Saturday, 11 July 2015

I tell no lies it really is Winter here.

On Friday after I had finished work I had a lunch date out at Raglan with two lovely Raglan Local Ladies, one was having a birthday.

First I picked up a gift for the birthday girl.

Such a glorious sunny day with an icy wind
but I was well wrapped up so I was nice and warm.

I had time to poke my nose in a couple of shops
before meeting the ladies.

We decided to dine in doors at the
Raglan Hotel.
Table by the fire and delicious food.

A celebratory photo on the balcony of the pub with my girls before they both had to head back to work.  Diane on the left was the birthday girl and Sharon is on the right.  These two are gems, such great company!

I drove out to the beach to take in the scenery from the top of the hill above it.  Miles and miles of wild west coast line, clear blue sky, and glorious winter sunshine, perfect!!

Stairs that lead down to the beach.
Great going down
but not so much fun climbing
back up!!

Did I mention the wind? Well it was blowing like a bugger on top of the hill, cold wind too, but look at that scenery, and I am not that soft that a cold wind would prevent me from soaking it up.

Also atop of the hill in the cold wind with me was this circle laid out with large Maori carvings in stone. 

Each carving represents a compass point.

And just for you I took a photo of the info because you all love this stuff and I love giving it to you!!!  You are of course, most welcome.

From the top of the hill I drove down to the bottom closer to town where the beach access is a gentle walk, much more my style.

 Oh yeah, a ramp,
no steep stairs but a ramp for us ELDERLY!!!
And small kids with toys.

A rather empty beach it was,
but I guess because of the wind.

Just one lone fisherman.

I left the beach to go to my favourite part of Raglan, Cliff Street.  This road hugs the harbor coastline from town to the wharf and it is so beautiful.  I dream of living in this road.

How bloody gorgeous is this place!!

 'Real bloody gorgeous' replied this line up of gulls.

 Glimpses of sea through old  twisted Pohutukawa trees.

Homes with their own jetties,
does it get any better?

This little one would do me fine.
Not For Sale,
but it would do my fine!

Something about being by the ocean that is so calming and relaxing, so good for the sole, the senses and the mind.

Of course a visit to the Wharf had to happen
and it was looking pretty good to.

 I love that the parents are fishing and the kid is wandering away.

This shop is really nice, jam packed full of Vintage home ware and collectables with prices to match. But if you cannot be arsed with charity shopping to find a bargain, then this is a good place to visit.  The view from inside out to the harbour is the best.

I love the wind farm on the Te Uku hills, mind you I love those Te Uku hills, the colour and contrast, must be an artists dream.

Imagine living in that house?

Those glorious sunny days
mean cold over night temperatures
even lower wake up ones!!

Before I go:
I made a purchase today. 

My very own man tool.



Raewyn said...

Bloody gorgeous pics Sue... looks and sounds like a great day. Looks like you'd best be keeping your winter woolies nearby

Leeanne said...

More fantabulous photo's! Raglan is a cool place....literately! We had a good frost this morning! :-)

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing a truly happy place with us. When the work day gets rough, I'll mentally hide in the little house...

Fiona said...

You've captured Raglan beautifully Sue. Be careful with that power tool now! I got one last year but can never remember how to change the drill bit...instructions, pah!

SAM said...

If you didn't say winter I would never know. I never really knew how beautiful New Zealand is before reading your blog. The trees and coast- so absorbing.

Julie said...

Raglan really is a lovely place for sure Sue. Your pictures do it proud. You would have to fight me for that house you want ...perhaps we could share it. Love the new power tool :-)

Melanie said...

If that's your winter, I'll take it! I always think it's weird seeing palm trees in winter, but, yup, there they are. Gorgeous landscape. Your man tool is divine. Wield it with ferocity.

Mel Baker said...

Bloody gorgeous!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oooh … a power tool … you must mean business ;0)
Its turned awfully wintry here too … with much talk on the news of an arctic wind having shown up … must have come via your place.
Great photos.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oooh … a power tool … you must mean business ;0)
Its turned awfully wintry here too … with much talk on the news of an arctic wind having shown up … must have come via your place.
Great photos.

Goody said...

"Man tool" hee, hee. She said, "Man tool."

Ahem, I DO enjoy seeing info and learning new things, so thank you.

Good friends, can't beat that.

Curtise said...

What fantastic photos, Sue - the NZ tourist board should make you an offer! Despite the cold winds the scenery is just stunning.
Good to see you having fun with the girls. Go steady with that man tool! xx

Vix said...

I agree with Curtise, the NZ tourist board need to snap you up. I want to get on the next plane after seeing your photos (but maybe I'll wait until Summer!) xxx