Wednesday, 13 May 2015

We named the birds!!

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies you sent me re my birthday, 'love you all to the moon and back' as the saying goes!!  

I had a pretty good weekend
didn't I?

So BIG THANKS again to you all.

Monday was a glorious sunny day and one to be enjoyed.  I worked as I was having Tuesday off to do a thing with the Heir.  My new to me Fly London shiny black boots are so comfortable, I think they will be a favourite for Winter.  After work I called in on a couple of op shops.

Tunic and top only $2.50 each from Hospice and the SHOES, only $8 from Vinnies.  I remember seeing these in a shop at the end of last year retailing for just under the two hundy mark, and these are so close to new that I am going to say they are!!!!  I went back on Tuesday to Vinnies to get the plain black ones and found white ones, both only $6 which will be winging their way south to the very adorable Helga as soon as I get a postal bag.

I came across this beautiful embroidered cloth in a Church Op shop in town, $8, just needs to have the edge done, or will it be upcycled into something??  Options are a plenty.

Back in Hospice I found one of Dawns Dead Dollies for $1 and new I had to rescue it.  I couldn't pass the beautiful thatched cottage print, $3, or the stunning earrings at $4.

Tuesday bloody well rained, and when I say rained, it RAINED!!!  So no outside photos a mirror shot inside is all you get.  After my mission with the Heir I headed out to visit Dawn.

Before I got there, I detoured to a couple of op shops and found the most colourful tunic and a old as pattern, thinking sheet couture!  Not sure I will accomplish the tiny as waist look!

So what has Dawn been creating I here you ask?  
Well these gorgeous black washed
block houses for starters.

These cute as little dudes that remind me of Max in 'Where the Wild things are'.  Cannot wait to see them finished and all colourful.

Garden Toadstools anyone?

Oh yeah!
Season Four arrived.
And yes I watched disc one last night.

After the wet and miserable day yesterday, today turned on some SUNSHINE!!  I hear we are in for RAIN tomorrow, which I don't mind if the sun comes back on Friday.  I have a car full of Dawns creations to go over to my sister, in Whangamata, she is going to sell them in the shop she works in. 

Sheba, Oscar and Tex were all outside with me this afternoon enjoying the weather.  I tried to move the cane coffee table and wondered why it was so heavy.

Before I forget, we figured out names for the new Canaries.  Elton and Freddie, as in Elton John and Freddie Mercury, because Canaries sing so beautifully that they need to be named after great singers.  Oh and George has perked up and very happy with his new room mates, which is good news.


Beth Waltz said...

Those SHOES! Well, if I can't have them, at least I may take comfort in knowing they're on the feet of someone who appreciates them.

Delighted to hear George Michael has perked up. Nothing nicer with morning coffee than birdsong (unless, of course, there's bacon).

Vix said...

I love those shoes! I'd have snapped them up in a heartbeat.
Glad George Michael is thriving now he's got company. Elton John's playing Walsall next month. xxx

Raewyn said...

Great rescues from the op shops, Sue. And Dawn's latest creations are Gorgeous! Love them!! We've had some wet weather up here too - at last the garden is soft enough to work in...won't be long and the soil will be too soggy to pull weeds!

Goody said...

Cool shoes, and that massive bling-y necklace is blindingly fab!

I'm sure Dawn's creations will sell quickly-they're amazing.

So looking at your mirror photo I noticed we have the same small jewelry chest with the little doors (bought by my nan in the early 70's). I've spent the last 40 years screwing the tiny knobs back in place as they seem to dislodge regularly. I hope yours is less frustrating! Mine's musical when you open the bottom drawer, plays the theme from Love Story (how's that for retro?).

Melanie said...

I'm so happy that George is feeling more perky.
I can't believe what a deal you got on those gorgeous shoes! And your styles here are wow. I laughed about your table being mysteriously heavy.

Leeanne said...

You are looking pretty classy in your new outfits. Love the vintage doiley score! Dawns creations are really fun.

Angels have Red Hair said...

More great finds ... you are the Queen of thrifty shopping :0)
But how in the world do you manage to fit them all in your wardrobe? You should do a post on that ;0)

peaches mcginty said...

Dang it woman! can I just have a few minutes first to express my 'hell yeah' over your awesome outfits! fecking awesome you gorgeous woman! love the bootsies and shoes and your other op-shop beauties - Dawn always created brilliant pieces doesn't she? just amazing! and I'm chuffed George has perked up, what a relief, the power of Elton and Freddie is strong x x x

freckleface said...

Wow, those Vinnie's shoes are just wonderful. What a bargain! You look lovely in your black, white and red outfit. Happy Birthday Sue! Xxxx