Sunday, 13 September 2015


I sometimes feel like my blog is like an online diary, not that that's a bad thing. Is it??

So, on Friday.......

I was up and ready because I was spending the day with my lovely friend Rosie Posy (Rose) as she had the day off and wanted me to do an Opportunity Shop day with her.  I love doing this with her because she is fun and an easy size to find awesome clothes for, and she is STYLISH!!  

Oh what to wear?

Turned out I was having a BLACK and WHITE kind of day, and my colourful splash of necklace turned into a black and white scarf as the day was looking grim.  I did wear a purple boiled wool coat on top.

Rose found lots of fabulous things sometimes with my helpful eye zoning in on colours that we both love.  I found the green and black dress which I just knew would be brilliant with the spotted top I had found the previous day.

This is the selection of other bits I found during the day out with Tex trying his very best to photo bomb my purchases.  Because of this he has now entered the modern world and has decided to join Face Book.

Feel free to look him up, he thinks he is the bees bloody knees now.

"Turn the damn flash off woman!!"

Saturday arrived on time, and some how I managed to goof off for most of the morning in my PJs while the sun finally made up her mind on turning up or not.

The cheekiest Chicken in the flock has to be our Joan, she truly believes she is an indoor type of girl.  She comes in, Sheba alerts us to this fact, and one of us herds her back outside.  Only for this to be repeated a few more times.  Someone even laid an egg on the deck!! How convenient, TOF thinks we should train them to lay inside, NAH!

I had to video the antics for you all, Sheba is trying to tell us, "Chicken in the house, I said, CHICKEN in the house!!!"

Meanwhile in slumber land on the deck I was paying no notice of the signage!  Genius maybe, but Guard, I think not!!

Perfect day for the garden swing seat, nodding off is an option I choose most times.  If you are in town feel free to join me.

Slumber in the sunshine seemed to be taking on with the exception of one Black Dog!  "Slumber? What is this thing you all speak off and do?"

Yeah, Saturday was pretty good.

HELLO, it's now Sunday.

After another leisurely start to our day TOF and I went down to the river bank to watch the main event of the Gallagher Great Race.  The final race in a days worth of rowing on our Waikato River.  All kicked off at 9am with Secondary school races, Womens, A Waka performance and then the Mens race.

Three crews of Eight raced, one from our University of Waikato, and one from Harvard University, and another from University of Cambridge.  This crew was out in front and man they were hoofing it up the river, against the current too.

Waikato is closer to the river bank and actually in front of the other crew, my photo just doesn't  show it.


And there they go heading off towards the finish line, and who won? Don't know as there was no way we could make it back to the car, drive to the finish line, find a park and see them all cross the finish line.  Guess I will see it on the news, as TV cameras were on the support boats at the back.  Tis an annual event that usually makes it to the TV weekend news.

It was such a lovely afternoon and it was great to see so many like minded folk dotted along the river watching the race.  A sunny day always draws out the crowds, and the main area at Grantham Street was packed, we drove past later on.

Well I better go and drag in all the washing before the night chill descends upon us, and I can smell the Roast Pork in the oven cooking, well done TOF!!!

Shall leave you with Tex's poem he posted on his FB page. 

He is a clever old boy that cat of ours!!



Nancy J said...

When, so many, many years ago, our girls had a pet lamb, Susy-Baa came inside, she wasn't toilet trained, skidded on the wooden floors, looking at Joan gave me these memories. Guess Joan is happy to stay with you all, Love your chooky, Joan is a beauty, and if she lays an egg or two, even better. Super op shop buys, my favourite shopping too.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Haha … I love Tex's poem and am very relieved to know that he goes outside to pee ;0)

freckleface said...

Goodness, even your cat's a poet, what a talented household you are :)) look at you in your black and white. You and your friend must have the most stylish pair for miles! Bet you had a lovely time. Slumbering ixn the garden sounds absolutely perfect. I think I need a swing seat like you Sue! Xxxx

Beth Waltz said...

The green with the black and white sings of spring!

Texas Whanga Boy is an extremely talented tom -- and so very fortunate that he's spending his 9th life in the care of those who appreciate him.

Please tell Sheba that Chicken in the House! announcements will be better received if she takes the ball out of her mouth before speaking. Wurf?

Goody said...

Some day you're going to come home and find that chicken in your bed laying an egg on your pillow!

Great finds at the shops-the dainty little Victorian-ish purse is beautiful, and of course green and black always look great together.

Cats on Facebook-perfect!

KB said...

Cute cat pics :)

Vix said...

Tex is the most talented cat I know, he needs his own blog!
Loving the tasselled necklace and that last photo, those blue skies and that exotic tree are fabulous. xxx