Sunday, 11 October 2015

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.

On Friday I was up early, the day that met me was glorious so packing a few things to head away for the night was a simple task.  My sister had her birthday a few days earlier so there was also my gift to deliver.

With a poached egg in my tummy, I went and fed the girls as a hot air balloon drifted over the back garden. I practiced my curtsy, you never no if you will need one.  The dogs knew I was going somewhere and it is always hard telling them they cannot come, but they were in safe hands, TOF was still going to be back home after work.

I stopped in Morrinsville as the last time I drove through I took a snap of one of the many gorgeous colourful cows in the main street.  I also recall promising I would take pics of the rest of them.

 Are they not fabulous???

I walked the length of the street and then heading back I went down the road this hotel is on as that is where the Hospice Shop is.

I love how the main street has these tiered planters overflowing with cascading Lobelia plants, these are dotted down the main street and hanging baskets make an appearance later on in the year. 

This mural was painted on the side of a building down the side street that I was parked in.  I do love street art.

I also love that it represents what Morrinsville is, a Farming town, and a very nice one at that.  They have a good selections of shops, but my favourite is the Hospice.  Yes I found some treasure!!

The cane basket came from Hospice ($10).  It had a picnic set inside it but I had no need for it so said they should sell it separately.  Except I did keep the mint coloured plastic salad servers. The dress on the left came from there too and was only $2.50, perfect fit and perfect for the summer that is on it's way.  The other dress ($6) came from the SPCA shop in Waihi and the cream vinyl bag ($4)  came from Waihi St Johns Op Shop.

I met Helen down town Whangamata and we had a poke around a few of the shops.  I have my favourites and then of course there is the op shops.  Nothing was purchased, as nothing grabbed my attention.  Once up at her home I was greeted by her dogs, I love these two, and they give it all back. Febe and Clutch.

I cannot believe Helen scored the Mc Alpine jug for only $10 at one of the op shops through the week! Total bargain and how good do the poppies look in it?  I was seriously thinking what can I offer to swap with her for the jug.  One day I will get my hands on one.

Her Orchids were looking rather gorgeous too.

 Yeah, I want that Jug!!

I didn't make it to the beach this time, I ended up with a really bad headache the following morning and stayed in bed til mid day.  And before you even say it, no I had not been drinking.  I think I slept wrong, maybe need to take my own pillow.

But on Friday evening we went for a drive and up the hill from her house the view is spectacular.

I had a slow drive home taking the back roads yesterday and fell into bed when I got home.  Feeling better today but not my normal self so taking it easy.  Should be all tickety boo by tomorrow!!

My Bird Of Paradise is starting to flower.  There are at least a dozen buds ready to burst open, should make  for a good show.

Also my Yellow Granny Bonnet (Aquiligia) is bursting.

So I am spending my day flicking between Bathurst car racing in Australia and the Surfing in France.  Such a contrast!!



Connie said...

Well a little curtsie back to you, too. Gosh you look pretty in deep blue. It is so sad the puppy dog eyes we get when we head out without the hounds. Such a fun outing. Hope your head feels better.

Leeanne said...

Such great photo's Miss Spring. Morrinsville is a riot of colourfulness and cheerfulness to boot! Your sisters dog Febe looks like a character, like a Rasta chilled out dog. Her fur looks like mini dreadlocks.

Beth Waltz said...

Those gorgeous orchids and splendid cows provide my daily recommended dose of color for this cool, gray Midwestern day, Sue. Morrinsville's street art and planters would certainly encourage me to park and prowl, and to enjoy a meal in a shoppe with a view. The little village closest to my home just invested in new sidewalks, street lamps and landscaping: townspeople responded with paint and flower pots. (But they don't do cows. Hereabouts it's concrete pigs.)

Angels have Red Hair said...

I want that jug too :0)

Curtise said...

That looks like a lovely trip, Sue! The colourful cows are fun (they remind me of the Superlambanana sculptures in Liverpool), you found some fab bargains, the flowers are blooming beautifully, and there are dogs and sunsets to enjoy as well - gorgeous! Oh, and that deep rich blue suits you wonderfully well. xxx

Mel Baker said...

That jug is so nice. Do you think she will trade with you for it? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cows.

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, I did think of you & hoped you had a fab trip to your sisters. Those cows in Morrinsville always make me smile when I pass through there. Your op shop bargains are very lovely. I have one of those McAlpine Jugs - I bought it in amongst a box of enamel ware & didnt especially love it until I saw how much they fetch on trademe ... then I looked at my jug in a whole new light !!!!

Vix said...

What a fab overnighter. You look great in blue and the cows are gorgeous, I want them in my garden!
Lovely flower photos and adorable doggies. xxx

Goody said...

Great street art-something we could use a bit of here (it would take all of five seconds to be defaced, I'm afraid). It is nice to see thriving small communities.

Well, that settles it-I'm buying an orchid. I'll have to baby it under lights in the winter indoors, but I don't care-you've finally convinced me that I can no longer be, "Orchidless." I see a trip to the garden centre in today's plans.

Melanie said...

Haha, yes, you never know when you'll need a good curtsy. Beautiful blue dress and it's not often you get a hot air balloon in the background.
I'm glad you had a good trip. Flowers, family, dogs and shopping, and cute cows. All the good things.
I hope you have your energy back!

freckleface said...

I was looking at that building which looks like it should be in Atlanta or New Orleans, thinking, what a beauty, then I realised it is called Nottingham Castle! Sweet! Actually rather nicer than the real thing. The cows are fab and the flowers are beautiful. You have a lot of the same as us and then you go and throw in a bird of paradise. Can't compete with that! Hope you feel much better soon. Xxx