Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My purpose in life is to brighten up the dull days of Winter!

Funny how all over the world in Winter people seem to dress head to toe in Black and or Grey. Sure Black is slimming but it is slightly depressing. Don't get me wrong I have plenty of both colours but I usually add something bright to break the dullness that those to dull colours bring on a dull Wintery day. I have an ongoing love affair with colour, and almost all colours except yellow, it is the one colour I struggle to wear.

I totally agree with Audrey, but I add bright colours to my life as well.  Today was an explosion of Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue from the top of my purple head to my Blue shod feet.  People, and mainly woman are not afraid to tell me how colourful I am. Thanks!

After work I stopped off in Frankton to post mail and clear works postal box.  I also went and checked out the two Saint Vinnies shops and the loveliest recycle shop called ReVamp.  The lady that owns it is a real sweetie and she knows what I like.  Today I bought these two frocks and the one on the left is going to be worn tomorrow.  Her prices are very reasonable, hence the purchase of two!

I am also going to check out a newly opened Opportunity Shop in Frankton that I was told about today, down the opposite end of the town that I was in.  Thanks for all of your lovely feedback on my darker hair, I am loving it and not sure I will ever go back to being a blonde.  Maybe in summer but this is such fun.  I have been blonde since birth so going darker has been scary and fun all at the same time.

At the end of the day it is just HAIR,
if I hate it I can chop the lot off!!

Must do this to the next
telemarketer that phones in the evening!!


Fiona said...

Yes! Why do people wear dark colours in winter? Surely that's the time that we need bright and cheerful. I try to do my bit too.

Vix said...

Yes to brights in the winter, those short, grey days need a vibrant injection of colour.
As a fellow natural blonde I love being a fake black headed chick. Dunno why I didn't do it sooner. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The rich tones of your hair are demanding the deep colors of jewels and jungles, Sue. Eager to see that fern pattern dress worn tomorrow!

Melanie said...

Great thrift finds!
Yes, people retreat in the winter. It's so BLAH!! That's why people need you, Sue, to keep them awake until spring hits. The dark hair is definitely a hit.

Mel Baker said...

No more dark colors in winter!! I really like your hair pinned up.