Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

When I woke up on Saturday I was pleased to see the return of the sun.  With all the rain during the week I had my fingers crossed for the good stuff to arrive on the weekend, I had plans!!

The last time I went to this festival was four years ago, as every year since I have forgotten or missed the advertising of the event.  So this year I was prepared!!  TOF decided he would come along with me, this could well be because I had sold the idea to him in the form of scantily clad Salsa dancing young ladies. I had no idea what would be happening, four years have passed remember.

This is only a smidgen of the gardens, Turtle Lake to be precise, and guess what, I actually saw a real Turtle.  I didn't know Turtles lived in Turtle Lake, I just presumed it was some fancy smancy name someone came up with for the little lake.  Anyway, it is rather lovely lakeside and I really did see a Turtle.

The weather was glorious and some people were in their traditional clothes, super cute!  I positioned myself opposite the little bridge that goes over the stream as the parade of flags passes over it.

I love the sound of the drums and whistles that accompanied the flag bearers.  They march over the bridge and into the Pavilion which signifies the beginning of the festivities.  Outside there were food stalls and a few craft stalls, the sights and smells were just lovely.

Pretty sure this group is known as Sambatron and they are amazing.  I have watched them before in town and love the beat, so much that I filmed it to share with you.

A group of small children sang a traditional song in Spanish (I think) and they were super cute.  There was a good sized crowd of people to enjoy the festivities which made me happy.  It is good to go and check out things in your own town that are foreign to you I think.

We listened to this 12 year old girl belt out three songs while the dancers were getting ready to perform.  She had a huge voice and no doubt will go far if she continues to sing and doesn't discover BOYS!!  The young dancers were first then a group of teenagers performed a Salsa, sorry TOF no scantily clad babes.

The gardens are very popular over the weekend and busy but I managed to film my favourite garden for you, the Italian Renaissance one without anyone getting in my way.  You will hear me go 'Shush' a couple of times to TOF, he was being ever so slightly politically incorrect in a humorous way of course.

The Indian garden is another favourite this time of the year as it is super colourful.  We didn't wander around for long as it was pretty crowded with people, and we can go anytime, and I do!

Farewell Hamilton Gardens
you beautiful thing you.

Some eye candy for the blokes was parked on the grass near us.  The car park was full so the grass was opened for parking.  Not sure I would drive a Lotus on the muddy grass.  We had the four wheel drive so we were sweet.

Look what came back on Sunday!!

The garden appreciated the drink it was given and you have to admit, rain does make plants look beautiful. 

Raindrops are amazing!!

 Monday was sunny again,

...I went and visited my friend Annette and her three super cute grandchildren.  We have known each other since we were born, grew up in the same street etc.  Such fun catching up with your old friends!!  I think myself blessed to have friends that I have known forever.

Guess what?
It bloody well rained today!

It will be fine by Friday,
because I won't be
at work.



Julie said...

Hiya Sue, I did not know about that festival ... it looks interesting ... shall go back & watch your videos now. The Italian Rennaisance Garden is my favourite too. And yep ... its raining here AGAIN - pouring down. Typical spring weather.

Vix said...

The Primavera Music Festival in Europe is completely different to yours, how weird that they share a name!
It looks fun. I adore the Indian garden. xxx

Goody said...

At first I was thinking, ""Primavera?! It isn't Spring" but then I remembered you're in NZ.

I enjoy learning about festivals in other cultures-throw in some music and dancing and of course it will be a good time.

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for the percussions on parade, Sue! You've discovered yet another splendid destination "just down the street" for a pleasant afternoon, something most of us should attempt more often.

I do miss participating in the international festivals of Ohio. Once upon a time...when the show was over and I came off stage, I'd ooze over to the Japanese booth in the food court and casually pick up a pair of chopsticks, then tap a tune on a wok lid. My co-conspirator, a giant West African drummer, would amble over to thump out a "response". Patrons would gather to witness our conversation -- and stay to eat. (Me and Joseph, we ate for free.)

Curtise said...

The festival looks like fun.
Yes, time with old friends is a real joy. And at least the garden will be grateful for all that rain! xxx

Connie said...

I love fun festivals like this. And I get all weepy over fife and drum corps, too. What is that about I wonder. So nice of you to take us all along through the beautiful gardens. Hey, when you're finished with that very nice rain please send some of it up this way to dry old California.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Its been rain, rain and more rain here too :0(