Monday, 4 May 2015

Two kinds of Autumn.

Autumn weather is relatively pleasant, I quite like it.  Not too much of anything, as in not too cold and not too hot.  The weekend was very nice, no rain for starters!!

My sweet little Bantam called Autumn is quite the Houdini.  She refuses to be penned up, contained in the designated Chicken enclosure.  I watch her every morning balancing on top of the fences like a well trained gymnast and marvel at her dismount into the garden, scoring her a perfect ten most days.  She also likes to announce the fact that she has indeed escaped almost laughing in her cluck at the other girls she has left behind, "later suckers".  Bantams are such amusing chickens with distinct personalities.

On the weekend I like to let the girls out for a scratch in the back garden, and I am pleased to say the new girls have settled in well.

Autumn colour.

Saturday I went to watch a game of rugby.  Two of the heirs friends were playing but in opposing teams.  Number 13 in the left photo is Brownie and Number 16 in the right photo is Sue Ws son.  It was a great game, very enjoyable.

The heir turned up to watch the second half (on the right).  Brown had hurt his back and that is a ciggie not a booger!!

TOF went fishing again and had another successful time, needless to say we dined on fresh snapper last night and will do so again tonight.  Fresh fish takes a bit of beating.

Sunday afternoon we took a drive out to Raglan to catch up with friends that have been overseas.  Of course we had to go check out the beach first.  Manu Bay looked lovely, loads of guys were out surfing and quite a few boats were out taking advantage of the good weather.

This Sea-gull feasted on some of my filled roll, it was like going, going, gone!

Such a guts.

Back for seconds while the Sparrows looked on.

The next bay along is Whale Bay and it to was busy with surfers enjoying the waves, like wise with Indicators which is the next bay along.  I have said it before but I will say it again, Raglan and the wild west coast is beautiful. Breath taking actually and it is always good to breath in that fresh sea air that is always on offer.

I would love to grow these in my garden, they always look magnificent in the wind, like horses tails.  I think we are incredibly lucky to live so close to the beach, one day we may even move out there to live.


Leeanne said...

Miss Autumn is a clever wee chick! Great photo's Sue.

Vix said...

Fab photos as always, Sue! Whale Bay looks gorgeous and the greedy seagull is hilarious. x

Goody said...

I was thinking of you today at the garden centre. "Sue would say we need more colour" I told Danny. A couple pots of salvia, lantana, and a gigantic red geranium came home with us. Thank you for the inspiration!

Poor sparrow, gulls don't share.

Angels have Red Hair said...

HA ... that seagull needs to learn to chew his food ;0)

Julie said...

Gorgeous autumny pics Sue. I am really enjoying autumn this year. We often think about moving to Raglan too ... but then we wonder if it would lose its quirkiness if you lived there fulltime? I have those pampas grass in my garden - to be honest they are a bit of a pain as they block the view of my sign but I havent the heart to kill them off.

Raewyn said...

I'm an Autumn lover too Sue, your photos are gorgeous and it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend! Pity you didn't get any close ups of the surfers, I think my sil was out there this weekend!