Friday, 18 September 2015

More Bills than Wages


Another week has drifted by, but the upside to this is it's the WEEKEND tomorrow!!!

Every now and again there is a week that seems to have more window envelopes that need dealing to than numbers in my bank account. Just so happens it was this week, but no worries, I can work with that.

So what have I done and where have I been??  In between swapping my work days around I have only been out visiting.  Trying to do things that don't cost any hard earned $$$s. 

On Monday the sun was shining so a trip out to Webberville to visit Sue happened.  I picked up our mate Kerry on the way, and with advanced warning of our visit good old Sue pumped out a Marmalade Cake, trust me it was divine!!!

Of course I took my regulation tour of the land and checked in on the sheep and lambs. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Those hungry lambs are growing fast.

The following morning there was a battle for my lap going on.  Started with Tex who thought sleeping on me was the job.  Then Oscar wheedled his way in and Tex had to endure sharing.  Not to be left out Sheba decided there was still enough room for her on the foot rest part of my recliner.  ENOUGH!!!  I went to work.

Tex found sleeping on a White Dog was awesome.

 Cheeky bugger.

Look at that morning sunshine!  Yesterday was beautiful and as luck would have it, or was that my good planning I had the day off work, working today instead.  My girls meet me for breakfast at the gate to their enclosure every morning, I enjoy this part of the day when the sun is out and so do they.  If it is raining, they have to wait.  Anyway, I drove out to visit Dawn armed with baking thanks to TOF.

Hanging Fish, a street full of houses and loads of colourful toadstools graced the Gallery.

Striped house that looks slightly on the piss, and gorgeous Busts.

These two gorgeous creations are heading to an Exhibition Dawn is involved in next month.  They need to be fired and glazed yet so I sepia finished the photos.

The most AMAZING Bird Bath.

More gorgeous things waiting to be fired and under glazed, cannot wait to see these when they are finished.

It was so warm yesterday that sleeveless became a bloody good option. I am so looking forward to SUMMER and endless sunshine.  Sorry Northerners but us Southern Hemisphere folk are totally done with Winter and you are most welcome to it.

me, the pets and the garden
are all looking forward to Summer.

But wouldn't you know it, TODAY its fricken RAINING!!  Best get it over with today as I have plans for the weekend and they are outside.

So I get home from work today and all the dogs toys had exploded all over the floor in the lounge and Oscar and Sheba just don't know how this happened. Didn't take long to gather up the stuffing and bin it.  My dogs are lucky to be so loved.  Remember that little dog that arrived here and ended up at our city dog pound?  Well I went there yesterday to only be told she had been euthanized as she failed her re homing assessment.  I felt terrible, and slightly pissed off.  She was such a beautiful dog and well behaved here so I don't know what she could have done wrong to fail. I guess a week in a cage at the pound could change a dog, but any animal in that situation would be stressed.  Unfortunately I cannot change what has happened but put in the same situation I would not get the pound to pick up a dog as nice as she was.  I would make use of social media and advertise myself and then try to find a home if all else failed.

 Sorry baby girl, wish things had been different for you.





Nancy J said...

I would feel the same, maybe the stress of being caged was just too much.But hold this in your heart, that you did everything you could at the time.

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, well sounds like I have had a week like you .... more bills than wages at this end too !!! Love the pic of Tex, he is just gorgeous. Dawns new pottery work is amazing. Lets hope we get some sunshine this weekend tho the forecast is not looking too promising.

Julie said...

Meant to say too ... that was SUCH a shame about the little dog ... can imagine how gutted you felt.

SAM said...

I'm sorry about the dog. We are hoping someone can watch our pup rather than boarding because of the stress. Bills, not a fan.

Goody said...

Sorry about the dog-you did try to do the best by her.
Dawn's Frog Prince looks so cheerful, I can just imagine how glorious he will be once glazed. I have a soft spot for fat frogs as I kinda look like holding my stomach ;)

Fiona said...

Very sad news about the dog, but you did what you could.
Dawn's work is amazing, I kinda like the climbing frogs without the glaze. Tex looks so sweet curled up on the dog! Have a good weekend.

Jazzy Jack said...

Your animals are blessed.
So sad about the pound pooch. Can imagine how you must feel.
We had a neighbour's puppy eat our chickens so we called the pound because he was trapped. The owners couldn't pay the fine to release him, so he was put down I found out later! He was only hungry. They didn't feed him enough. Not his fault. Stupid owners!
All the pottery looks so fun. Love that bird bath with all the legs and the fat frog. So self satisfied! Ribbit!
Glad you had some sunshine. Warming up over here in Canberra too! Sitting outside is on the agenda again. Aaahhh! Xo Jazzy Jack

Melanie said...

How were you to know about the beautiful little dog? So sad.
On a cheery note, I loved the critter pile-up on you as you tried to sleep. Hahaha! Who needs blankets when you have all that love snuggled on top? Dawn's work is so joyful - the birds will love bathing in that fountain.
And marmalade cake on top. I'm glad you're sailing into summer.

Beth Waltz said...

The surreal beauty of the bug on the bud photo has improved my morning, Sue. Thanks for sharing it together with the reality of bills and homeless pets. Your frankness lessens the load by reminding us to look for the good among the bad, the beloved pets beneath the mess on the rug!

Angels have Red Hair said...

What a sad ending :0(

Connie said...

That is so sad about the pup. But you should feel good to know that the puppy had some very happy moments at your home. Your house is always just the BEST place for people and animals. Heck Yeah! A big pile of fluffy animals on Sue!

Curtise said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the dog, what a shame.
Still, you make the best home for your darling pets - love the photo of Tex snuggled up on Oscar!
Gorgeous blue skies and flowers, and you look fabulous in cerise! xxx

freckleface said...

You must feel devastated about that pooch, what a terribly sad ending. You certainly do provide plenty of happiness for your beasts. Look at that pile up!! We can only just about see your lovely face! So happy for you that summer is round the corner. If I had a choice, I'd be packing up the house for winter and making my way south as we speak. Oh yes, certain times of the year all the bills arrive. Thank goodness it doesn't happen all year round. Marmalade cake, mmmmmmm! Xxxx