Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I'm gonna Dazzle you with my poetry!!

The weekends come
the weekends go.
What happens to them?
who bloody knows!
Two days of relaxing
with family and friends,
next thing you know
it's all come to an end.
As long as you did
whatever you like,
reading a book?
or riding your bike.
The weekend is yours
five days off from the job,
so please yourself people
even if you just BLOB!

TOF and I took a drive out to Raglan on Saturday.  It wasn't the flashest weather on offer, and he had hurt his back but sitting driving was ok and we wanted to catch up with some friends.

After our visit we drove out to Manu bay, I wanted to catch the sun going down, but we were too late and the sky was dull anyway.

But good old Raglan still looked GREAT!

Sunday morning our dogs were barking their bums off at the front door, TOF went to see who was there and found this dear little dog.  Cowering in the corner shaking while Tex carried on eating his breakfast, un fussed by all the commotion.

I put a harness on her and took her for a wander down our street to see if anyone knew who she belonged to but came up empty handed.  So I had to ring the dog ranger to come and get her.  She had a fabulous time with Sheba out the back playing while we waited for the ranger.

I phoned the City pound yesterday (Monday) to see if her owners had gone looking for her, but no.  They think she is about 6 months old and if no one claims her by next Monday she will be assessed to see if she can be re homed.  My fingers are crossed that this happens, other wise she will be euthanized.   If we had the space we so would have kept her, but two dogs in town is more than enough.  The lady at the pound said they get lots of really nice dogs that no one claims.  I cannot imagine not going to look for any of my pets that went missing.  There are some sad bastards out there when it comes to pets, that is for sure.  I say register the owners not the dogs!!

Monday was an ok day, I made TOF take the day off and took him to see a doctor about his back.  Our doc was away so we saw a locum. He has been put off work for a week to rest his knackered back, hoping that it will settle down.  He hurt it years ago and we so don't want to go back to those days.  So far he is behaving and resting up, I think lying down is the least painful position for him.

I pottered about home all day keeping him company, venturing out to the garden when he slept.  Sleep is a good healer we all know.

Don't you just love the delicateness of a Poppy, super fine crumpled petals and very over the top stamen. Nice splash of colour as the day started to go down hill and rain.

But look at that pretty sky.

Sheba had taken every single one of her toys outside so I had to collect them all and dry them off in front of the heater.  She does love her softies.

Today was work, woohoo!  TOF has retired to bed and I have just put a Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton wool ball on a bloody Veruca on my foot and taped it up for the night.  Hopefully it will make it go away.  Any other do it yourself suggestions out there peeps??  Trying to avoid the cost of going to the doctor.


Vix said...

While the rest of you are having weekends I'm at work and I love it!
Raglan does look great despite the weather. What a shame you couldn't have found room for that sweet little dog. She's friendly and looks well-fed so someone must have looked after her.
Can't help with the verruca but with TOF's back tell him to lie on the floor with his knees bent, feet flat on the floor and a chair pad under his head. An ice pack wrapped in a pillowcase & applied in 20 minute cycles and a short walk every couple of hours should help (I managed a chiropractic clinic for a couple of years, back pain management is my speciality!) xxx

Helga said...

Totally dazzled, I am!
ugh, verrucas! Duct tape, baby!
O, that poor sweet pookie! I do hope some asshole claims him. Like having kids, there should be a licence to pass before having a pet. Some fecking people! GRRRRR.

Melanie said...

Your poem is divine, I especially like your use of the word BLOB as a verb. Inspired.
Poor little dog. I'm glad you took it under your wing until help could come and I truly hope she finds a new home. I agree with you - humans should have licenses, not the pets. Grrr.
Here's hoping to a pain-free household ASAP!!
Keep on blobbing! (It would make a great sticker)

Leeanne said...

Groovie Poem for a bleakish almost wintery day! I'm with you on the dog owners! I hope TOF's back gets itself sorted ASAP.

Goody said...

Poor TOF-I hope he's feeling better soon. Nothing makes you feel more stupidly helpless than your back being out.

When we were still on the farm we'd get strays showing up by the house that were let off by their owners on the county road. I suspect that when things get really tough, and they can't bear to put the dog down, they abandon them near places they think might be likely to take in a pet. As the recession wore on, the stray dogs in our area seemed to increase. It was horribly sad. Like you, I would have liked to take them in, but we were already at full capacity. I could tell they dogs were well cared for, so perhaps, "stray" isn't quite the right description.

Beth Waltz said...

When I engaged in the thumpy-bumpy martial arts, blue emu oil or cream was The Answer to verrucae -- and aching backs and joints. It's not cheap; however, if applied generously morning and night for approximately two weeks, it will obtain results and is therefore cost-effective. You and TOF might share a jar, but you'll need your own duct tape.

Bless you for corralling the foundling and helping her into a situation better than sudden death by car or slow death by starvation. At this time I'm footing the bill for vet-boarding a feral kitten with a stubborn eye infection, hoping that it can be cured so that she may be spayed and adopted out. I, too, have a full house and will have to make the hard choice for her. Just once I'd like to get my claws into a coward who dumps a pet!

Connie said...

I have been doing a lot of blobbing lately. Love that word! Poor little pup. Fingers crossed that he finds a home.

Angels have Red Hair said...

LOVE the poem

freckleface said...

Sue, I thought I'd been doing nothing all day, but now it transpires I've been blobbing. That sounds much more pleasing, thank you. Poor little pooch, how terrified he must have been. I hope a guardian angel appears for him. Back ache, urgh, it's the worst! Sure do hope he feels better soon, but at least he's listening to your advice and taking it easy, so not doing any more damage. Poppies are a thing of beauty, no doubt about it, it's the crumpled delicacy of the petals. Xxxx