Thursday, 10 September 2015

Night time in the garden

Early evening is a great time to take the camera out in the garden, everything looks amazing with moody sky and flash photography.  Last night my flowers came to life!!

Before it got too dark the sky was looking magical, and the tall naked trees were reaching for it.  Subtle pink Winter Roses almost looked unreal.

The bright Orange Poppy seems too delicate to survive a night in the dark and the cold.  Likewise with the baby pink miniature Camellia, which has branches smothered in these sweet little flowers.

I wore that animal print dress that I got from Morrinsville Hospice with bobble trimmed pants and black jacket.  With my bloody Verruca all taped up and covered it dealt with being encased in shoes for the day. Thanks for your suggestions, it is feeling better, and TOFs back is slowly improving.

My solar lights that change colour were dancing away out the front, and my old wheelbarrow was looking pretty shiny with plants jostling for position in the limited space on offer.

I rescued Big Ears from a shelf in the Salvo near my place, he has had some repairs but he deserved another crack at life so home he came with me.  The multi necklace was to gorgeous to leave behind so it somehow found its way to the counter to be bought as well.

Ok, now get outside in your garden at night!!



Curtise said...

Oh wow, Sue, what amazing photos, I love them!
And the pom pom-trimmed trousers are fantastic too.
Verruca? Never had one, but Claudia did and it took AGES to go.
Ahh, look at Big Ears, I'm glad you rescued him! xxx

Fiona said...

Super night time shots but I'm not going out there...I've got bats and they freak me out. Glad to hear Big Ears was rescued. x

Vix said...

Loving those pompoms, Sue!
Big Ears is too cute, he's going to look fab in the garden. xxx

Serenata said...

Some great shots there Sue, lovely to see your garden in this light.

Glad you rescued Big Ears! ;-)

Leeanne said...

So nice you gave Big Ears a new home, it will be warmer there. Nice night time photo's. I like the orange background on your blog, my sister would love it, as orange is her fav colour!

Connie said...

It is so true. Gardens really are wonderful at night. Yours looks especially pretty. That necklace is a beauty. It will look very nice with your pom pom pants.

Goody said...

I never would have thought to pair that animal print dress with such great pants-that's why you're the best at it!

Your solar lights are the coolest-almost like gem lights for the garden. We've had so much rain of late if I wandered out to the garden tonight I'd be eaten alive by mosquitoes. You do have me interested in trying some night photography now (after the insects are gone for the season).

Julie said...

Beautiful poppies out already Sue. Love those bobble bottom pants of yours. Glad you rescued Big Ears.

Raewyn said...

Your garden is so pretty at any time of the day!!! Love those bobble pants too - haven't seen anyuthing like that for years!! Have just got my camera back from getting a speck of dust out from inside it...feels like I haven't had a camera play for AGES!!

Beth Waltz said...

Somehow those bobble pants are uniquely suited to an animal print top -- methinks my cats would love them, and I'll bet ol' Tex opened one eye when you walked by.

The twilight views of your garden are exquisite. No doubt you'd be able to find a flattering angle for the possum that cleans up the nightly buffet I set out for the neighbor's barn cats. It would be a stretch, but you'd manage with your magic camera!

Jazzy Jack said...

Those pompoms look gorgeous but would drive me nuts!
Your flash flowers are something special. Thanks for the reminder about visiting the night garden. Jazzy Jack

Angels have Red Hair said...

I do love a bit of animal print.

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