Saturday, 1 August 2015

All things that fly and colour back in the garden.

On Wednesday I had the day off, well I swapped days and worked Friday instead.  So I drove through to Cambridge as I had a little something that I had purchased off trade me to collect.  

Ok, so maybe not a little thing as it was the Standard lamp on the left.  I am going to paint the standard black and multi coloured, then probably add pom pom of something along those lines to the lamp.  The green is going to be replaced with something more pale, neutral, and grown up, even though it is looking gorgeous with my furniture.  I can brighten this room with my accessories!!!

I went and checked out a couple of the Cambridge Op Shops and wasn't disappointed to find these '70s Danish plastic bangles, for a grand total of 70 cents!!  I googled B + D Denmark and found that it stands for  Buch and Deichmann.

I bought some new reading glasses while out in the afternoon from the Chemist next to my Doctors rooms.  The new ones are the ones on the left which will live in my handbag.  The pair on the right are now going to be my work glasses as the ones I leave at work are cheap crappy ones that make things distorted which surely cannot be a good thing for my aging eyes.

Thursday en route to home after work I stopped in on a few local Op Shops.  The two books and the CD were $1 each.  The books have gorgeous pictures which I intend to pick a few and laminate and use as art.  Louis can be thrashed in the car with the windows up and no rolling eyes from passengers.  I like me a bit of old Louis!

Some colourful additions to add to my small collection of clothes all $5 each.  I joke!!!

The afternoon was glorious,
coldish but glorious!  

Maybelle had managed to get into TOF's empty vegetable garden and almost panicked when she saw me.  

"Crap, I'm not supposed to be in here".

Watching her trying to get out was hilarious. 

No where near as graceful as Ms Autumn
the original Houdini of the chook pen.

Not only is my garden full of birds, but the colour is starting to sneak back.  Some of the flowers think Spring has arrived.


A cheeky little sparrow was in the back porch dining on  canary seed that was kindly left on the floor by the Canaries. It ended up getting disturbed by the dogs which made it fly further indoors.

All this flitting about visiting most of the rooms and not a poo in sight, well not that I have discovered.  Such a little cutie, thankfully it found it's way back outside.

Friday was a layered up black, white and red day.  Super busy at work with end of month accounts to get out.  I love this time of the month, busy busy busy.

This afternoon TOF and I visited our friends in Raglan.  Before we went to their place we bought a late lunch and headed out to Manu Bay to enjoy the Coastal sights, sounds and refreshing air.

Such a lovely place to sit and eat a Steak and Cheese Pie and drink Raglan Roast Coffee.

We were joined by a wishful thinking
post perching Sparrow.
About four dudes out playing in the waves, people were walking on the exposed low tide rocks, others were skateboarding, and others like us were just kicking back enjoying the afternoon.

These houses are perched way up high above the beach, they must get the most amazing views that are constantly changing.

We could see in the distance some hang gliders and para gliders so we decided to go check them out.

We parked high above the beach where the best views were to be had.

Amazing to watch and I bet bloody scary to do.

This beautiful big sea gull was sitting on top of a sculpture watching like us.  Every so often it would take flight almost as if joining in with the gliders.  

Down on the beach was this group of horse riders enjoying the empty space on offer.  I am more likely to ride a horse than hang under a glider in the sky.

"Yeah Jonathon Livingston,
those are some bastard big flying
things in our sky".

Good bye Manu Bay.

And good bye Raglan.
you were Fabulous as always.



Fiona said...

Such beautiful pics of the gull and horses on the beach Sue. Loving the new readers. x

Leeanne said...

Lovely post. I see your angel wings are gone?? Too much rain? Louis......yeah baby! I am married to a pretty good trumpet player so we know Loui well!

Julie said...

Love the black white & red layering there Sue. Yes I love me a bit of Louis too. Your op shop finds were fabulous as always ... can surely see that lamp with a revamp. Make sure you post pics when you have done it. Happy weekend Sue.

Jazzy Jack said...

Love that light and the bracelets, and the very cheeky hen! Your pics from Raglan are gorgeous but cold! I imagine the wind must have been a little brisk. I can just see the seagull having his little flits to join in or show how it's really done.
The photo of the horses is magical! Xo Jazzy Jack

Goody said...

My dad always said having a bird fly in the house was good luck. He said the same thing if a bird crapped on you, but fortunately your sparrow was well behaved. Might have been a different story if the gull got in...

Your small clothing collection! Love it.

That lamp was a great score. We must be thinking alike as I loaded up on pom pom trim and ric rac at the craft store this week. I can't decide which to do first-hat, or lampshade (or lampshade worn as a hat?).

Raewyn said...

Interesting post Sue, punctuated as always by your beautiful photos!! Love the horse photo on the beach and that cute wee sparrow having a good look around your pleased he didn't leave his calling card :-)

Angels have Red Hair said...

So glad the little sparrow made it's way outside … animals inside that should be outside freak me out a little. Gorgeous photos … love the horse one.

Shawna McComber said...

I read that blog title as bacon in the garden. I must need new glasses as fabulous as yours.

I love your photos and life stories and all of the animals and awesome OP shop finds. I love your funky new hair too. I'm struggling to get around and visit blogs but yours is always such a treat when I get here.

Mel Baker said...

I love both pairs of glasses - you look awesome. I do a very good impersonation of Louis and it never fails to make my kids laugh!!

Melanie said...

Such stunning coastline, made even better with your steak and cheese pie and coffee! I love your thrift finds, particularly the middle wild-print dress, and look forward to your lamp DIY. The new reading glasses look great on you. We can never have too many pairs.

Vix said...

Snap! I've got a stack of B&D bangles i inherited from my Mum!
Love the lamp and it can only improve with added pom pom! x

Curtise said...

Ooh, you don't half take a fab photo, Missus! Love the wee sparrow in your house, the horses on the beach, Mr Seagull, and of course you too, looking great in black, red and white! xx

Helga said...

Ah, G and I both have a bit of a lamp obsession, and I recently aquired a standard lamp too! Mine needs a complete shade overhaul, though. Lamps are awesome, so great for ambience, darling! I'm picking up a new one tonight, in fact, for my bedside reading light...the one I had was just too ugly for words!
i always love your outdoor/travel/adventure shots. It's so lovely up your way. Doesn't really look Wintery at all!

Beth Waltz said...

Sniff! Splendid views of Manu Bay, Sue. I can hear the wind and waves, and the clop/slop of the hooves in the sand...ah, and I can smell the sea!

So relieved that Maybelle and the sparrow made good their escapes!

Connie said...

What. What? I have been gone a long time. Is that My Sue?? She seems to be aging in reverse! I love your hair. I love your new glasses. I love you meandering around and looking at the world as only YOU can do. I have MISSED you, my friend.

Miharu Julie said...

Great photos
Would you like to follow each other? I'll follow back after it.