sure got some lovely goodies there. Love it all especially the spotty paper. Its veerrryy handy having a "spare" who is a builder I can tell you !!!! I do not regret my sons choice of work EVER!!! And when he is "between jobs" I can always find stuff for him to do. Your tea sounded yummy, life sure is good for you & you have a great attitude to it. Heres wishing you another happy year ahead Sue x0x0

Goody said...

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day. Ooooh, I'll bet you smell good!

Your canary will be cheered with new friends, I'm sure. And how great is that to have a sister that knows exactly what you like?

I'm not sure my kid would know which end of a hammer to hit a nail with, but yours sure is talented!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day. You are certainly one loved lucky woman! Hurrah! Celebrations, gifts, food... I hope the good vibes linger for a long time.
PS I cracked up about your role model text suggestion on my blog. Excellent idea!

Helga said...

You share a birthday with my sister Wendy! You must be a good 'un!
And Happy birthday again, my darling!!!
So pleased your lovely menfolk treated you right!

Leeanne said...

Glad you had a happy couple of days! Looks like the men folk did alright!

peaches mcginty said...

Yay!!! What a perfect weekend! A Birthday and Mother's Day, Happy Birthday you gorgeous woman! looks like heaven, lots of love, food and beloved family and a fancy deck addition, your boys are clever - hope George picks up x x x

Vix said...

Delighted you were spoilt and showered with gifts and love on our birthday & Mother's Day, you deserve it!xxx

Beth Waltz said...

How wonderful is it to be feasted and gifted by the men you love, Sue! The sun porch project has my rapt attention -- one can envision you, the lads, and the furry ones in occupation this winter.

Do hope C1 and C2 encourage George Michael to get a bit more exercise to stimulate his appetite. Who knows, he might enjoy teaching them a few tunes?

You know I'm entranced by your collection of footwear, but I admit to being stunned by the Yeti slippers. Maribou trimmed dainties they are not!

Raewyn said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful, Sue. Happy Birthday (belatedly) and Happy Mothers Day too. Lovely newsy post - hope your week is going awesome!

freckleface said...

How wonderful to be so happy with your lot and happy in your home life. That's all most people are really looking for. Happy All The Days. What cute little birdies! Xxxx