Saturday, 16 May 2015

Thinking of Nepal

Yesterday I drove over to Whangamata for the day.

I stopped on top of the first Hill between Waihi and Whangamata to take a quick photo of the view of the ocean.  Within seconds of stopping the car I had company!!  How I would love to have bought all these lovely girls home with me, but NO, I have enough and cannot save any more animals.

The weather forecast wasn't too flash but the beach looked stunning, that is the thing about being on the coast, no matter what the weather, it still looks amazing, and colourful.

Dawns Pottery and Bella the shop next doors dog.
The reason behind my visit to Whangamata was mainly to deliver and help install a selection of Dawns gorgeous pottery in the shop my sister Helen manages.  With the devastating Earthquakes that have struck Nepal, there is a flow on effect to the shop as all their stock is made in Nepal. By having something new in the window hopefully it will draw more people through the door and support this business. People over in Nepal have lost their homes, their work places, and some have lost family and/or people they know.  It saddens me greatly that there are some outrageously wealthy people in our world that could make a stand and financially help out this devastated country.  How many of us would think what truly good sorts these people are if they took a moment to help out a country in need?  It will take years to get Nepal back up and running, they need money to help this happen faster.

So if you happen to be over in Whangamata go in and check out Glamour, the bright Pink shop in the main street.  If you don't purchase anything you can always put a donation in the jar on the counter to help Nepal.  Every little bit helps, and it is a worthy cause.

I know this is me posing in front of a mirror in this gorgeous colourful shop, but my sister is as colourful and full of fun as me:

 Selfies with Clutch
my sister.

I had a fabulous day in one of my favourite places in my world.  The shop window is full of colourful creations, the weather didn't get as bad as predicted and I had a fun time hanging with my best friend, my sister.  We went to both the op shops and my favourite shop Garuda.

I stopped in Waihi to say hi to a friend who has a shop and also to get a copy of this book that Helen said I MUST HAVE!  I may never get to see WOW so the book is the next best thing.  If you are wondering what WOW is click on this link.  

Prepare to be amazed!!!

Of course I spent a few dollars while I was at the beach.  The pants on the left (I am wearing them today) came from an Indian shop and the ones on the right came from Garuda.  Modeled them today for you all in the SUNSHINE, and look, JANDALS, that is how warm it is and it is mid May!!!

Blackbirds were feasting on the Berries in my tall trees, and a graceful Monarch Butterfly was flitting about high up in the branches.  So nice to sit outside in the garden and appreciate the Winter sunshine while it is visiting and enjoy nature.

Dorothy, aka Mrs Wickham had a very grumpy face on, I think Joan was lording it over all the girls and this is the position Dorothy had before Joan turned up. 

It is true about pecking order!!

 I love Oprahs permanent ruffle,
she is quite the character.

 My garden stalker,
the ever present Sheba.

Trees need jewellery in my garden and they get it.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend
now for a
bloody good quote!

Yeah let's all THINK!


Mel Baker said...

More people should THINK!!
Our forecast for the weekend is rain - yuck!!
Have a good one!!

Leeanne said...

Yes mam we all need to think more!
Looks like Dawns creations will boost your sisters shop. Your feathered ladies are characters aren't they. Every now and then you do hear of 'outrageously wealthy' people helping out in times of devastation, the positive side of me likes to believe it happens often.

Fiona said...

Gorgeous pics of the blackbird and butterfly but Mrs. Wickham looks right pissed off. Yes, that quote should make us all think before we speak. Jandals in May! I was still wearing boots this week! xx

Curtise said...

Such lovely photos, Sue. I hope Dawn's pottery draws customers into your sister's shop, and they spare some extra funds to help Nepal. Looking groovy in those pants, Mrs, and I'm loving the flora and fauna, as always! xxx

Goody said...

Thinking-not nearly enough of it lately.

If Dawn's fantastic ceramics don't draw people in the shop, nothing will. I hope they're successful raising some funds.

Those are some seriously cool looking pants! Danny loved the photo of your fungus and ferns-two of his favourite subjects.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've been feeling for the people of Nepal … there just seems to be so many bad things happening around the globe lately … hopefully someone will step up and help them get back on their feet.

Serenata said...

A really wonderful post Sue. My son's girlfriend lives in Nepal and they are constantly terrified at the moment and having to live in a football stadium and go home occasionally for washing etc....the devastation is unbelievable.

Looks like you had a fun day as well.

Vix said...

Gorgeous photos and funky pants! Can't believe you have so many chickens wandering about, I only see them roaming free in India.
Hope your sister's shop sells loads and that some of the profits can go back and help the people affected after those horrendous quakes.
that book looks fab. xxx

Helga said...

Ooo, the lovely chookahs! Can't wait to have some of my own girls!
There are a great deal of wealthy people all over the world who could help hugely with Nepal, or any other disaster...but they didn't get rich by giving it away, did they?! Bastards. It is terribly sad. Everywhere sadness. Meh.
I have a wearable art book from many years ago, and even managed to see a show when it was still in Nelson! Brilliant stuff. One of my fave artists is Donna Demente, who has won the supreme award at least once. She's based in oamaru!!!
Rock on, lovely, you AND your spunky sister!

peaches mcginty said...

Oh yes 'Think'! good advice, I find it jaw droppingly rude when sometimes people pass 'helpful' and not asked for advice, anyhoo Mrs Wickham's face is priceless!! and i do hope your sister raises lots of cash (gorgeous family you are) love your pants missus - got to dash, am covered in false tan and haven't finished packing, leaving in a couple of hours,*not remotely nervous* x x x

Beth Waltz said...

Goody's son Danny could describe "a symbiotic relationship" better than I -- but that's what popped into mind when I saw your sister's shop, Dawn's delightful ceramics and your description of efforts to aid Nepal all in one post. We can indeed *think* and then vote with our purchases.

Dear Mrs. Wickham resembles a secondary English teacher I once encountered. She excelled at maintaining decorum in study hall.

freckleface said...

How lovely to see you and your sister together. Her shop sounds fabulous. Yes, we all need to give money to help those poor people. We can't even imagine what they are going through. Wealthy people are often the tightest. They like 'treating themselves', but they don't spread it around. Love those Indian pants and chickens on the loose! Xxxx