Thursday, 9 July 2015

Somewhere it is snowing, but not here!

Crickey it has been cold the last few days, and I am not sure if I like it or not.  Yesterday I definitely didn't like because it rained a lot and you get naff all done in wet weather.  Seriously felt sorry for the mums stuck at home indoors with their kids on holiday from school.

With not enough sunshine for a back yard brick wall photo shoot I resorted to out the front for a change.  I wore one of the frocks I had bought the other day and shared with you, with my Dr Martin $12 leather boots I scored last year from Habitat.  I also had one of my lovely warm long coats on top because it was COLD.

After work I stopped in at the new shop I mentioned, not really an Op shop but a nice place to put on the list of places to visit.  Money raised from this shop goes to a local  New Zealand fashion designer's charity RAW.  This charity helps women who have been victims of domestic violence, a worthy charity to give to I think.

Why yes I did purchase the small pale blue enamel tea pot, it matches our kettle, and it reminded me of one we used to have at our beach house when I was a young-un, and it was only $5.  I also walked out the door with the lovely blue jug which now has my dried Hydrangea heads in it.

I love all the colours in this frock, so easy to put other things with and going to be one of my all year favourite items in my wardrobe.

You may have noticed the good Doctor
is my supporting act in this post,
I mean to say,
who doesn't love the
words of wisdom from Dr Seuss?

Today has been glorious, bloody cold, but awfully glorious.  I hear their was snow on Mt Pirongia, not far from here, and we get the icey wind that comes from the mountain.  I say mountain, but it isn't huge, but bigger than a hill, hence being a mountain, a small mountain, with a slight dusting of the white stuff!

Frock number two was worn with layers under and over it today.  I ditched my coat just so you could see the frock, and you are most welcome.  Boots and coats are a definite at the moment.  BUT hey, the sun shone and shone, and shone some more today.

I finished work rather early today and decided I may as well go take a wander around one of my favourite places in my town.  

The jewel in our Crown really,
Hamilton Gardens.

I was not alone with this wonderful idea as hordes of young children with their grand parents, mothers or care givers were wandering the very same winding paths as me, armed with the garden map that you can get from the information centre.  So good to see kids outside enjoying the fresh, and I mean fresh, air and sunshine!!

I love this first circle of fun you enter into that leads off to many fabulous gardens. The Piazza I used to take my lads to these gardens when they were small.

A favourite photo of those days.

The Indian Char Bagh Garden is beautiful, especially when all the flowers are in bloom as they look like a magic carpet.  But not today, today was all about icey blue skies and sunshine.

Information and last look
as I left the garden.

The English Flower Garden wasn't very floral today but still a beautiful peaceful place to call in on. Many a picnic was had with the lads back in the day.

 Information as I just know you are
gagging for some more.

Panoramic of the walled garden and my camera started flashing 'battery getting low', and I thought, 'bloody hell'!!

These two are on guard
outside my very favourite garden of them all.
 The Italian Renaissance Garden.

Oh yeah,
just for you,
even more information
to fill your brain with.

A Grotto and stunning Pergola that would look amazing in my back yard if only it was somewhat bigger than it is.

Water features on grand scales, huge pots with fruit trees and then there was me enjoying the view to the mighty Waikato River that flows next to the gardens.

This garden takes an awful lot of beating.
Next time we really need a picnic!!

New to my favourites list is the Tropical Garden looking gloriously colourful in the Wintery sunshine.

This is going to be amazing as it matures with time, the Tudor Garden.  At this stage my camera was screaming at me 'battery loosing the will to live' so these are the only photos I managed to get.  Maybe when I go back to capture the magnificence that is here I should dress up.

It has been done before.

I wonder if my mate Robyn will join me.
(this was taken 14 years ago)
What do you reckon Robyn??



Julie said...

Hiya Sue, havent popped in before now to tell you I love your new hair colour - the purpley lights in it suit you. Yes Pirongia had a jolly good dusting of snow on it alright - you cant have been getting that freezing cold southerly over your way as it was like antarctica here today. My favourite in the Hamilton Gardens is the Italian Rennaisance one as well. Thanks for the tour with you, yes definately a picnic next time :-)

Leeanne said...

The good old Dr.........full of good advice! I like frock number one best of all.........mind you you always look cheerful and colourful no matter the weather. A tad chilly in the winterless north, the fire is roaring tonight!

Jazzy Jack said...

Loved the tour! Can't remember the tropical it new? Xo Jazzy Jack

SAM said...

I like waking up to Dr Seuss. Fun flashback photos.

Raewyn said...

Dr Suess is great company Sue! Looks like you have the gears to keep you warm in the chilly weather. I really must explore the Hamilton Gardens again - it's been a while!

Goody said...

There's something wonderful about visiting gardens in wintertime to see them in resting mode. I love that photo of you with your sons-drag them along next visit to recreate the photo.

I do hope the weather behaves a bit better for you soon. Your coats look completely different with the new hair colour-almost like getting a new wardrobe, isn't it? You're making me want to colour my hair, but fear of breaking out in hives means I'll have to experience it through you. I do love the deep shiny tones on you.

Curtise said...

Loving the hair, Sue, and the colours and prints of both dresses. Hope you can keep warm with your lovely layers and those fab Dr Marten boots!
Hamilton Gardens look gorgeous, I do love public spaces like that. Great place to take the kids, or to wander by yourself, whatever the weather. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Lovely winter gardens .... and I'm loving the old photos, you look like you belong in ABBA :0)

Mel Baker said...

We are having a heat wave, I would love to have your weather right now.